Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About The Love Life Of Evan Peters (2024)

A great actor is someone who can meld themselves into virtually any role, and Evan Peters is undoubtedly one of those people. Known for his work on American Horror Story, X-Men: Apocalypse, Mare Of Easttown and most recently, Netflix’s limited-series, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story — Peters is a known name in Hollywood.

Of course, with great fame comes an even greater cohort of women lusting after you, so the public dating life of Peters has been a source of interest for several years now. Spending seven years with one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses and dating a well-known singer, he’s certainly kept his love life interesting. But is he single now?

Read on as we investigate.

Is Evan Peters Single?

Until recently, it was thought that the actor was single. However, at Coachella weekend one, he was spotted packing on the PDA with a mystery woman, who Instagram gossip page Deux Moi identified as social media influencer Natalie Engel. In a now-viral video, the cute couple can be seen cuddling in the audience during Lana Del Ray’s performance (talk about romantic) and, later, making out away from the crowds.

Little else is known about their relationship, however from what we can see from her social media account, Engel Resides in New York, where she documents her life to her nearly 23,000 followers..

Who Else Has Evan Peters Dated?

Back in 2022, it was rumoured that Peters was dating Frances Maired, after they were photographed together at the Fair Oscar Party that year. While the pair never confirmed (or denied) their relationship status, they were spotted together on several occasions in the year following, including some low-fi selfies on social media, and Mairead congratulating Peters on his Emmy win for Mare Of Easttown.

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As for what he looks for in a partner, it doesn’t really seem that he’s looking for much, other than someone who will be patient with him.

In a 2015 interview with Cosmopolitan, the actor said:

“I guess girls who give me a chance, you know? If I say the wrong thing or do something stupid or fumble or spill sh*t on my shirt, she’s OK with it. She’s cool with that and will give me another chance to say the right thing and get past my nerves and insecurity. There are a lot of girls out there who don’t really want to do that. But there are a lot of girls out there who do, and those are the ones — the only ones — I can really go for. I need a couple more chances than just the first one.”

When Did Evan Peters And Emma Roberts Date?

Peters’ longest relationship has been with well-known actress Emma Roberts, but the pair’s timeline has been a rollercoaster to say the least. After meeting while filming Adult World in February 2012, they began dating later that year, with Peters proposing a year later in 2013.

In 2015, the couple called off the engagement, only to reunite three months later in 2016. Nine months after that, they called time again, with their on-again-off-again relationship coming to a complete close in March 2019.

Roberts went on to have a baby with Garrett Hedlund, from whom she has now split.

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Did Evan Peters Date Halsey?

In September 2019 the actor was spotted with singer Halsey while on a date at Six Flags. The next month, the pair made their first public appearance at American Horror Story’s 100th episode party where they appeared in a full disco getup.

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Halsey had previously made no secret of her crush on the actor, making several tweets about him back in 2013 writing: Petition for Evan Peters to date me,” and another that read, “I just want cookies and Evan Peters.”

The pair seemed to have been going strong for a while, with Peters even going on tour with the singer — but in March 2020, the couple called it quits.

The reason behind their breakup still isn’t really known, but Halsey did deleted all photos of her and Peters together on her Instagram account.

While Halsey and Roberts have been his most notable relationships, Peters has also been linked to actress Alexia Quinn, British singer and model Pixie Geldof and actress Alexandra Breckenridge.

Sure, he might be single for now, but we have no doubt that the 35-year-old will be back on the dating scene soon. He seems like a big romantic, after all.


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Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About The Love Life Of Evan Peters (2024)


What does Evan Peters want in a relationship? ›

However, the American Horror Story star has previously opened up about what he's looking for: a girl who's willing to give him second chances. In 2015, Peters told Cosmopolitan, “If I say the wrong thing or do something stupid or fumble or spill s*** on my shirt, she's OK with it.

Do Evan Peters and Halsey have a baby? ›

Halsey, born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, last dated Evan Peters; they began their romance in 2019 but it is not known when they called it quits. In 2019 she seemed to have a bump and her followers ran rampant with speculation. But she took to social media to deny she was expecting a child.

