Euphoria: Addicted to your love - Stevie131 (2024)

Chapter 1: Prologue - The Black Rose


Elijah Deans thinks taking up another informant job for the FBI will go over smoothly as usual. However, things go awry and he ends up left with only one real option.

Chapter Text

Elijah was stood outside of The Black Rose, a dark jacket tightly pulled over him as the night air seemed to cut straight through him. Before he could become lost in his almost constant stream of thoughts, a female voice brought him back to the present.

"Hey, sweetheart." Sylvie, one of his colleagues, hummed as she approached him, her dark hair blowing in the breeze.

"Sylvie, darling." Elijah smiled as he turned to face her,"Good day?"

Sylvie shrugged,"So far. Working in the coffee shop only gets me so much. Hopefully we get some good tips tonight."

"We will, it's Friday. They always come on Friday." Elijah assured her.

He was referring to The Vipers, a gang that operated in the area. Their leader, Alexander Gray, always had his men come in at least once a week. He always made an appearance himself on Friday night.

"I suppose you're right." Sylvie sighed as she nodded towards the entrance,"Coming in?"

"Of course, it's bloody freezing out there." Elijah chuckled softly as the pair entered the club.

It was dark, although it was illuminated by small fluorescent lights that gave Elijah headaches. There was also the dull smell of smoke that clogged up the room, you could even see it lightly floating in the air.

"Have you got any solos tonight?" Sylvie asked.

"Sylvie, they always give me solos." Elijah told her,"I'm not totally sure why. I mean, Annalise is a way better dancer.'

"Well Eli, you're the only guy here and.. Well, Mark said-" Sylvie began.

"That he needs a buffer between you girls and Alex?" Elijah raised a brow.

Sylvie stayed quiet, but he knew it was true. Elijah didn't even blame Mark, his boss, for the comments he made. Alexander wasn't an easy customer to deal with and neither of them wanted him to hurt any of the girls.

"Look, we all care about you, okay?" Sylvie looked up at him, the glitter on her face more visible in the light.

"I know you do, darling." Elijah nodded,"If it protects you and the girls, I don't mind taking care of Alex while he's here."

"Just.. Remember to go to Mark if he takes things too far."

"Of course." Elijah smiled,"Now, I've got to get ready."

Elijah said his goodbyes to Sylvie as he headed towards his dressing room. He would've loved to tell Mark whenever things went too far but he knew it wouldn't matter. Alexander was lining Mark's pockets so Elijah was expected to keep his mouth shut and get on with it. And he did.

Elijah slipped into his dressing room, pushing away any doubts he had about that night. He removed his dark jacket, hanging it on the coat hanger and replacing his boots with his black Pleasers. He changed into some black shorts and a lacy top that really didn't cover much of his chest, covering enough to leave his audience wanting more. Elijah looked in the mirror, looking over his makeup one last time before he headed out to the stage.

Elijah looked out at his audience, although most faces were obscured with a mix of smoke and the fluorescent strobe lights. He gripped the pole tightly, slowly spinning around before dropping. He arched his back, smirking at the crowd as he returned to a standing position.. But that's when something caught his eye.

As he wrapped his leg around the pole, leaning backwards, he took notice of two people he'd never seen before watching him from quite far back. A dark-skinned male and a brunette female. It soon dawned on him why they were there, and it wasn't for his dancing.

Elijah collected the money that had been tossed at his feet, blowing the audience a kiss before beckoning the two at the back to his room as he walked back himself. He pulled his jacket over himself once more and sat on the edge of the bed in his room. He knew nothing was going to happen between them.

As a small thing on the side, Elijah had offered his services to the FBI, at the request of one of their Agents. He'd give them information on various shady characters that tended to frequent The Black Rose.

"So.. What brings you two here?" Elijah tilted his head, looking up at the pair as they walked in.

"We're Agents Howards and Morgan. We were told we could get some information out of you." Howards introduced them.

"Ah, I see." Elijah nodded,"Did Papà Rossi send you?"

"Papà?" Morgan blinked,"No- It was Jason Gideon. Agent Rossi has been retired for some time."

"Aw, I much prefered Rossi." Elijah hummed,"Now, what sort of information do you need?"

"Well, we're trying to take down this gang, The Vipers. Do you know them?" Howards asked him.

"Know them? They all come in at least once each week. I know them alright." Elijah nodded,"Hey, there's probably some Vipers in the crowd tonight."

"Do you.. Do anything with them?"

"Darling, you do what they tell you to do." Elijah sighed.

"Do they make any strange requests?" Morgan questioned.

Elijah bit his inner cheek as he thought,"Knives. Most of them enjoy knives. I said we don't tend to do that sort of stuff but.."

"More money." Howards sighed.

"..They don't take 'no' very well either."

"What happens when you say no?" Howards tilted her head slightly.

Elijah removed his jacket and took off his top as well, revealing relatively fresh scars on his chest, as well as many old ones.

"This." Elijah sighed,"This is what happens."

"It fits the profile." She nodded.

"Right, would you mind coming back with us to our Headquarters? We'd like to ask you some more questions in a more.. Secure environment." Morgan told him.

"Hm, sure. It's been a while since I've paid the BAU a visit." Elijah hummed.

"Do you want to change or are you alright like that?"

"I'll be fine like this." Elijah assured them as he put his top back on.

"Alright then. Let's go." Howards nodded.

With that, Elijah put on his jacket and the two Agents did their best to hide him as they snuck him out of the club, not wanting any gang members to spot him. They lead Elijah back to their black SUV and began to relatively short drive back to the BAU Headquarters.

It was a tall building, many windows. They pulled up quite close to the doors and quickly entered. Elijah looked around as they did, it looked the same but he didn't recognize any of the people. He.. Wasn't great with names or faces.

"So, is it different from the last time you visited?" Howards, who Elijah learned was called Fleur, asked him as they walked.

"Not really." Elijah shrugged.

"It's changed a bit." Morgan chuckled slightly as he stopped outside of an interrogation room, holding the door open.

"This part hasn't." Elijah commented as he walked inside, looking around.

"We'll send someone in to speak with you shortly. Want anything to drink? Water? Coffee?" Morgan offered.

"Oh, I'm alright. Thank you for the offer, though." Elijah nodded as he sat down at the table.

"You got it."

Morgan then closed the door, leaving Elijah alone as he took off his jacket. He looked around the room, barren. The walls were grey and uninteresting, not even a painting or anything. All there was was the window, one way glass. He knew they were all watching him from in there, the room beyond the glass. That's when he saw the door handle twist and he paused, not expecting who walked through the door.

It was a male Agent, slender and somewhat nervous-looking. He had brown hair that he pushed out of the way of his eyes. His eyes. Eyes say so much about a person.. Elijah smiled softly as he looked up at the Agent.

"Hi, I'm Doctor Spencer Reid." He introduced himself as he sat in front of Elijah,"You're Elijah Deans?"

"Yes, I'm Elijah. It's a pleasure to meet you, Doctor." Elijah smiled softly.

"It's nice to meet you too." Reid hummed,"Have you worked on many cases?"

"I have, although it was usually a different Agent that called me in." Elijah told him,"Not that there's anything wrong with Agent Gideon, I just- Wasn't expecting him to request my help."

"Oh, well, Gideon's a great guy. Trust me." Reid assured him.

Elijah nodded slowly, still smiling. He and Gideon had spoken a few times when Rossi brought him in for cases but.. There always just seemed to be some tension. He didn't think Gideon was a big fan of him.

"Go on then, Darling." Elijah changed the subject, leaning back in his chair,"What do you need to know?"

"These people, how often do they visit The Black Rose?" Reid asked.

"Twice, I'd say is the average. There's at least one every day, but their leader always comes on Friday. It's always packed with them then." Elijah answered, shaking his head slightly.

"Which member do you usually have your sessions with?" He raised a brow.

"It depends, really. I think most of them have had at least one go, but they go to the girls as well." Elijah answered,"Their leader likes to visit me the most, though. Says I'm 'different'."

"Different? How so?" Reid tilted his head slightly.

"Well, I can take more than the girls, more of whatever he pleases." Elijah sighed,"I don't want them to have to deal with him."

"You shouldn't have to put yourself through that to protect them." Reid shook his head,"Have you brought up what he does to your boss?"

Elijah chuckled softly,"Trust me, I've tried.. But he pays my boss to keep things quiet. He gets time with us and we don't call the cops."

Reid sighed,"Can you tell me exactly what he does?"

"Well, he likes to use knives, turns him on. I told him that I didn't do that sort of thing, but he doesn't care." Elijah looked down at the table,"I either sleep with him and get cut, or he cuts me anyway and leaves.

Reid leaned forward slightly, fidgeting with his hands,"Would you.. Be able to show me these cuts? It's alright if you aren't comfortable but-"

"Don't worry, Angel. I don't mind." Elijah assured him, once again taking off his top.

Reid leaned closer, inspecting the cuts, although it was clear that Elijah's little nicknames flustered him, at least a little bit.

"Has anyone ever told you that you have pretty eyes?" Elijah hummed.

Reid blinked, looking up at him,"I- No."

"Hm, what a surprise." Elijah smirked slightly, he enjoyed this more than he knew he should.

Reid leaned back,"What's the, uhm.. The leader's name?"

"Alexander. Alexander Gray." Elijah told him.

"Alexander Gray." Reid repeated quietly under his breath as he wrote it down on his notepad.

"You've got nice handwriting too." Elijah pointed out.

"I actually think it's quite messy." Reid shrugged.

"Well, I like it." Elijah leaned forward, smirking still,"How about you tell me more about yourself now, Angel?"

Reid was still writing notes but he rather quickly looked back up at Elijah,"We, uh, we need to work on this case."

"Aw, but I answered all of your questions." Elijah pouted.

Reid looked back at the others behind the glass before letting out a sigh,"Fine.. I'll ask you a question and then you can ask me one."

"Oh, I love games like this." Elijah clapped his hands excitedly.

"It's not a game, Mr Deans." Reid shook his head.

