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With MyChart's all new Message Center, you can send and receive messages from your Care Team for non-urgent medical questions. Messages are secure, meaning your information stays private when sent from MyChart. Ask a question, request a prescription refill, request a referral and even send a customer services question about billing, insurance or other non-medical concern.

Care team management

Accessing and managing your care team is easy with MyChart. From the MyChart home page, click Menu and search for View Care Team. Once selected, your Care Team will display. Choose a provider to access more information about that provider and have the option to Send message, Request Appointment or Hide provider if preferable. You can also show hidden providers with the option of unhiding providers. To show hidden providers from the MyChart Mobile App, tap the preferences icon in the upper right of the screen.

Video tutorial: Cool Features in MyChart (mobile)

Video tutorial: Cool Features in MyChart (desktop)

Connecting and sharing

Family access

Take care of your children and other family members all from one account. Ask your healthcare provider to grant you proxy access or use MyChart to invite someone to be proxy on your account.

Health and visit summaries

View, download, or send a copy of specific visit summaries or your entire health record.

Request my record

Request a copy of your medical record or other documents and download it when it is available.

Who's accessed my record?

See and view an audit trail of who has accessed your MyChart account.

Link health accounts

With Happy Together, see information from healthcare organizations at which you've received care, all in a single view, including allergies, medications, health issues, visits, test results, and care team members.

Share my record

With Share Everywhere, give any provider with a computer and internet temporary, one-time access to your medical record.


Test results

Receive timely notification of results for tests you've had done and view test results from the past.


Review your medication list and instructions for taking each medication, request refills and report medications you're no longer taking.This feature is not available for adolescents ages 14 – 17, nor to their proxies.


Review your allergies and update them as needed.

Current health issues

Review your current health issues and update them as needed.


Review your immunization history and document immunizations you've received elsewhere, such as at a flu shot clinic.

Preventive care

Keep track of routine care that is due and receive reminders for flu shots and other immunizations, physical exams, and preventive care procedures.

Health summary

View a summary of your current health issues, medications, allergies, immunizations, and preventive care all in one place.

Plan of care

If your provider has assigned a care goal, you can view information related to a specific health condition, all in one place. This includes medications, test results, preventive care, flowsheets, treatment summaries, and patient goals assigned by your healthcare provider.

Medical history

Review and record your personal and family medical history.

Growth charts

Track your children's growth and compare to others in their age group.

Health trends

Graph vital signs and lab results over time.


Provide general and family history information and respond to other questions from your healthcare provider.

Track My Health

Document details about your day-to-day health and link your account to your personal devices and apps, such a Withings, Fitbit, and Apple Health to automatically record information such as your weight, blood pressure, or steps walked in a day.

Symptom Checker

Answer questions about your symptoms to receive recommendations for care.

Advance Care Planning/End-of-Life Planning

Schedule an appointment with Parkview’s advance care planning team to discuss your wishes if, now or in the future, you have a life-threatening illness or injury in order to document your instructions for medical care and treatment by completing appropriate advance directives.

My documents

View documents on file with your healthcare organization all in one place, such as After Visit Summaries, signed illness excuse notes, message attachments, and care planning documents.

Search the health library

Find articles about symptoms, procedures, and other healthcare topics.


Message center

View messages you've received from or sent to your healthcare organization, including any attachments.

Get medical advice

Send a message to ask your doctor for medical advice and get recommendations for care.

Ask customer service

Send non-medical messages to customer service or billing staff.

Medication refills

Ask for a prescription renewal and receive notification when your medications are ready to be picked up at the pharmacy.

Request a referral

Request a referral to see a specialist.


View letters from your healthcare provider, such as an absence excuse for work.

Clinic calls

See a history of care advice calls and customer service calls.

Scheduling and appointments

After Visit Summary®

View details of your past appointments or hospital stays.

See clinical notes

View notes that your doctor has recorded and shared with you.

Appointment scheduling

Schedule an appointment yourself or request to have the clinic contact you. View details about future appointments, including instructions and driving directions, or cancel appointments you no longer need.

Favorite appointments

Create shortcuts for appointments you schedule often.

Fast pass appointments and wait list updates

Add yourself to the wait list so you can be notified if an earlier appointment time becomes available.


Complete the check-in process from home to save time when you arrive at the clinic. Pay visit copays, verify your medical and insurance information, respond to questionnaires, and electronically sign documents.This feature is available up to 5-days prior to the appointment.


Submit questionnaires, photos, videos, and symptoms as an e-visit for your healthcare provider to review and follow up on.

Scheduled Video Visits

Meet with your Parkview provider over video to receive care from the convenience of your home or work.For any minor, a virtual visit must be scheduled and completed through the parent or legal guardian’s account.

Virtual Walk-in Clinic

See a walk-in clinic provider virtually for diagnosis, treatment and even prescriptions if needed for common, non-emergent conditions.

Register for my delivery

Prepare for your upcoming labor and delivery by registering with the hospital where you plan to give birth.

Find Care Now

Search for nearby urgent care or emergency departments and let them know you're coming in.

Hello Patient

Use location tracking on your phone to be automatically checked in when you arrive at the clinic.

Upcoming tests and procedures

Keep track of tests and procedures you need to follow up on.

Payment and insurance

Billing account summary

View a summary of your clinic and hospital billing accounts, including your outstanding balance, details of account, charges, and recent payments.

Paperless billing

Sign up for paperless billing to receive your medical bills through MyChart instead of by mail.

Bill payment

View billing statements and make online payments for your self-pay balance, as the guarantor of your medical bills. If making a payment for another patient’s account, choose the Pay as Guest feature. Use the account number and last name of guarantor to complete payment.

Payment plans

Set up a payment plan to automatically pay your medical bills each month.


Get estimates for the cost of care of common procedures, even if you don't already have a MyChart login. See a detailed breakdown of the price that includes the total hospital and physician fees, what's covered by insurance and your self-pay portion.

Financial assistance

Provide your financial information and request assistance with paying your medical bills.

Insurance summary

View your insurance coverage and add a copy of a new health insurance card.


Personal information

Keep contact information up-to-date for yourself and emergency contacts, and let your healthcare providers know more about you by providing your preferred language, preferred name, gender identity, and other personal information.

Username and password recovery

Set up security features to help you log in if you forget your MyChart username or password.

Two-factor authentication

Add extra security to your account by requiring that you enter a numeric code sent by text message or email each time you log in to MyChart.


Record your preferences to receive notification of new information in MyChart, such as messages and test results, by email, text message, or push notification.

Account management and linking

Allow MyChart to connect to another app and share your data, and manage connections to accounts at other healthcare organizations.

Multilingual MyChart

View MyChart in English or Spanish.

Mobile features

Alternative login methods

Quickly log in to the MyChart mobile app using your fingerprint, face recognition, or a four-digit passcode.

Apple Watch

Pair the MyChart mobile app with your Apple Watch to receive notifications, view upcoming appointments, read messages, and review medications.

MyChart Bedside

Stay informed and engaged in your care during a hospital stay. Use MyChart Bedside to keep track of your daily schedule, learn more about members of your care team and send messages to them when needed, make non-urgent requests, monitor your recent vitals and labs, see your clinical notes, and review educational material.

MyChart Care Companion

Follow a care plan prescribed by your doctor with medication reminders, educational content, health tracking tasks, and periodic check-ins.

MyChart Help Center | Parkview Health (2024)
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