Are Emma Roberts and Evan Peters married? ›

March 20, 2019: Emma Roberts and Evan Peters call off their engagement. After seven years of dating on and off, PEOPLE confirmed that Roberts and Peters had ended their engagement for good in March 2019. That same month, Roberts was spotted kissing actor Garrett Hedlund.

Does Evan Peters like Lady Gaga? ›

I have to say it is inspiring and very cool.” Peters even surprised fans by admitting his love of Gaga's music, claiming that his favourite track of hers is the 2009 hit 'Alejandro'. “It's an underrated song,” the actor commented. “I like to bust that one out because it is more under the radar and totally badass.

Why did Evan and Emma break up? ›

Though, the drama between them didn't end there, as they confirmed their split in January 2015. A source told PEOPLE at the time, "​​They grew apart. They both had a lot of growing to do and it was better that they do it on their own."

Who did Evan Peters propose to? ›

Emma Roberts

In 2014, Peters proposed to Roberts, but by the following year, they ended the engagement. Still, just two months later, the pair rekindled their romance and went Instagram official in March 2016.

Who is the father of Halsey unborn child? ›

Global sensation and pop star Halsey announced that she is expecting her first child! She took to Instagram to announce the exciting news. Fans noticed that Halsey also tagged her baby daddy Alev Aydin in the post. Her man returned the favor by posting a sweet comment to her post.

Who is Halsey's ex? ›

Prior to her rumored romance with Jogia, she was in a long-term relationship with writer and producer Alev Aydin, and the two welcomed a child, Ender, in July 2021. The pair amicably split in April 2023, with plans to co-parent their son.

Did Halsey ever get pregnant? ›

Halsey confirmed their pregnancy in January 2021, sharing bare baby bump photos via social media.

Does Emma Roberts still love Evan Peters? ›

Roberts and Peters have remained friends. It also seems as if Roberts is already ready to move on, according to Us. The magazine reports that the actress is now dating 34-year-old Triple Frontier star, Garrett Hedlund.

Did Emma Roberts ever date Evan Peters? ›

The Complete Timeline of Emma Roberts and Evan Peters's Turbulent Romance - IMDb. Emma Roberts and Evan Peters started dating back in 2012 after meeting on the set of their movie, Adult World, and in the short four years since then, the two have shared more drama than some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters.

Do Emma Roberts and Evan Peters get along? ›

Emma and Evan were heading for a split and now are just friends,” an insider told Us. “Evan has moved out. It wasn't a bad breakup.” Shortly after the split, multiple sources confirmed to Us that the former Nickelodeon star had moved on with Garrett Hedlund.

Did Halsey date Evan Peters? ›

In 2012, Halsey declared her love for Evan Peters via Twitter after watching him on American Horror Story. In fall 2019, the couple began dating and went Instagram official on Halloween. However, in March 2020, rumors began circulating that the two had split and she was later seen spending time with Yungblud again.

Is Evan Peters an introvert or extrovert? ›

What 16 personality type is Evan Peters? Based on his on-screen performances and interview quotes, Evan Peters could be assessed to have the INFX personality type. This type is characterized by their introverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving traits.

Does Evan Peters wear a prosthetic? ›

The actor spoke to Gold Derby about the challenges of wearing prosthetic hands. Peters revealed that they were initially silicone based but the material had trouble with various paints — that's in addition to a fragile structure that couldn't make it through daily use. Next, they tried foam rubber.

What is Evan Peters personality like? ›

Overall, Evan Peters's INFX type manifests as a calm yet emotionally intense performer who values authenticity and emotional depth in his work. He is unafraid to tackle complex and challenging material, and his introverted but intuitive nature allows him to be fully present in every performance.

Are Evan and Haley dating? ›

As of 2023, Richardson appears to be on the market. Around May 2023, she was rumored to be dating "American Horror Story" and "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" actor Evan Peters, but the rumors never turned into anything more. In her November interview with People, she confirmed that she's single.

Does Evan Peters like popcorn? ›

I'm a huge popcorn guy—I don't care where we are as long as the popcorn is up to snuff.

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