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What does the slang abbreviation TBF mean? Sometimes, you may want to play the devil’s advocate when you hear a story or have to defend yourself against an unfair claim. We’ve all been there. There may be times when we can see both sides of the picture, while other times, we can’t wrap our minds around anything but our own personal opinion. In these situations, “TBF” works great.

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TBF Meaning

What Does TBF Mean?

“TBF” means “to be fair”. It’s used when you want to admit you see the point someone is trying to make, but you want to make sure that another idea or version is also considered. It could be that someone is saying something wrong about someone and you want to point out that it’s not all bad. Or it could be that you’re having to defend yourself against an untrue, or wild, claim.

Variations of TBF

In our journey through the world of internet slang, we’ve come across a few variations of TBF that you might find interesting. Let’s explore some of these alternative versions and how to use them.

First up is the most common variant: TBH, which stands for “to be honest.” This initialism carries a similar meaning as TBF, but with a slightly stronger emphasis on giving an honest opinion. For example, “TBH, I didn’t really enjoy the movie.

Another variation of TBF is TBFN, which means “to be frank, nevertheless.” This version can be used when acknowledging a fair point, while also noting that your overall opinion remains unchanged despite this concession. An example sentence might be: “TBFN, I can see why someone might like that book, but it’s just not for me.

We should also mention TBFPU, which stands for “to be fair, point understood.” This variation is used when one person conveys their point effectively and the listener is willing to accept the validity of their argument. For example, “TBFPU, I understand now why you prefer cats to dogs.

Finally, some people might use TBFT, meaning “to be fair though.” This version is similar to TBF but carries a slightly lighter, more casual tone. It might be used in a playful argument between friends: “TBFT, your favorite TV show does have some great acting.

As you can see, TBF and its variations offer us a variety of ways to express fairness, differing perspectives, and honest opinions.

TBF Examples in Conversations

Example one using “TBF” as “to be fair”

  • Kady: omg wtf I got a D in Mr. Arnold’s class
  • Zoey: TBF you don’t do any work and you never pay attention
  • Kady: fu I do as much as everyone else
  • Zoey: Not me. I got an A
  • Kady: Kissass
  • Zoey: Nah. I’m scared of my mom beating my ass
  • Kady: holy I didn’t think about that. I’m dead
  • Zoey: nice knowing you

More about TBF Terminology

Similar Slang of “TBF”

In place of “to be fair”, some people use “TBH” or “to be honest”. A play on this will be “TBFH” or “to be fu**ing honest”. “TBTFH” = “to be totally fu**ing honest.” If you’re sticking with “to be fair”, you could use “TBTF” – “To be totally fair” or “TBTFF” – “To be totally fu**ing fair”. You can also alternate “fair” and “frank” so that you get “to be frank” meaning “to be honest”. “TBFAH” is “to be absolutely fu**ing honest”.

Other Meanings of “TBF”

“TBF” is one of those acronyms with many different meanings.

  • Trying but failing
  • Try but fail
  • The (bf) boyfriend
  • Tumblr (bf) best friend
  • To be freaky
  • To be frank
  • Toilet bowl fart
  • titt*es be flopping
  • Telepathic best friend
  • Turbo blazing fast
  • Temporary (bf) boyfriend
  • tit* by fat
  • Throwback Friday
  • The Bass Federation
  • Too fu**ing busy
  • Turbo blazing fast


This is a conversation between two students that I actually got from my daughter, who really did get into trouble with her report card because she doesn’t pay attention or do her work. And yes, she is now unofficially “dead” until her next report card. As long as her grades pull up, she can return to the land of technology. If not, she stays in the dark ages.

Zoey is using “to be fair” to point out that although the result is dire, it’s a fair grade because Kady did not fulfill the requirements she needed to get a good grade. Using “to be fair” is like playing devil’s advocate. You may not like hearing what someone has to say if they’re using “TBF” but they’re pointing out a fallacy that you haven’t noticed or refuse to accept.

Usage in Different Contexts

TBF in Informal Speech

We tend to use “TBF” (To Be Fair) in casual conversations when we want to present an alternative viewpoint or provide context to our opinions. TBF helps us show empathy and understanding of different perspectives. For example, instead of saying “Their performance wasn’t great,” we might say, “TBF, they had very little time to prepare.”

TBF in Written Communication

In written communication, such as emails or letters, TBF serves a similar purpose as in informal speech. We use it to signal that we’re about to offer a balanced view or consider another perspective. Here’s an example sentence: “I know you’re disappointed with the revenue numbers, but TBF, the entire industry has faced challenges this quarter.”

