What Does WTW Mean In Text With Real Life Examples (2024)

Thanks to Snapchat, Instagram, and thousands of other social media platforms, texting is a lifesaver today. Texting an alternative to calling works best when you want to avoid a stranger or a coworker you don’t really like.

In an era where looking cool on the gram is a thing, there are numerous acronyms that you may come across while texting.

The list of these slang terms is endless, ranging from IMO to ASAP to FYI! Amongst all these abbreviations, the acronym that has been making its way the most in text conversations is WTW.

If you’ve come across this acronym, you’d probably agree that it’s a tad confusing as most people use it in different contexts or meanings.

Fret not because we’re about to help you understand what does WTW mean in text, how to respond to it why it’s trending on Snapchat and virtually every other social media platform!

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What Does WTW Mean In Text – Quick Answer

WTW has multiple meanings, but the most common meanings of WTW in text are – “What’s the word” and “What the what!”

What Is WTW?

WTW is a popular internet slang term used while texting. It has two common meanings:

  1. “What’s the word”
  2. “What the what!”

What’s The Word

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When a Snapchat friend sends you a WTW (meaning – what’s the word?) while conversing, it means they’re asking you, “what’s up?” or “what’s going on?”

This acronym is used informally while texting to find out how and what the other person is up to. When WTW is used in this context, it often means they’re interested in hanging out with you.

You can also use this term to update your status or to respond positively to the person who invited you to hang out with them.

WTW is one of the most casual yet successful gestures for initiating a conversation with someone – from a colleague to an internet friend (stranger alert!) It’s a great way to express your interest in a friend, family member, or someone you’re looking forward to meeting.

What’s The What

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We’re sure you’re wondering what in the world is “what’s the what!”

In this context, it is more like “what the heck” or “what the f***!”

WTW is used in this context to express surprise or shock, but obviously in a positive way. While texting, if they say your favourite colleague just landed a new job or has won the lottery, you can respond by seconding their reaction with a WTW.

What Does It Mean When Someone Sends You a WTW?​​

What Does WTW Mean In Text With Real Life Examples (3)

From articulating disbelief on an unexpected piece of news to sharing what you’ve been up to, the acronym WTW is truly fun!

Let’s look at two different uses of this abbreviation and what it means when you receive one while chatting:

  • When someone sends you a WTW – “what’s the word?” they definitely do not want to sound super clingy to meet you or know what you’re doing. Thus, they’re opting for a subtle way to ask you in a friendly and casual way to see if you’re down to hang out with them or are doing good in life.
  • When someone sends you a WTW – “what’s the what,” it means they are just responding to an alarming piece of information. It’s similar to saying “holy cow!” while talking.

How Is WTW Used?

Today, this acronym is most commonly used on Snapchat or any social media platform while chatting.

Fortunately, WTW is used similarly (slang or casually) on all texting platforms. The meaning of it doesn’t really change from platform to platform. As mentioned above, it is typically used in two contexts, but “what’s up?” is the most common one.

Using WTW on Snapchat

Often, the context of this acronym depends on the ongoing chat you are having with the other person. Most commonly, when WTW is used on Snapchat, the sender wants to know how you have been doing.

In this case, avoid replying with a single word, as they’re keen on learning more about you. You can tell them about your day and what you plan on doing next.

While texting on Snapchat, sending WTW to a friend or a stranger is an easy way to know about their well-being and initiate a smooth-flowing conversation.

Conversation examples on Snapchat:

  1. Friend: Hey, I have something to share.

You: WTW, please tell me! (what’s the gossip?)

  1. Friend: Our colleague is getting engaged!

You: WTW! This is fantastic news. (articulating surprise)

Using WTW While Texting

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While chatting with your favourite person or a complete stranger, you may want to either show interest in hanging out (with them) or just turn them down.

Since texting can often be misconstrued, make sure to use WTW aptly. Understand the flow of the conversation and the sender’s intention to reply better and smarter.

Conversation examples in texting:

  1. Friend: Hey, WTW?

You: Nothing much! Trying to understand what I want to do next. What are you up to? (what they’re doing)

  1. Friend: Hello, WTW is with her?

You: Hey, no idea. You tell me.

What to Reply to a WTW?

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You’re texting someone, and suddenly a WTW pops up! Don’t worry; it is all positive.

When the texter uses WTW to know if you have any plans later, you can tell them you’re interested in hanging out or are busy with the responses stated below.

Popular responses to WTW, when used in the “what’s up” context, are:

  • “I’m planning on grabbing a cup of coffee after work. You can join me.”
  • “I am super hungry; you want to grab a bite with me.”
  • “Just chilling, you tell me, what does your day look like?”
  • “Nothing much; I may watch a movie with my friends later.”
  • “Yo, unfortunately, I’m a bit busy today.”
  • “Just the usual. You?”

Popular responses to WTW, when used in the “what the what” context, are:

  • “I know, right?”
  • “What! Don’t tell me!”
  • “Agreed, this is too much.”
  • “This is wild!”
  • “I can’t believe this happened.”
  • “Oh, is it actually true?”

What Are the Other Meanings of WTW?

What Does WTW Mean In Text With Real Life Examples (7)

Keep in mind people also use WTW in various other contexts and meanings. Some of the other uncommon long forms of WTW are;

  • What to watch

You can use WTW in this context to ask the other person what to watch while texting.

Use it as “WTW; please suggest.”

  • Worth the wait:

In this context, it means that something is worth the wait. It means you were paid for your patience.

You can use it as, “The movie was totally WTW!”

  • Walk the walk

This phrase means you do what you say. Simply put, you are honest and do not sugarcoat things when you speak.

It can be used as “I WTW. I told her she was being a tantrum queen.”


With acronyms and abbreviations taking over the pain of writing longer sentences while texting, it can often be tricky to use them in the right context.

For example, with acronyms like WTW, make sure to understand the flow of the conversation and use it in the same context to avoid confusion or embarrassment!

What Does WTW Mean In Text With Real Life Examples (2024)
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