"Right then, Doctor. What's your first question?" Elijah raised a brow.

"Okay, has Alexander ever told you anything about his gang?" Reid asked, tilting his head.

"Well, he does ramble. A lot. Makes him feel powerful, so I let him." Elijah hummed,"He tells me who he's had taken out, who he wants to take out but can't, where they're going to hit."

"Okay, do you know where they're going to hit next?" Reid questioned.

"Hold your horsies, it's my turn." Elijah winked,"And I want to know if you're single."

"I don't think-" Reid began, although he stopped himself,"..Yes, I am."

"I see. Oh, and yes, I do know where he's going to hit next." Elijah smiled,"It's a place a block or two down from the club. Jay's, I think."

"Jay's? The Snooker Club?"

"One in the same."

"Thank you." Reid quickly wrote that down,"Did he give you a date? A time?"

"Aw, don't tell me you've forgotten the rules of our game. I just answered your question. My turn." Elijah put a finger over Reid's mouth,"Now, be honest, are you attracted to me?"

"I don't think.. This is appropriate." Reid cleared his throat.

Elijah gasped,"Oh, you do!"

"Mr Deans." Reid shook his head,"I'm not gay."

Elijah looked down slightly,"He said he'd hit Jay's tomorrow at seven, told me he'd meet me at The Black Rose for some 'good luck' before it."

"We'll be in contact in case he tries anything." Reid nodded.

"I appreciate that." Elijah hummed before he took notice of something,"I'm surprised you never asked me to put my top back on."

Reid blinked, a faint red colour rising to his cheeks,"I never even noticed.. You can, uh, You can put it back on if you want."

"Your sure you want that?" Elijah chuckled.


"Whatever you say, Angel." Elijah nodded, putting his top back on, although it really didn't make much of a difference.

"I'll be back in a moment." Reid stood up.

"Of course." Elijah nodded, leaning back in his chair as Reid left the room.

Elijah smiled to himself. He was adorable! So intelligent yet so easy to fluster. People had probably complimented his work before, but maybe they never complimented him physically. Before he could think too much on the matter, Reid reentered the room.

"Back so soon, Darling?" Elijah looked up at him.

"Do you have a contact number? So we can contact you and let you know what we're going to do."

"Is this your way of asking for my phone number?" Elijah smirked.

"I'm just asking for it so we can all contact you." Reid answered briefly.

"I'm just teasing." Elijah hummed as he took out a small slip of paper from his back pocket,"I always carry a copy, just in case."

"Thank you." Reid nodded as he took it.

"So, do you guys have a plan? Because if you need him distracted, I can do that." Elijah told him.

"We'll message you the plan, don't worry." Reid assured him.

"Oh, I wasn't worried. I know I'm in good hands." Elijah hummed as he began putting on his jacket

"You're free to go." Reid told him.

"Thank you for having me." Elijah smiled at Reid as he stood up.

"Goodbye, Elijah." Reid waved.

"Goodbye, Angel." Elijah nodded as Reid opened the door for him.

Elijah left the interrogation room with a smile where Morgan was waiting outside to drop him back off at The Black Rose. The pair left the building and set off on the journey back, Elijah staring out the window most of the time. He trusted the BAU.. But he was starting to get nervous about this little mission.


The next evening, Elijah made his way to The Black Rose once more, this time kitted out with a hidden FBI comm so they could hear what was going on. He ignored any of the customers that tried talking to him and headed straight for his room, knowing that he was only going to have one session that night. Alexander.

Elijah took off his jacket, hanging it up and sitting on his bed. If things got messy, he just needed to contact the others.

"Elijah, is everything okay?" Morgan asked through the comm.

"Of course, he's not here yet." Elijah nodded.

"You'll be alright, kid. Just hang tight."

"I've got this." Elijah let out a small sigh.

Elijah's shoulders tensed as he heard the door open and Alexander walked in with his hands in his pockets.

"Alex, there you are." Elijah looked over at him.

"Yeah, I had some business to take care of." Alexander removed his blazer, his greasy hair almost shimmering in the dull light.

"That makes sense."

"So.. What have you been getting up to?" Alexander nodded for him to start getting undressed.

"Oh, not much. I had a solo yesterday but no real meetings." Elijah told him as he took off his top.

"Have you spoken to anyone?"

"Well, I spoke to Sylvie when I came in last night and-"

"I meant customers, Ganet." Alexander snapped.

Elijah tensed at the sudden switch in tone but shook his head,"I didn't have many customers last night."

"No? Then how come Tony told me that he and the boys watched you invite some people to the back and then leave in a Fed car?" Alexander glared at Elijah as he began walking closer to him.

"Alex, it's not what you think." Elijah backed away from him.

"Is it not?" Alex scoffed, pulling out his knife,"What the f*ck did you tell them, huh?"

"I didn't tell them anything." Elijah insisted.

"Don't f*cking lie to me, you slu*t!" Alexander forced Elijah against the wall, holding the knife to his throat,"Do you want another scar to match your old ones?"

"No- Please. I'm sorry." Elijah pleaded, looking up at him.

But.. There was no sympathy behind those cold, dark eyes. Just anger. Hate. It didn't take long however, before Agents had hurried into the room.

"Alexander Gray, FBI!" Gideon and the other two Agents had their guns aimed at Alexander.

Alexander pulled Elijah close to him, the knife still held against his neck,"I knew it."

"You'd don't want to do this." Reid shook his head.

"Oh yeah? Well, what do you know, because I think I do."

"If you kill him, you won't know exactly what he told us." Gideon told him.

"I don't need to know what this whor* told you. He's already ruined everything." Alexander tightened his grip on Elijah.

"What's killing Elijah going to do? He's not worth it." Reid stated,"Come on, we both know you have better things that you could do."

Alexander looked down at Elijah,"You might have a point there.. Why waste my time killing this pathetic waste of space."

"Exactly. So give him over to us and we'll deal with him." Reid slowly lowered his gun.

Alexander smirked at Elijah, brushing the cold metal of his knife against Elijah's neck before shoving him forward. Reid quickly grabbed Elijah and escorted him out of the room, wrapping his jacket around him.

"Are you alright? Are you hurt?" He asked quickly.

"I'm fine, I've.. Well, I've dealt with worse." Elijah shook his head, hugging himself.

"I didn't mean what I said back there." Reid assured him,"You actually seem like a nice boy."

"I know you didn't, I could tell from your face." Elijah smiled softly, looking away,"A person's eyes can tell you a lot of things."

Reid bit his cheek,"..Tell me about yourself. You're from England?"

"Originally, yes. Somerset. My family and I moved over here when I was nine." Elijah nodded.

"Whereabouts?" Reid asked, leading Elijah into a room they'd managed to set up for Elijah.

It was one of the backrooms, although it had been tidied up and some fresh clothes had been left for him.

"Colarado." Elijah answered.

"I'm from Vegas." Reid hummed as he closed the door behind them.

"Vegas? Now that's interesting." He nodded slowly.

"How come?" Reid chuckled.

"Vegas strikes me as a loud place, with loud people. You don't strike me as a rather loud person, and your poker face could use some work." Elijah told him.

"I have a great poker face." Reid pointed, still smiling,"I'm actually banned from most Las Vegas casinos."

"Too smart for them?" Elijah raised a brow.

"I have an IQ of 187."

"So you are a little genius then."

"Technically, yes." He hummed.

"Well, is there anything else you'd like to know, Angel?" Elijah asked him.

"Would it.. Be okay if I kept your number?" Reid seemed unable to make eye contact with him.

"Of course you can." Elijah smiled,"As long as I get to keep your jacket."

Reid let out a small sigh,"Fine."

Elijah hopped excitedly as he wrapped the jacket around himself tightly,"Thank you."

Reid bit his cheek before gently leaning his head on Elijah's shoulder. Elijah was confused but he smiled softly, wrapping an arm around Reid. Maybe he was tired.

"There's a Detective outside who's going to take you home." Reid told him,"Make sure you're safe."

"I see." Elijah nodded slowly, holding Reid tighter,"I will."

"But.. I am awake most nights reading. So, if you want to message or call me, I could." Reid slowly pulled away.

"I'd like that." Elijah smiled at him.

"So.. I'll talk to you later then?"

"Of course."

Reid returned Elijah's smile before he left the room. Elijah sighed, briefly taking off the jacket before he changed into the fresh clothes and quickly put the jacket on again. He soon left the room as well, and met the Detective awaiting him outside of The Black Rose.

"You ready?" He asked, opening the door.

"Yeah.." Elijah nodded, getting into the backseat.

The Detective didn't speak much to him on the way to his home, but Elijah didn't mind. He just wanted to get home so he could see his baby and maybe even talk to Reid.

Elijah thanked the Detective as they pulled up outside his house and he exited the vehicle, heading towards his house. The Detective quickly drove off and Elijah rolled his eyes, he could've at least waited until he was safely inside. Elijah shook his head though and walked to his front door, unlocking it and walking inside.

Elijah sighed, locking the door behind him,"And.. Home."

Elijah waited by the front door after he heard a small thud from elsewhere in the house. He smiled, bending down as he heard the patter of small footsteps approaching.

"Hello Muffin Man." Elijah hummed as his cat ran up to him.

Muffin was an old persian cat that Elijah had found in an alleyway back in his first year of college as a little kitten. Much better than any roommate he'd ever had, in Elijah's opinion.

"Did you miss me, baby boy?" Elijah scooped him up as he walked to the living room.

Muffin meowed in response, rubbing his face against Elijah's cheek. Sure, they couldn't communicate through words but Muffin always seemed to understand him.

"Well, I met a guy at work today-" Elijah began as he sat down.

Muffin meowed, wriggling out of Elijah's arms and jumping onto the back of the church.

"He's nice, Muffin. Not like any of those guys in college." Elijah crossed his arms.

Muffin huffed, laying down and looking away from him.

"Muffin-" Elijah was interrupted by the his phone ringing,"We'll contiue this in a bit."

