What Does Istg Mean In Text. Definition and Examples. (Real-Life Examples) (2024)


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The ISTG meaning or it stands for ‘I Swear To God’. You have likely heard this expression spoken out loud in today’s language. It is close relative to the extremely famous slang OMG (Oh My God) acronym that has dominated the social web for many years.

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ISTG is one of those online slangs that is not only difficult to take a wild guess at, but also very hardly used. Understanding how to clarify it if you do come across it online or in a message, however, it can bring new meaning to the message or chat.

How ISTG Is Used:

It is used in a variety of ways to show emotional sincerity. Some of the most common methods to use ISTG are:

  • To communicate confidence when faced with skepticism. When someone does not believe you about something you know to be correct, using ISTG slang. It might convince them that you are telling the truth.
  • To promise to change an action or attitude. If you or others have cause to believe that you can’t or did not want to change something about yourself, you can use ISTG slang as a way to promise that you are serious about changing.
  • To make a threat seem more frightening. If you want someone to cease doing something you don’t like, you might be capable of doing so just by using ISTG slang to threaten the aggressive action.
  • As a general interjection in the texting where something goes opposite what a person believes to be good or acceptable, it might be used as a sudden exclamation similar to JFC or WTF for the purpose of expressing thoughts.

Examples of How ISTG Is Used:

Example 1

Friend #1: “U sure the essay is due tomorrow??? I thought we had until Thursday!!!”

Friend #2: “Istg the deadline is tomorrow!! Mr. Charles reminded us in class yesterday!!!”

In the above example Friend #1 does not believe a fact stated by Friend 2, so Friend 2 uses ISTG to communicate their confidence and seriousness about the fact.

Example 2

Friend 1: “Woke up feeling like I was hit by a bike. ISTG I’m never drinking again…”

Friend 2: “Lol, you said that yesterday too”

This second example is a classic substantiation of how a person might take a promise as a personal vow to change their actions or attitude. Friend 1 uses ISTG as an oath to quit drinking.

When You Should Not Use ISTG Slang:

Typically, The acronym of ISTG is not enough for use in professional or conversations where you want to exist respectful toward the other person or people. There are other methods to make yourself sound and sincere.

Likewise, you probably also should not use ISTG slang when speaking to anyone who is very religious or spiritual. It is out of respect for their beliefs. They might get frustrated by an expression like this.

A more bold and disrespectful variation of the ISTG slang is ISTMFG. It stands for I Swear To Mother F***ing God. This one is far more unique, and because it is so vulgar. You will want to be extra careful with using it in text or the online conversations.

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Use ISTG to show you’re serious And not joking about something:

Include ISTG at the starting or the end of a sentence where you are telling someone or something shocking or surprising. This expresses that you are being serious about whatever your news is which can be difficult to tell over the text sometimes.

  • “ISTG I just passed 3 bikes full of clowns on the highway just now lol”
  • “Everything at Gloria Jeans is half off today, Istg!”

Show that you are Frustrated or exasperated with ISTG:

Add ISTG to a text or post explaining something that genuinely annoys you, it is similar to how you might exclaim “I swear to God!” out loud when something negative vibe catches you off guard. It expresses that you are truly annoyed or upset with something or someone. It is possibly looking to vent to a reliable pal.

  • “It is too dang cold outside, istg!
  • “Why can’t I go on ONE holiday without getting sick!? ISTG!”

Admitted someone’s promises or boundaries when they use ISTG:

If the sender uses ISTG slang to explain that they are being honest about following through on a promise or situation. Believe them and let them know what you understand. Use a lighthearted tone if they are talking about something positive or like a promise to help with a party and heavier tone for more resulting topics such as breaking up or ceasing an event.

  • Them: “Istg I will actually be able to come to the novels club this month!”
    You: “hurah! Looking forward to seeing you this evening!”
  • Them: “I cannot keep lying to mother and father for you, istg”
    You: “Okay , I will tell them the truth next time when I am in home.”


So in the above blog we can explain to you about ISTG. what its meaning is , how it is used in text and when you should not use it. Hope, this helps you to find the meaning of ISTG. Thank you for reading.

What Does Istg Mean In Text. Definition and Examples. (Real-Life Examples) (2024)
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