TBF in Digital Platforms

On digital platforms, like social media and text messages, TBF is often used as an abbreviation to save time and space. It allows us to convey our intention to be fair and considerate in our views while maintaining brevity. For instance, in a tweet, we might write: “TBF, the new policy does have some positive aspects, even if it’s not perfect.”

Common Misunderstandings

At times, people might misunderstand the meaning or usage of “TBF” in conversations. Initially, one might think that it stands for something else, such as “total brain fart,” which is unrelated to its actual meaning. In reality, “TBF” is an abbreviation that stands for “to be fair” and is used to acknowledge a different perspective or provide context in a conversation.

For instance, sometimes people may use “TBF” interchangeably with “TBH” (to be honest). While both can be used to introduce a statement, they serve different purposes. While “TBF” is meant to show fairness, “TBH” is used to express sincerity or honesty. For example:

  • TBF, he worked really hard on the project and deserves some credit.
  • TBH, I didn’t enjoy the movie as much as others did.

Another common misunderstanding stems from using “TBF” sarcastically or as a means to soften a statement that may come across as harsh. In doing so, the abbreviation loses its original purpose of providing a balanced view or fair context. Instead, it might lead to confusion or misinterpretation of the intended message. For example:

  • TBF, you could’ve done better on that test, but I guess it wasn’t terrible(used as sarcasm).
  • TBF, that dress doesn’t suit you(used to soften a harsh statement).

Lastly, it’s important to remember that “TBF” is an informal abbreviation primarily used in text messages, online messages, or social media. It may not be appropriate to use “TBF” in formal contexts like business emails, academic writing, or professional communication.

By understanding the proper meaning and usage of “TBF,” we can effectively communicate our thoughts and opinions while acknowledging different perspectives and maintaining a fair and balanced approach in our conversations.


We’ve discussed the meaning of TBF (to be fair) throughout this article. To be fair, it’s a versatile phrase that can bring a balanced perspective to any discussion. It’s important to stay friendly when using online slang like TBF because misunderstandings are common in the digital age.

In a world filled with differing opinions on various subjects, using TBF appropriately can provide much-needed context and understanding. For example, when debating the merits of a particular product, one might say, “TBF, there are some good aspects to it, despite some people’s criticisms.”

Remember, keeping communication open and honest is one of the keys to constructive conversations. Using TBF and similar expressions can help foster a respectful and thoughtful environment, both online and offline. As always, stay kind and considerate in your interactions, and don’t be afraid to present alternative viewpoints using TBF.

TBF Infographic

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does TBF mean in a business context?

In a business context, TBF (To Be Fair) is typically used to provide a balanced perspective or acknowledge different viewpoints in discussions or negotiations. It can be helpful in facilitating understanding among colleagues or between business partners. For instance, we might say, “TBF, both teams contributed to the project’s success.”

How is TBF used in text messages?

TBF is often used in text messages when we want to offer an alternative point of view or provide context to clarify a statement or argument. It helps to clarify our intention and acknowledge other perspectives. For example, in a conversation about a movie, one might say, “TBF, the ending left a lot to be desired, but the acting was superb.”

What is the definition of TBF in medical terms?

TBF in medical terms refers to Total Body Fat. This is a measure of the overall amount of fat in the body. It is important in assessing a person’s health and fitness levels. However, it should not be confused with the slang TBF (To Be Fair) that is used in casual conversations.

What does TBF mean on Snapchat?

On Snapchat, TBF is used in the same way as in text messages or other online conversations. It stands for “To Be Fair” and is used to provide context or a balanced perspective to a discussion or argument. For example, a user might say, “TBF, that filter does make your eyes look bigger.”

What is the meaning of TBF in baseball?

In baseball, TBF stands for Total Batters Faced. This is a statistic used to measure the number of batters a pitcher has confronted during a game, a season, or over their career. It is an important metric to evaluate a pitcher’s performance. Remember, this usage is distinct from the slang TBF (To Be Fair) in everyday conversations.

How is TBF used on Reddit?

TBF is commonly used on Reddit in comment threads and discussions, much like in other online platforms. It serves to present a different viewpoint, offer a counter-argument or simply provide context to a statement. For example, in a discussion about a controversial topic, a user might write, “TBF, we need to consider the impact on local businesses as well.”

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"TBF" Meaning: What Does the Acronym "TBF" Mean and Stand For? • 7ESL (2024)
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