Elijah stood up, taking out his phone and checking the number. Mark? He shrugged, thinking nothing of it as he answered the phone.

"Deans, we need to talk."

Elijah was quiet for a second before he was able to muster a response,"What do we need to talk about, sir?"

"I would've mentioned it back at The Black Rose, but it didn't seem like the right time." Mark sighed,"Look, you're a liability at this stage."

"A.. Liability?" Elijah blinked.

"Yes, Deans. You're a danger to the girls, creating conflict like this in the workplace." Mark shook his head,"What if one of these guys that you're 'helping put away' shoots up my establishment?"

"So what are you trying to say?" Elijah asked.

"Deans, I'm offering you an ultimatum." Mark told him,"You stop communicating with the FBI or you're fired."

"..Guess I'm fired then." Elijah hung up, running his fingers through his hair.

Elijah loved his job at The Black Rose, despite all of the negatives that came along with it but he and the girls, they were some of his closest friends but.. He wanted to help people. He always had.. Elijah sat back down, looking down at his phone before dialing a different number. Reid's number. It barely rung twice before he picked up.

"Elijah- You made it home safe?" Reid asked him.

"I did, yeah." Elijah sighed, leaning back into the couch.

"You.. Sound upset. Is everything okay? Are you still thinking about what happened?"

"No- Well, yes- But it's not that." Elijah shook his head,"I just.. Don't know how effective I'll be as an informant anymore."

"What do you mean by that?" Reid questioned.

"Mark fired me, said I'm a liability to the girls." Elijah sighed.

"You aren't a liability." Reid tried to assure him.

"Well, when you're working with the FBI and helping them put dangerous guys away, I kind of am.. Plus, they're a majority of his customer base." Elijah shrugged.

Reid was quite for a few seconds before he spoke again,"I have an idea. Just.. Let me talk to Gideon. I'm sure he'll understand."

"Reid, what do you-"

But Reid had hung up before Elijah could get an answer.

Elijah chuckled, shaking his head,"Oh, you strange, wonderful man."

Chapter 2: Chapter 1 - An Adjustment


Elijah takes on his first BAU Case, although he's still a trainee agent. While trying to catch the stalker of an actress, Elijah must also hide his feelings surrounding her and a certain BAU Agent.

Chapter Text

Elijah groaned as he threw yet another shirt on his bed. Muffin was sat on the edge of the bed, looking from Elijah to the shirts.

"What am I supposed to wear, Muffin?" He sighed, looking down at the cat.

Muffin meowed, flicking his tail as he turned from Elijah.

"Oh, come on. You know it's important! I'm going for another training session at the FBI and I need to look professional." Elijah crossed his arms.

Although Muffin seemed disinterested, yawning and rolling onto the pile of shirts that had accumulated.

"Muffin, I-" But Elijah stopped as he heard his phone ringing and he quickly grabbed it,"Spencer?"

Luckily, he was right. He and Reid had kept in close contact, especially after he managed to get the higher-ups to allow him to take part in FBI Training. Elijah smiled as he answered.

"Elijah- Hey." Reid began,"Are you, uhm, free later?"

Elijah raised a brow,"I should be. Why?"

"Well, Gideon and I are going to see an art exhibition and I was wondering if you'd like to come along with us." Reid explained,"It could be a good way for you and Gideon to get to know each other better, he's quite big on his art."

"I'll be there." Elijah chuckled softly.

"Great- That's great." Reid exclaimed,"Would you be alright driving from training or would you like us to come pick you up?"

"I think you should come pick me up. We're all going to the same place after all." Elijah nodded.

"I'll make sure to tell Gideon. I'll see you there. Bye, Elijah." Reid hummed as he hung up.

"Bye." Elijah smiled before flopping onto his bed, disrupting the pile of shirts and Muffin.

Muffin stretched as he got up, pawing at Elijah's face.

"I know- But look what I just agreed to! Do you know how much this limits my choices?" Elijah sighed as he sat up,"I've only really met this Gideon guy twice, what if he hates me?"

Muffin headbutted Elijah's side as he sat next to him, looking up at him.

"No- You're right. Positive thinking." Elijah nodded slowly,"So.. The blue shirt?"

Muffin meowed, proudly marching to the light blue shirt.

"Well, I was thinking the darker blue-"

But Elijah was interrupted as Muffin meowed, gently nudging the light blue shirt.

"That one, huh?" Elijah asked as he picked it up,"You're really sure of yourself, y'know."

Muffin meowed once more, lying down again on the pile of shirts and looking up at Elijah.

"I'll leave you to your relaxing, grumpy man." Elijah hummed, stroking his head.

Elijah buttoned up the light blue polo and looked at himself in the mirror... He was missing something. But that's when it him him, a tie! He hurried over to his drawer and pulled out.. Well, his only tie, a dark green tie with little, white cat faces on it. From a distance, they could be mistaken for spots.

"Well, Muffin Man, what do we think?" Elijah hummed as he contiued to look at himself in the mirror,"I think I look great."

Although Muffin didn't really answer as he'd fallen asleep in the pile of shirts. Elijah chuckled at his cat before pulling the dark, navy suit jacket off of its hanger and putting it on, leaving it unbuttoned.

"Muffin, am I always going to dress like this now that I work for the FBI?" Elijah asked again, and received the same answer,"God, I hope not."

With that, he left his room and headed downstairs, checking his clock as he headed into the kitchen. Surprisingly, even after having a whole conversation with his cat, he wasn't running late yet. He figured he probably didn't have time for breakfast though and simply grabbed his water bottle, filling it up.

After getting his water, Elijah headed to the living room and grabbed his little bag that he'd dumped there and double-checked that he still had everything he needed, just in case. He decided that he did, shoved his water bottle inside and put it over his shoulder.

"Goodbye Muffin, I'll see you after work." Elijah called to him as he grabbed his keys, heading for the door.

Elijah chuckled as he left the house. Usually Muffin came to say goodbye to him, but he clearly needed his rest. He walked down the driveway to his car, getting inside and starting the drive to work, well, training. It was uneventful, as usual, but as he pulled into the headquarters, he noticed a blonde woman waiting for him. Section Chief Strauss.

"Oh god." Elijah muttered to himself as he parked his car and walked to the entrance of the building.

"Trainee Agent Deans." Strauss nodded to him, her voice firm.

"Yes, Ma'am." Elijah responded, doing his best to act polite. She was his boss, after all.

"You've been training for a while now and it was suggested to me that you should have a go at your firearms qualification exam." Strauss told him.

Elijah blinked,"You want to test to see if I can handle a gun?"

"Agent Hotchner has requested you accompany Agent Gideon and Dr Reid to deliver a training service on profiling for the LAPD." Strauss explained,"Consider it your first job, if you succeed in this test."

"I'll do my best, Ma'am." Elijah assured her.



Elijah made his was through the course, firing at each target he came across. He hated it, but he could pretend ij front of Strauss. After shooting the final target, twice, Elijah removed his safety goggles.

"That was certainly.. Impressive." Strauss blinked.

"Well, I'm always full of surprises, Ma'am." Elijah hummed, holding the gun out to her.

"Keep it, Deans. You passed." Strauss nodded briefly as she started walking,"Agent Gideon and the others should be waiting for you upstairs."

"Thank you." Elijah nodded as he made his way upstairs, holstering his newly acquired gun.

When he arrived, he spotted Gideon and Spencer waiting for his as other Agents walked past, just doing their jobs.

"Agent Gideon, Doctor Reid." Elijah nodded to each as he walked over to them.

"Oh- Elijah. You passed your qualification, too?" Reid gestured to the gun in his holster.

"Yeah, I'm not the worst shot." Elijah shrugged.

"And on your first try, congratulations." Reid smiled slightly.

"Oh, thanks." Elijah nodded.

"Right, are we ready to leave?" Gideon asked, already heading for the door.

"I should be."


And with that, the three of them headed down to the SUV to start their trek down to LA.


Before the training service, Reid lead Gideon and Elijah to an art gallery. An old school friend of his was holding an exhibition there.

"Y'know, I actually think I'm enjoying this." Elijah hummed as they headed inside the building.

"Remember, don't touch anything and don't wander off." Gideon pointed to Elijah.

"Of course, sir." Elijah nodded, although mentally rolling his eyes.

What was he? Five? He could control himself.

"You know, you don't need to call Gideon 'sir', right?" Reid chuckled softly,"We're all on the same team."

"Right." Elijah nodded slowly as an unfamiliar face walked over.

"Spencer, Spencer Reid! Dude, look at you. You haven't changed a bit." The man grinned before turning to address Elijah and Gideon,"Spencer was the only twelve-year old in our graduating class. Just the same."

"Thanks, uh, this is Special Agent Jason Gideon and Trainee Agent Elijah Deans." Reid introduced them,"This is Parker Dunley. We went to high school together as you've probably gathered."

"Hi, how are you?" Gideon nodded to Dunley,"It's a beautiful gallery."

"Thank you, thank you." Dunley smiled.

"Jason's a big contemporary art enthusiast." Reid informed Dunley.

"Well, we're exhibiting four up and coming artists in this show. Everything's for sale and I could definitely swing a discount for a friend of.." Dunley began to explain before he trailed off, looking towards the door.

A blonde woman walked in, wearing a black dress. She was gorgeous, but not really Elijah's type.

"Lila! Hey, guys, come on." Dunley beckoned for them to follow as he walked over the woman, Lila.

"Do I look twelve years old to you two?" Reid turned to the pair.

"Fourteen?" Elijah hummed.

Reid shook his head as he went to walk towards Lila. Elijah went to follow him but Gideon gently grabbed his arm, causing him to tense.

"Deans, Reid likes you. His persistence is the only reason you're here." Gideon reminded him,"Rossi's told me all about you, what you're like.. I don't want you getting any ideas about Spencer."

Elijah was taken aback but he couldn't say he was surprised. He'd expected something like this at some point, a warning.

"Have you got that?" Gideon asked, keeping his voice quiet.

"..Yes, sir." Elijah nodded slowly.

"Good." Gideon released him.

Elijah let out a small sigh and rubbed his arm as he walked over to the group of Reid, Dunley and Lila.

"Spencer, you ever meet a real movie star before?" He heard Dunley ask as he arrived.

"Movie star? Please. She has a supporting role on a television series about beach volleyball. Totally blue collar." The woman beside Lila scoffed.

"Becka." Lila nudged her gently,"I'm Lila."

"Hi, I'm Doc-Doctor Reid. This is my friend and colleague, Elijah Deans- Actually, I'm just Spencer, you don't have to call me Doctor. No one does." Reid rambled.

Elijah crossed his arms as he bit the inside of his cheek. He just felt.. Awkward as he stood beside Reid who was not so subtly crushing on this girl.

"I won't." Lila told him as a man began taking pictures of her.

"Hey- Man, I told you no photos in the art gallery." Dunley pushed the man back,"Alright? Out."

Dunley escorted the photographer out, leaving Elijah and Reid with Lila and her friend. Although, her friend soon wandered off to start up a conversation with Gideon of all people. Another man then walked over, holding out a tray with glasses of champagne.

"Thanks." Lila smiled as she took one.

"No, thank you." Reid shook his head.

"I don't drink." Elijah held up his hand as he was offered the tray before the man walked off.

"So, you're not from around here, are you?" Lila looked up at Reid.

"Me? No, no. We're running a training service about profiling for the Los Angeles Police Department." Reid told her,"Elijah is actually originally from England, too."

"England, huh?" Lila looked over at him.

"Oh- Yes, I am." Elijah nodded, not expecting to be brought into the conversation,"I moved to Colorado as a child."

"That's interesting.. But you mentioned profiling?" Lila tilted her head, turning her attention back to Reid.

"Uh, yes. We're with the Behavioral Analysis Unit of the FBI. We psychoanalyse crime scenes in order to gain a better understanding of the criminal who might've committed the crime." Reid explained.

"Psychoanalyse, huh? Are you two doing that to me right now?" Lila hummed.

Elijah resisted the urge to say something rude while Reid stumbled over his words.

"What- No. I'm not psychoanalysing you." Reid quickly shook his head,"I'm just.."

"I'm kidding." Lila chuckled as she walked towards a painting,"Come, look at this painting."

The trio walked over to one of the paintings, Elijah standing slightly behind Lila and Reid. He knew he wasn't part of their conversation and the painting didn't interest him either.

"Does it make you feel anything?" Lila asked them.

"Like what?' Reid tilted his head as he looked at her.

Lila giggled,"I can't tell you how to feel."

"Right now I feel... Pretty good." Reid nodded, looking back at the painting.

"We're leaving." Gideon informed them as he walked over, tapping Reid's shoulder.

"Oh, thank god." Elijah muttered under his breath.

"We're still looking at the exhibit." Reid turned to him.


Reid looked at Gideon and then back to Lila and the painting. It was clear he wanted to stay longer. Elijah sighed as he walked closer to Gideon, he was ready to leave too.

"Now, now." Gideon insisted and he turned to walk off.

Reid bit his cheek as he looked back at Lila,"Guess we're leaving now- It was nice meeting you-"

"Reid, now." Gideon had stopped and was watching as Reid tried to stall.

"On the way, bye." Reid waved to Lila slightly.

"You too, Spencer." Lila smiled at Reid as he and Elijah jogged after Gideon.

"She seems nice." Reid hummed.

"Yeah, I'm sure she is." Elijah nodded, although he frankly didn't care for her.

"Are you okay?" Reid furrowed his brow,"You seem tense."

"I'm fine." Elijah sighed,"Come on, Gideon's waiting."

"Right- Of course."


Elijah was sat in the police station, spinning in one of the chairs. A murder had happened nearby and the team had been called in to help out.

"Miss me?" Fleur hummed as she walked up to Elijah.

They'd only known each other for a few months but Fleur and Elijah had become fast friends. They just seemed to click.

"More than I'd like to admit." Elijah looked up at her.

"I'm your emotional support friend." She joked, sitting on the desk beside him,"Now spill, what's on your mind?"

"Right, so the night before we did our training thing, Spencer took us to this art gallery." Elijah began,"His friend was hosting some exhibition there, I think."

"That's cool." Fleur nodded,"But did you-"

"No, I was good. I didn't touch anything." Elijah assured her,"Everything felt fine until this girl walked in."

"Oh, keep going." Fleur leaned forward, now invested in his story.

"And it's not like I'm jealous or anything like that because that would be ridiculous but I think Reid like- likes her." Elijah crossed his arms.

"Reid likes a girl- Sorry." Fleur cleared her throat,"Reid likes her?"

"Well, he was stuttering and smiling at her and he just had this.. Look in his eye." Elijah leaned back in his chair.

Fleur looked like she wanted to say something but held back,"Who is this girl anyway?"

"Some actress, I think her name was Lila." Elijah shrugged.

"Lila Archer?" Fleur raised a brow, holding back a chuckle,"I'm sorry, I love Spence but.. He couldn't get with her."

"It's not just him though, I think she likes him back." Elijah sighed.

"She can dream on." Fleur rolled her eyes.

"I've never felt more like a third wheel." Elijah shook his head,"One of the girls was even flirting with Gideon."

"Well, was she old?"

"I wouldn't say so, she looked to be Lila's age."

"He got himself a young one." Fleur joked, nudging Elijah's shoulder.

"I'm just glad I won't need to see her again." Elijah shrugged, shaking his head.

"Thank goodness." Fleur agreed,"Now, come on. The others are probably waiting on us."

"I suppose they will be." Elijah stood up.

Fleur gently rubbed his arm as the pair of them walked into the office of the lead Detective, Detective Kim, where the others were waiting.

"This guy is an assasin?" Kim asked.

"Well, when you look at the victimology, there's no obvious links. All the kills are clean except in the instance of the last victim, Jeremy Collins." Morgan explained.

"There's absolutely no evidence left at the crime scene. There's no DNA, there's no manifestion of psychosexual release and there's no detectable signature of any kind." Elle added on.

Elijah looked at Elle as he stood listening to the others, trying to take in her face, anything. Out of everyone, he seemed to never get her name.. It just slipped out.

"Remember, our profiles are formulated not just by what's present at the scene, but what's absent." Gideon nodded.

"From all the evidence that we gathered, we believe you're looking for a type four assassin." Fleur told him.

"Type four?" Kim raised a brow.

"Type ones are political assassins like John Wilkes Booth. Type twos are egocentrics looking for simple recognition." Reid began.

"Type threes are psychopaths who are cold blooded killers who leave far messier scenes and Type four, our Unsub, suffers from a major mental disorder and is frequently delusional." Fleur finished.

"The closer we get to figuring out that delusion, the closer we get to finding our Unsub." Elijah leaned against a desk.

"Well, what's he going to be doing until we do?" Kim looked around at them.

"Finding other victims." Gideon answered.

"Excuse me. Hi. Is there a Detective Kim here?" A well-dressed man, knocked on the door.

"Right here." Kim nodded.

"You're heading the investigation into the Natalie Ryan murder?"


"Uhm.. My- I have a client, she's.." The man stammered before he sighed,"Is there any place we can be private?"

"We're all working this murder." Kim told him.

"Well.. She received a note, my client did and she freaked out." The man walked into the room,"I told her not to worry and-"

"Where's the note?" Morgan looked up at him from his chair.

The man handed Morgan the note that he'd been holding, scrawled onto a magazine. 'You owe me'.

"Where is your client?" Hotch turned to the man.

"She's waiting in the other room."

Morgan sighed, standing up,"Let's go."

When the team left the room to see the client, Elijah had to hold back a long sigh. Lila Archer, of course it was her. She was sat at one of the desks, the man from before, Michael, stood behind her.

"How well did you know Natalie Ryan?" Hotch asked her.

"We spoke when we saw each other in public, but we were never friends." She answered.

"What about Wally Melman?" Elijah raised a brow, refusing to make eye contact.

"What?" Lila turned her attention to Elijah.

"Wally Melman, he was a producer who was killed a few months ago." He told her.

"The paper said that was a robbery." Lila shook her head.

"Well, the paper was wrong. Did you know him?" Elijah crossed his arms.

"Calm, okay?" Fleur whispered to him, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"Well, we met a few times about a project, but I didn't get the part." Lila shrugged,"The went a different way."

"What way?" Elle asked.

"He cast another act.." Lila stopped as a sudden realization practically hit her in the face,"Oh my god."

"What is it?" Fleur leaned forward.

"He cast Natalie Ryan." Michael sighed.

Morgan looked down at the note,"You owe me."

"I guess that's one way to ice out the competition, huh?" Fleur shrugged.

"Don't look at me, I brought her to the police station." Michael raised his hands.

"Have you ever had a sense that someone was watching you, following you?" Gideon asked, not looking up from his file.

"From the moment I get to work, I have hair and makeup, wardrobe people, producers, writers, my agent, my manager, publicist. Not to mention the photographers.." Lila went on.

"It's part of her life." Michael nodded.

"Anything that seems odd, out of the ordinary? Happens on a regular or semi-regular basis?" Gideon questioned further.

"What do you mean?" Lila looked over at him.

"Repetitive phone calls with hang-ups? Gifts sent anonymously?" Reid began listing.

"I receive flowers. On the seventh of each month they just appear in my trailer. Never a note, just a plain glass bowl. Red anemones, my favourite." Lila sighed.

"And you don't want to know who they're from?" Elle tilted her head.

"Celebrities get anonymous gifts all the time. She has fans, you know." Michael pointed.

"Clearly." Elijah coughed to mask his comment before he contiued,"Do you ever remember meeting someone on the seventh day of the month? Or in July, the seventh month of the year?"


"Wally Melman was a producer who considered hiring you, but didn't, and Natalie was a rival." Hotch crossed his arms.

"And Chloe Harris, she looks a lot like you. Don't you think?" Fleur held up a photograph of Chloe.

"Who?" Lila looked up at the photo.

"A potential rival, she was murdered too." Elijah told her.

"So.. All these people are being killed because of me?" Lila asked slowly.

"It's possible."

Lila covered her face,"I'm sorry- I can't. I need to go."

Lila got up and rushed out of the room, followed soon after by Michael.


The next day, most of the team and Detective Kim were stood with Lila in her trailer, discussing evidence. She'd been given a new note.

"Y'know, I'm intrigued by this particular version of the verb 'to be'." Gideon nodded as he looked at the note.

"Past participle." Reid crossed his arms.

"Steady state of being, preceeding adverb."

"Always." Reid nodded.

"In English." Kim raised a brow.

"That is English, actually. We're discussing the verb tenses of-" Reid tried explaining but Morgan cut him off.

"Reid, Reid." He shook his head.

"Our stalkers sounds like someone she knows." Elijah told Kim simply, leaning against the counter.

"Based on the tense of the verb." Reid nodded.

"Maybe it's time to get her off the street." Morgan suggested.

"You know, there's no physical threat to her. She might be safe just staying put as opposed to anywhere else." Reid told them.

"I'm standing right here, guys." Lila turned to them.

"I was trying not to notice." Elijah muttered.

"If we did remove you, we'd have to take you to a non-disclosed location. I'm sure your stalker knows where you live." Gideon told her.

"I'm not having the whole show closed down. I only have one more scene to shoot." Lila shook her head,"Look, last night I decided I wasn't going to be scared of that lunatic. Am I safe here?"

"Well, the sets have been cleared of everyone except essential personnel and we have increased security at the gate." Kim shrugged.

An unfamiliar woman then knocked on the door, walking in,"Lila, they're ready for you."

"I'm staying at work, gentlemen." She told them as she walked out of the trailer.

"She's one tough girl." Kim nodded.

"Yeah... I didn't want to say anything in front of her, but his anger about her going to the police suggests he might alter his agenda." Gideon pushed his glasses up.

"That's typical for a stalker." Elijah commented.

"You know, she didn't go to the police alone." Gideon turned to the men.

"Her manager took her." Reid nodded.

"Deans, Reid. You stay here, keep an eye on her." Gideon stood up,"Morgan, you're with me."

Weird. If Gideon didn't want Elijah 'getting any ideas', why would he leave him and Reid together.. Maybe he thought Reid would be too distracted by Lila to care.

"I'll hand back too." Kim adjusted his jacket.

"Where are you going?" Elijah asked.

"To talk to her manager." Gideon nodded, leaving with Morgan.

"Let's go keep an eye on her." Elijah sighed before he left the trailer too.

Reid walked out onto the set quickly after he did, a co*ke in his hands which he must've taken from inside the trailer. Elijah spotted Lila, a towel around her as she waited to for her cue. He stood back from her as Reid walked forward, clearing his throat.

"Sorry if I was insensitive last night." Reid apologized.

"You're just doing your job, right?" Lila shrugged.

"Yeah." Reid nodded, taking a sip of co*ke.

"Then there's no need to apologise." Lila drank her coffee, scrunching her face up in disgust before taking Reid's co*ke,"You don't mind sharing with me, do you?"

Reid shook his head as a bell rang, although Lila was already drinking it,"No."

Lila hummed as he handed Reid his co*ke back, taking off her robe as she walked off. Reid looked down at the bottle before putting in the the nearby trashcan.

"You don't mind sharing with me, do you?" Elijah teased, his arms crossed.

"Shut up." Reid sighed, turning to look at him.

"I'm just saying." Elijah shrugged,"You met her not even two days ago."

"I know." Reid grabbed a napkin, wiping his hands.

"We can all see how you look at her." Elijah put his hands in his pockets.

Reid furrowed his brow,"What do I look at her like?"

"Like.. Morgan looks at Fleur."

"How does Morgan look at Fleur?" Reid blinked.

Elijah sighed,"You just look.. Attracted to her."

"I just.. I want her to be okay." Reid told him.

"And she will be, if we do our job." Elijah shook his head.

"Good." Reid nodded.


Before long, Reid and Elijah had been ordered to take Lila home and stay with her, as protection after Gideon and Morgan found her manager dead. They'd been there for most of that day and the sky was now darkening, well, Reid and Lila had been there. Elijah ended up buying himself by watching for the stalker out of windows all day.

Morgan had called recently, said they had an idea of who the Unsub was, a man named Joseph Martinez, who had a bunch of photos of Lila and now Reid at his studio. He said they were on there way but they hadn't heard anything since.

Lila walked into the room in her bathrobe, standing beside Reid as he looked at her collage,"Feel anything yet?"

"There is something definitely appealing about this one." Reid nodded.

"That's a start." Lila chuckled before walking to the backdoor, taking off her bathrobe.

"What are you doing?" Elijah questioned, turning to her.

"Going for a swim." Lila shrugged as she walked out.

"What- No. Lila!" Reid hurried after her.

That's when Elijah's phone buzzed as he answered it, looking away from the window,"Hm?"

"Elijah, it's Fleur. We ran into a little trouble but we're on our way now." She explained,"What's going on over there?"

Elijah sighed, rolling his eyes as he turned back to look,"They're- She's in the pool."

"She shouldn't be outside." Fleur shook her head.

"Reid's trying to convince her to get out, at least someone here has some sense left aside from me." He told her.

Elijah watched as Lila swam to the edge of the pool, holding out her hand for Reid to help her up before she yanked him into the pool with her.

"Elijah, what was that splash." Fleur asked slowly.

"Now they're both in the pool, she dragged him in." Elijah sighed.

"Oh my god. He's not going to be happy about his clothes being wet." Fleur commented.

"No, I know how he gets and.." Elijah trailed off.

Elijah watched on as Lila pulled Reid closer by his tie and kissed him.. They were kissing in the pool and he was alone, inside the house.

"Elijah, are you okay? That's Morgan and I here." Fleur asked him, he heard and engine stop outside.

"I'm fine. They're out the back if you want to check there." Elijah hung up, as he watched Lila get out of the pool, clearly unhappy.

"Lila-" Elijah reached out to her.

"Don't touch me!" Lila snapped as she walked past him, probably to get a towel.

Elijah sighed, Reid probably told her about Wally. Gideon asked them not to mention it. He shook his head as he walked outside, just as Morgan pulled the photographer out from the bushes. Elijah looked over at Fleur and Morgan before helping Reid out of the pool.

"They found him in the bushes." Reid gestured to the three on the other side of the pool as Reid attempted to dry himself.

"I told her she should cut those." Reid shook his head.

Fleur looked Reid up and down as her and Morgan walked over to the pair.

"I, uh.. I fell in." Reid explained.

"I saw." Elijah looked off to the side.

"I'm sure there's plenty of photos of it." Fleur shrugged.

"Stop shoving me, man." Martinez complained as Morgan pushed him over to the others.

"You're a suspect in the murder of Wally Melman, Natalie Ryan and Jeremy Collins." Morgan told him.

"Murder, what? Woah, woah, woah-"

"Just shut up with the whoa! We know for a fact you have hundreds of photographs of Lila Archer and Natalie Ryan on the walls of your studio. You have Miss Archer's schedule on your desk. You've been stalking her." Morgan pointed.

"Look, guy, look, hold up. Every paparazzi's a celebrity stalker. If you don't stalk them, you don't get no shot. And if you don't get the shot, you don't sell no pictures." He shook his head.

"Well, this one's going to cost you." Fleur shrugged, pulling out the camera's tape.

"Well- No. That's just wrong." Martinez looked at Fleur.

"Tell that to your lawyer." Morgan grabbed Martinez.

"I'm still being locked up?" He questioned.

"That's right. At the very least, you're trespassing. Let's go." Morgan walked off with him.

"You're welcome." Fleur hummed as she handed the tape to Reid, she'd destroyed it.

"I won't tell anyone else what I saw." Elijah told Reid as he went to follow after Fleur and Morgan.

"Elijah-" Reid turned to him.

"No, Reid, it's fine." Elijah shook his head.

Morgan and Fleur left to meet up with Gideon at the art gallery after realizing the collage Lila had actually chronicled her life from college to present day. Elijah was standing, Reid not to far from him while Lila was sat on the couch.

That's when Elijah's phone rang and he quickly answered it,"Yes, sir?"

"We have a name, Maggie Lowe. She's the Unsub, she works on Lila's show." Gideon told him.

"Got it." Elijah hung up as he turned around,"Lila, do you know someone named Maggie Lowe?"

"Mags? I've known her for years. I got her a job on my show." Lila shrugged, looking down at her phone as it rang,"She's calling right now."

"Is she calling from a cellphone?" Reid asked her.


"Lila, we think Maggie is the Unsub." Elijah told her as he out his phone down.

"The what?" She blinked.

Elijah sighed,"She's the stalker, now answer the phone."

"That's crazy." Lila scoffed.

"Answer the phone, act completely natural. The longer you keep her on the line, the more likely we'll be able to trace her cell.. Trust me." Reid informed her.

Lila looked up at Reid before she answered the call, Reid taking out his own phone and calling Garcia.

"Listen in." Reid nodded to Elijah.

"Oracle of Quantico, speak if you deign to hear the truth." Garcia hummed.

"Garcia, I need an emergency trace on a cell phone call to Lila Archer's cellphone." Reid explained.

"Sure, go ahead."

"323-555-0129." Reid repeated Lila's number as Lila talked to Maggie over the phone.

"Okay, keep her talking, keep her talking." Garcia hummed as she typed, soon stopping,"Reid, is Lila's address 6228 Pike Street?"

"Yeah, why?" Reid nodded.

"She's calling from inside the house." Garcia told him,"I'll get you some backup."

"Lila-" Reid turned as they heard a thud inside the house.

"How did she get in the house?" Elijah hissed.

"She has keys." Lila shrugged.

"Of course she does." Elijah cursed as he took out his gun,"Would've been lovely to know that."

"I'll go first." Reid walked forward, taking his own gun out as they walked towards where they heard the thud.

Elijah nodded as he and Lila followed Reid down the hall and into another room. The pair secured the room before they heard Maggie from behind them.

"Why did you have to bring these people here?" Maggie has her gun pointed at Lila's head,"Put your guns down."

"Maggie." Elijah slowly lowered his gun and out it away, as did Reid.

"Don't call me Maggie! You don't know me!" Maggie spat before putting on a softer tone,"Come on, Lila. Let's go. We gotta go, baby. Come on."

"Maggie, don't hurt her." Reid shook his head,"You don't need to hurt her."

"You don't know anything. I would never do anything to hurt you. No.. I created you." Maggie hummed.

"No, you didn't." Lila looked away.

"Yes, I did. I know I did! God! You stupid, ungrateful- God, I can't believe I loved you." Maggie took a step back as she aimed her gun at Lila.

"Maggie.. She loves me now." Reid told her.

"What?" Maggie turned her gun to Reid.

"She told me so. We were in the pool. She kissed me. Now she loves me, okay?" Reid explained.

Elijah clenched his fists at the mention of the kiss, he hated this stupid feeling.. Was this how Maggie felt too?

"No." She turned the gun back to Lila.

"Tell her we kissed in the pool." Reid looked to Lila.

"No!" Maggie shook her head.

"Yes, we kissed." Lila nodded slowly.


Maggie screamed, shoving Lila put of the way as she ran at Reid. Although Elijah stepped forward and grabbed Maggie's arm and forced it upwards as the gun went off before taking her gun as she fell to the floor.

"Don't move." Elijah pointed Maggie's gun at her.

"Please! Please, just kill me!" Maggie pleaded,"Come on, shoot me! I'd be so much happier, please! Come on.."

"I don't kill people, Maggie." Elijah looked down although he still had the gun pointed at her,"It's over.. We're going to get you help."

Maggie broke down sobbing, rocking back and forth, covering her face with her hands.

"Shh, it going to be alright.." Elijah rubbed her back, lowering his weapon.


After the case, Elijah and Reid still remained at the headquarters. Elijah was ready to go but Reid was still sitting, looking at the magazine that had captured a picture of him and Lila together.

Elijah chuckled softly,"Goodnight, lover boy."

"Come on, Elijah." Reid sighed, putting the magazine down.

"Y'know Spencer, you're lucky they didn't get a shot of you next to the pool trying to dry your gun." Elijah walked over to him, leaning against his desk,"You looked like a wet rat."

Reid shook his head, looking down.

"Hey, I'm just kidding."

"Did you- How much did.. How much did you see when I kissed her in the pool?" Reid looked up at him.

"Oh, I saw the whole thing." Elijah sighed.

"It's so weird. It doesn't feel like it even happened, y'know?" He shook his head.

"Well, yeah, she's a beautiful, young actress." Elijah shrugged.

"Yeah- Yeah, I kept explaining to her about transference and the fact that she probably only liked me because I was there to protect her.." Reid told him.

"Reid, you were her hero." Elijah pointed.

"I wanted to think that." Reid sighed.

"Nu-uh, you shouldn't sell yourself short like that, Spencer." Elijah crossed his arms.

"Elijah, you took down an armed suspect without firing a shot. You saved her life.. Both of our lives." Reid looked away,"In my eyes, you're just as much of a hero."

Elijah smiled softly as he grabbed his bag and started heading down the door,"Thanks, that.. Well, it means a lot."

"Hey, Elijah. Has there ever been a girl, or a guy, that you wanted to be wuth for.. More than, you know, just one night?" Reid asked him.

"Excuse me?" Elijah blinked.

"I'm just trying to figure out if this feeling I have is ever going to go away?" Reid sighed.

"Reid, what we do for a living, it takes up all of our time, and a relationship is hard enough, even in the same city." Elijah shook his head.

"So, I mean, you're saying that it's probably wise that I don't call her, right?" Reid nodded.

No matter how desperately he knew what he wanted to say, he didn't. Whatever the outcome, he wanted Reid to be happy.

"I can't answer that one for you." Elijah hummed,"But here, I'll tell you what I do know. You don't need to come up with that answer tonight."

"Have a good weekend." Reid smiled at him.

"You too, pretty boy." Elijah hummed as he walked out of the room, slowly realizing what he said as he reached the lift,"Pretty boy? Dammit.."

Chapter 3: Chapter 2 - What have I missed?


On Elijah's first case as an official Agent, he and the team work with former BAU Agent Katie Cole to track down a boy who's going to be sold to a pedophile. He also learns some of the details that Reid left out when telling him about the Fisher King case.

Chapter Text

"Muffin, give me the tie." Elijah sighed.

Muffin refused, running out of the room with the tie in his mouth.

"Muffin." Elijah shook his head as he ran after his cat.

He spotted Muffin at the bottom of the staircase and hurried down to grab him. Seeing him, Muffin launched himself into the living room and went to run around the couch before Elijah successfully scooped him up.

"It is my first day as an official Agent, Muffin. No Trainee Agent Deans, just SSA Deans." Elijah reminded him,"And that means I need to look good."

Muffin let go of the tie and meowed up at him.

"Yes, I know it's been a month or two. I'll just need to get them to catch me up fully." Elijah shook his head as he sat Muffin down on the couch.

Of course Reid called him to tell him about the cases they were handling but he heard the last one interrupted their vacations so they had some time off.

"There. What do you think?" Elijah asked, finally with his tie on.

Muffin meowed, flopping over on the couch.

"I'll be back later, okay? You've got food." Elijah stroked him,"I'll miss you, baby."

Muffin meowed, gently licking his finger.

"Have a good day." Elijah smiled before he grabbed his car keys and left his house.

He hummed as he walked to his car, putting on the radio as he began the drive to work. As he pulled up outside the building, Elijah spotted Fleur getting out of her own car and he waved to her as he parked.

"Fleur, hi." Elijah smiled as he got out of his car.

"Elijah, it's good to see you." Fleur hummed, waiting for him,"Are you with us as a proper Agent this time?"

"I should be." Elijah nodded as the pair entered the building.

"Good, I've missed seeing you around." Fleur told him as they stepped inside the elevator

Elijah looked around,"So.. What was that last case you guys took care of again?"

"Oh, that Fisher King." Fleur nodded slowly,"Yeah.. He kinda.. Exploded."

"He wh- How-" Elijah blinked,"Scratch that, I don't think I want to know."

"Did Reid not mention that in your little phone calls?" Fleur hummed.

"No- He mentioned that he was going to see his mother but no, he did not mention any explosions." Elijah crossed his arms as the elevator doors opened.

"Guess I shouldn't tell you he was briefly on fire then, should I?" Fleur raised a brow as they walked out.

"..Excuse me, what?" Elijah turned to look at her.

"Nothing." Fleur quickly began to walk ahead.

"No- No, you come back here and explain what you just said." Elijah hurried after her.

When they reached the area with their desks, Morgan and Reid were sat there and Gideon was stood nearby.

"Welcome back." Gideon nodded to them all before he walked off, presumably to his office.

"Uh- Glad to be here, sir." Elijah called after him, sitting his bag on an empty desk.

"No you're not." Fleur shook her head as she walked to her own desk, the one beside his.

"You don't know that, darling." Elijah pointed.

"Okay, I need to know one thing." Morgan sighed, looking up at the pair.

"Yes?" Elijah hummed, turning around.

"Reid and I wanted to know-" He began.

"Just you." Reid coughed.

"I wanted to know.. If you and Fleur are, well, y'know.." Morgan trailed off.

"Wait- f*cking?" Elijah raised a brow.

"Yeah." Morgan nodded.

"Hang on- When did..?" Elijah looked over at Fleur,"Am I missing something?"

"You boys still believe that?" Fleur had already burst out laughing,"Eli- One of the cases before the Fisher King, you remember calling me?"

"Vaguely?" He tilted his head.

"Morgan was repeatedly asking if I had a boyfriend, thought it would be funny if I convinced him it was you." Fleur hummed.

"Morgan, sweetheart, darling." Elijah sighed as he walked over to him, patting his shoulder,"Girls are nice, but I much prefer men."

"Yeah, and he's not my type." Fleur chuckled.

"I know you don't like stereotyping people but have you seen me?" Elijah raised a brow, leaning against Reid's desk.

"I mean, I think it was obvious." Fleur raised her hand as Reid just looked up at Elijah.

"She has a point." Elijah chuckled,"Have you seen how certain people look at me?"

Elijah was referring to Gideon. He hadn't been around him much, but he wanted to know if anyone else noticed how Gideon acted.. Differently around him.

"You've got a point there." Morgan nodded slowly.

"You can't tell anyone though.. Just us." Fleur pointed.

"Man, you just do what makes you happy. I won't judge you and I'll make sure nobody else judges you either." Morgan told him.

"Cheers, mate." Elijah smiled.

"Keep it between us four." Fleur hummed.

"Trust me, we will." Reid nodded.

"Right, we've got a case." Gideon clapped as he walked past their desks, causing Elijah to jump slightly.

"What kind of case?" Fleur turned.

"I'll explain when we're in there." Gideon pointed as he headed to the Conference Room.

The group looked between each other before they followed Gideon to the Conference Room.

"It's.. A case involving a child." JJ told them,"..Pedophile Ring."

"Forty thousand images of child p*rn are posted every week on the internet alongside the appearance of twenty new children." Reid began,"The appetite for babies as young as four months old has soared. Many of these children are kidnapped and sold into pedophile rings.' "

"One year ago the same boy appeared on several websites used by paedophiles. He was a new face then. After a massive hunt lead by our Crimes Against Children Unit, the boy disappeared." Gideon sighed.

"Until tonight, when SSA Cole telephoned us." Hotch added.

"Katie Cole?" Fleur looked up.

"She was in the BAU, right?" Reid raised a brow.

"One of the first profilers. Clinical psychologist, brilliant." Gideon pointed.

"She runs the Crimes Against Children Unit in Maryland." Hotch told them.

"I always wanted to meet her." Morgan nodded.

"I worked with her before joining here." Fleur hummed.

"You did?" Elijah tilted his head,"You learn something new every day."

"Really? I heard she's a bitch." An unfamiliar woman walked in.

"Nobody ever called you that, Katie." Gideon shrugged.

"Well, not to my face." Katie shook her head as she looked at the video of the boy on the screen,"The first time I ever saw him was when he appeared in a series of photos. I named him Peter. Now he's being auctioned off when that clock runs to zero."

"Auctioned." JJ raised a brow.

"His face isn't pixelated." Fleur pointed out.

"Because the Unsub is probably confident that we won't be able to locate or identify him in time." Elijah sighed.

"What about the site itself? Can't we just track it's origin?" JJ questioned.

"It's routed through a proxy server in Belarus." Katie sighed,"Even if that government was friendly, Peter would be gone by the time we finished the paperwork."

"We don't need to worry about paperwork, we have Garcia." JJ got up.

"Right, get on that, will you?" Gideon looked over at her.

"Yes sir." She nodded and left.

"So what happened a year ago, Katie?' Hotch turned.

"We crossed-referenced the images of the boy, talked to offenders nationwide. We narrowed the location down to the eastern United States. We had a few suspects but the trail went cold... Until today." Katie explained.

"With all due respect, Miss Cole, how is this time going to be any different?" Morgan sighed.

"We have a starting point." She nodded.

"The location where the image was first discovered." Gideon agreed.

"A chat room hosted by an independent web company in Cleveland, Ohio. And this time, I'm bringing you all with me." Katie turned to them.

"Just like old times." Fleur grabbed her file and got up.


Katie stumbled around the jet as they flew, causing Elijah to chuckle. He wasn't used to flying but he enjoyed it, and he was definitely enjoying watching Katie.

"Don't laugh." Fleur threw a marshmallow at him.

"Make me, darling." Elijah caught the marshmallow and ate it.

"I'll darling you in a second." Fleur threw a couple more.

"Children." Morgan chuckled,"Enough fighting."

"Fine. I'll behave." Elijah rolled his eyes, continuing to eat the marshmallows.

"The image was uploaded to one of our CAC undercovers fishing in chatrooms." Katie told them,"We try to monitors as many of then as we can pretending to be children, pedophiles, whatever works on that site."

"Have you run a forensic linguistics on the chat log?" Hotch turned to Katie,"There might be something to Hugz's speech patterns."

"It doesn't exactly work that way with internet talk." Katie shook her head, stumbling as the plane hit turbulence.

Elijah covered his mouth, he didn't want to laugh again. Although he gained a glare from Gideon.

"Fear of flying?" Fleur looked at Katie,"Linked to deep routed issues of control."

"I think better on my feet." Katie pointed.

"I'm sure you do." Elijah coughed.

"Most of the talk is abbreviated text. LOL, laughing out loud, IMHO, In my humble opinion. FTF-" Kate began.

"Face to face." Morgan sighed.

"Right." Katie nodded slowly,"Pedophiles can be divided into two categories-"

More turbulence. This time, Elijah stood up and walked towards the coffee machine. He couldn't keep watching Katie.

"Show off." Fleur coughed.

"I know." Elijah winked at her.

"Situational and preferential." Hotch decided to contiue,"Situational offenders rarely seek out children, but they'll take advantage of a situation when presented with it. Whereas preferential offenders actively target children by age group, hair colour. They'll seek out jobs which give them as much access to children as possible."

"They often trawl around residential neighborhoods, hijacking home wireless systems then communicating with the children often outside the house the child is in." Katie explained,"Or they'll just use a coffee shop with wireless access to find, locate and arrange a meeting. And it's growing. It's growing as fast as the Internet. They're getting smarter and smarter and all the security in the world can't stop them from coming through our doors. Hell, the monsters are already in our homes."

"If he's kept this kid for a year, that makes him preferential." Elijah walked back over with his coffee.

"Definitely." She nodded.

"So, then why is he selling him?" Morgan raised a brow.

Again, more turbulence but it seemed that Katie was getting better as she stayed stable on her feet.

"Maybe he's loosing interest? Peter's getting too old? Too tall? Preferential offenders are very specific about their preferences."

"And what if he can't sell him?" Elijah raised a brow, sipping his drink.

"Well, he isn't going to just let him go." Fleur sighed.

"Hotch?" JJ spoke from the computer.

"Yeah." Hotch walked over to the computer, sitting down.

"I was thinking, shouldn't we release Peter's profile to the media?" She asked.

"No! No, no." Katie shook her head quickly,"If this Unsub thinks we're onto him, he may make a run for it and dispose of the boy."

"Shouldn't we assume he does know?" Gideon asked.

"As I said, we intercepted this image as part of an undercover operation. These predators have a fairly closed society. The way they run these sites give them the expectation of anonymity." Katie explained.

"Right." Elijah sighed, shaking his head.

"Have Reid and Elle check the live feed. Not just the boy, but everything around him, the room. See if we missed anything." Hotch told JJ and Garcia over the call.

"Got it." JJ nodded as they hung up.


The group of Agents headed into the headquarters of the chatroom company, they had to try whatever they could to save Peter.

"FBI." Morgan spoke as he walked in,"We have a warrant to search these premises. Stop what you're doing right now."

The room fell silent, all the eyes were one them now.

"Can somebody tell me who owns this place?" He asked as the Agents all revealed their badges.

A blonde man walked out of his office, clearing his throat,"That would be me."

"I want access to your chatroom databases." Katie informed him.

The man, Ash, stepped back, allowing Katie to start typing, but he was clearly not happy.

"This is so typical. You feds can't help yourself." He scoffed,"You've got to pollute the truest form of free expression ever invented."

Fleur sighed before pointing at Morgan,"Derek, find a chatroom of your choice. Your name is Suzy and you're twelve."

"What are you doing?" The man looked at them.

"Fishing." Katie nodded.

As Ash began to retort, Morgan typed what he was told to into the chatroom. Mere seconds after he sent the message, the computer began to ping as multiple messages from strangers popped up on the screen.

"That sir, is the sound of pedophiles looking to hook-up with a twelve year old girl named Suzy." Elijah crossed his arms.

"You let them run everything through SSL connections from proxy servers in offshore countries." Katie turned.

"So they can't be identified?" Morgan asked.

"Not in twelve and a half hours, no." Katie sighed.

"Hey, I'm just a middle man here, okay?" Ash raised his hands,"What can I do?"

"There's a little boy for sale on one of your sites. 'What can I do?', just isn't good enough." Gideon shook his head.


The group later heard word from JJ that another child was being held and this time, they had an adress. They sped to the house, Morgan kicking down the door as they ran inside.

"FBI!" Hotch shouted as they began to look around.

"It's clear." Fleur shook her head from the living room.

"Push through." Gideon instructed as they began heading upstairs where they could hear loud music blasting.

"FBI!" Morgan burst through the door, leading to the bedroom.

A shirtless, teenage boy with messy hair was restrained with ropes on the chair, the screen pointed at him.

"What are you doing?" He looked up at them as they entered.

"Where is he?" Hotch asked as Fleur rushed over to the computer, watching as everyone viewing began signing off.

"It's clear." Elijah sighed, turning off the music.

"It's okay, you're safe now." Gideon nodded to the boy.

"Safe?" He stood up, shaking off his restraints.

"What's your name?" Katie asked him.

"Kevin." He shrugged, putting his shirt back on.

"The man who did this to you, is he still here?" Hotch looked around.

"This is my house." Kevin scoffed.

"Graham Rose is the owner of this house, where is he?" Katie questioned, quickly stopping Kevin from grabbing his computer,"No, don't touch that. Where is he?"

"He's gone." Kevin sighed.

"What do you mean, 'gone'?" Fleur crossed her arms.

"He's just gone, okay?" Kevin shook his head.

"Graham Rose is your father?" Elijah raised a brow.

"Yeah, sure. You could call him that. I just call him a bastard." Kevin scoffed.

Elijah and Fleur contiued to look around the room, briefly speaking with Kevin as the others left, although they soon returned. Kevin was sat on the bed as Katie began typing on the computer.

"Kid, the boy whose video you've been sending around to all those chat rooms, he's going to be sold from one pedophile to another." Fleur crossed her arms.

"Boo hoo." Kevin glared up at her.

"There are dummy logs. What's the password to get me into the real transcripts of your sessions?" Katie sighed, looking over at Kevin.

"You're the FBI, you figure it out." He rolled his eyes.

"I know you don't think so Kevin, but we are trying to help you here." Hotch looked over at him.

"Help me? What I do is consensual and nobody is getting hurt." Kevin shrugged.

"Come on, Kevin. What's the password? Your birthday? Favourite band?" Katie tried.

"Kevin, this is prostitution." Morgan sighed.

"Well, I'm a minor. I don't really know what I'm doing." Kevin looked up at him,"Plus, I don't really leave this room, so no one.. No one touches me."

"Anymore." Elijah tilted his head.

Kevin quickly turned to Elijah who'd been studying Kevin, he could see the scars on his body. They were small.. But noticeable.

"Your father's been beating you since you can remember. At first it was when he was drunk on the weekends, then he was always drunk. You never knew why he was hurting you.. Why he was so angry." Elijah walked over to Kevin and sat beside him on the bed,"At night, you'd cry yourself to sleep hoping someone would come and save you... But nobody ever came."

"You have the chance to be the one that saves someone, Kevin." Fleur crouched down in front of him,"You can be the one who answers him, the one who stops his pain. You can't get to your father, but you can get to the man who's hurting this boy.."

After a few minutes of hesitation and sitting in silence, Kevin looked between Fleur and Elijah before over to Katie.


Katie stood up, allowing Kevin to sit down and start typing something on the computer.

"This backs up all my transcripts. The screen name for the guy who sent me the file is Mehtevas." Kevin pointed.

"How long has Mehtevas been a client of yours?" Katie asked.

"Like six months." Kevin shrugged.

"Where's he located?" Fleur questioned.

"He's a local. He's always asking to meet me, but I don't do that." Kevin shook his head.

"Does he know where you are?" Hotch raised a brow.

"Just the city."

"How do you contact him?" Fleur looked at the computer.

"He contacts me." Kevin shrugged.

"Come on, Kevin. You don't just sit around all day and wait for these guys to look you up." Elijah sighed, crossing his arms,"That's no way to run a business."

"Right now you're the only person that can help us find Peter." Katie sighed.

"What do you want me to do?" Kevin asked them.

"Ask for a face to face." Fleur told him.

"No. No way, I don't do that. I've never been out of this room." Kevin shook his head.

"He won't lay a finger on you. We'll be right there beside you the full time. I promise." Elijah assured him.

"But won't he be suspicious if I suddenly want to meet up with him?"

"He's a need-driven offender, Kevin." Katie told him.

"What does that mean?" Kevin looked around at them.

"If you offer to meet with him, he won't be able to resist." Fleur explained,"He can't help himself."


The team were now outside of the school for Mehtevas. Kevin was waiting by the gates as an older, white-haired man approached him.

"Don't you love that sound?" The man asked.

"Excuse me?" Kevin looked over at him

"Children." He hummed.

"Mehtevas?" Kevin raised a brow.

"You seem nervous." Mehtevas chuckled.

"Well, you are Mehtevas, right?" Kevin asked, looking around.

"My friends call me Hayden." Hayden walked forward, "Hey, you're taller in person."

Kevin backed away from Hayden before he ran past him.

"What's the matter? Did I say something wrong? Hugz?" Hayden went to go after Kevin,"Kevin!"

That's when they all hurried over, police blaring their sirens.

"FBI, turn around!" Morgan pinned Hayden against the wall.

"Morgan!" Fleur ran over with Gideon.

"I didn't do anything." Hayden shook his head.

"Agent Morgan, take it easy." Katie rushed over, Elijah following her.

"We need his cooperation, we just want to ask a few questions." Elijah crossed his arms.

"Here's a question. What's the principle of an elementary school doing hooking up with a fourteen year old boy?" Hotch looked at Hayden's ID before tossing it to Elijah.

Elijah caught it and looked over the badge in front. Faculty. Elijah shook his head, handing it to Gideon.

"Let's go, put him in here." Gideon instructed.

"Perv." Fleur muttered as Gideon lead him away.

Hotch lead Kevin to the cop car with Katie, he was going to take him to the local social services. However, that's when an SUV pulled up beside them, Reid and Elle quickly getting out.

"Hey, what are you guys doing here?" Elijah asked as they walked over, he was just curious and was happy to see them.

"You're not meant to be back in the field yet." Fleur pointed to Elle.

"Yeah, I know, but Reid said Hotch wanted us out here." Elle pointed.

"No I didn't!" Reid gasped.

"Yes, you did." Elle insisted.

"I'm sure you didn't, Reid." Elijah assured him.

Reid smiled at Elijah,"Thank you."

"The school district has given us permission to search Rawlings office." Fleur nodded.

"I'm on it." Elle nudged Reid as they walked off,"Nice one."

"So.. Why's she not meant to be in the field?" Elijah asked Fleur quietly,"I didn't want to ask earlier when I didn't see her but.."

"Nobody told you that either?" Fleur sighed,"She.. She got shot in her own home during the Fisher King case. Hotch sent her home to rest and then the next thing we know.."

"Poor thing." Elijah shook his head.

"I know.." Fleur nodded slowly,"But we should get inside."

Elijah nodded slowly, the pair heading inside the school to catch up with Morgan, Gideon and Hayden.

"I wish you would inform me what exactly I'm being charged with." Hayden scoffed as they walked through the halls of the school.

"Anything I can stick to you." Morgan pointed.

"But I haven't done anything."

"You're an educated man, Mr Rawlings. You know you're in trouble here." Katie shook her head.

"I believe I just walked out of my school. Is that a crime now?" Hayden shrugged.

"Do you know where he is?" Katie showed him a picture of Peter.

"How could anyone hurt something so.."

"Pure?" Fleur tilted her head.

"You sent this image to Kevin. Nonce." Elijah coughed to cover his comment.

"Well, that was wrong of me, I know. But I was so shocked. I wanted to try and save this poor boy. I thought Hugz- Kevin might know him. That's why I sent him the link to the website. See if he knew." Hayden shook his head.

"Please. You were trying to save him?" Morgan scoffed.

"Help search his office." Gideon sighed.

"We've got this." Elijah assured him.

Morgan sighed and walked to the office with Elle and Reid. Fleur, Elijah, Gideon and Katie continued to walk with Hayden.

"So how were you going to save Peter?" Katie asked him.

"Peter? Is that his name? Peter... I wanted to save them both, Kevin too." Hayden shook his head.

"Sit down." Gideon instructed.

Hayden looked around at them all before he sat down, looking up at them. As they began speaking with him, they turned and looked through the window of the office as Reid wrote something on a piece of paper against the glass. Mehtevas. But as he flipped it, they realized what is really was... Savethem.

After that, they all walked into the office, Morgan bringing a chair for Hayden.

"Mr Rawlings, have a seat."

As he slowly sat down, Elle pushed his laptop towards him,"Your laptop."

Morgan then left the room, Garcia had called him.

"This is uh... Research. I'm writing a book." Hayden shrugged.

"Just sit down." Elijah sighed, resisting the urge to roll his eyes.

Hayden slowly sat down,"I swear to you, this is all research!"

"No, it's not research. It's one hundred years in a federal penitentiary." Katie pointed.

"I'd like to make a deal." Hayden looked at Gideon.

"No deals. All you have is a very, very small amount of good will." Gideon shook his head.

"Tell me about Peter." Fleur leaned forward.

"I was contacted by the man who's holding him. I didn't search out this boy, I didn't go looking for this." Hayden insisted.

"Give me a name." Katie crossed her arms.

"Well, I only know the screenname. It's 'manchild'." Hayden told them.

"Did you bid on Peter?" Gideon asked, shaking his head.

Hayden stayed quiet.

"How much?" Katie questioned.

"Eight thousand dollars." Hayden sighed,"But it was only in order to save him."

"Are you the high bidder?" Katie raised a brow.

"I think so, yeah. I was anyway. I'm supposed to go back online and contact him on his website and get the address."

"So you can inspect the merchandise?" Fleur scoffed.

"Look, this child is being auctioned off and I am trying to save him-"

"Trying to save him. He'd have given you a code, what is it?" Katie leaned back.

"Come on. I have a family. I have children of my own, I love children. I would never harm them." Hayden sighed.

"In your pursuit to save them, do you think you could have avoided having sex with them?" Fleur raised a brow

"Mr Rawlings." Elijah looked down at him,"The code."

Hayden hesitated before he sighed in defeat,"Butterfly."

"Thank you." Elijah hummed as Katie soon took the laptop and started typing.

Hayden was then taken out of the room, taken outside and arrested so the team could work in peace.

"Finally." Fleur cursed.

However, the site quickly shut down and the feed went dark. That's when Morgan's sighed, walking back in.

"We've got reporters outside, this thing is all over the news." He told them.

"Oh my god, that's why the site went down. He knows." Katie realised.

"What are we supposed to do now?" Elijah questioned.

"We need to think fast." Gideon called JJ, walking off.


"The name the school has is Charlie Sparks." Hotch told them as they exited their vehicles.

"No Sparks in any of the phone directories." Gideon sighed.

"Garcia can't even find a Sparks within a hundred miles for the past ten years." Morgan shook his head.

"Probably not his real name anyway." Katie paced.

"The school said he may have moved away." Hotch nodded slowly.

"Then we start over again. We don't gave a lot of time left." Elle leaned against the SUV.

"You guys, we may be looking at this the wrong way." Reid spoke up.

"What do you mean?" Elijah turned to him.

"The behaviour, it's odd, right? The Unsub apparently listed this kid in school and the Tadpoles until about a year ago. At that point, he had pictures of him online in a regular looking room, but now he's in a prison like room with no windows and no doors. Completely hidden." Reid explained.

"Preferential pedophiles don't change overnight." Katie shook her head.

"So what happened a year ago to make him change his behaviour so much?" Hotch asked.

"Fear. Katie, you nearly caught him." Gideon turned to her,"You probably talked to him, the Unsub is in your records."

Katie sighed and stepped back,"I never really had a good suspect. I only did some general interviews with child offenders on the East Coast."

"Well, one of them was the right guy." Elijah leaned against the SUV, shaking his head.

Katie took out her phone, calling one of her agents,"Amanda, hey. I need you to pull all the original files on Peter's case. Somewhere in my office, try my desk. I need the names of everyone I interviewed."

"Have her call Penelope Garcia at the BAU, she'll be able to tell is if we can cross any off." Morgan added.

"You got it? Thanks." Katie hung up.

After some waiting around, Morgan received a call,"Alright guys, I think we might have something. Twelve men were interviewed, eight are back in prison, one is dead, one lives in California and two have last known addresses within ten minutes of here. A Patrick Forest and Michael Earlson."

"Patrick Forest isn't smart enough to have put this all together." Katie shook her head.

"What about Michael Earlson?" Hotch asked.

"Definitely." Katie nodded.

With that, they all hopped into the SUVs and headed for Earlson's address. When they arrived, everyone quickly jumped out of the SUVs, pointing their guns at the car just as Earlston jumped out. Before he could get far, Morgan grabbed him and pinned him against the car's hood.

"Where are you doing? Try something now, punk! Don't move!"

Katie rushed up to the car, opening the trunk and inside was a container. Thinking the worst, she opened it and saw Charlie inside.

"Daddy!" The boy cried out.

"No, it's okay... It's okay." Katie tried to soothe him.


"You're safe now. I've got you, I've got you.."

"Where's daddy?" Charlie look up at her.

"..I know." Katie sighed softly.


After saving Peter, the team were all sat on the jet. Michael Earlston was arrested and Charlie would hopefully be taken in by his mother.

"Well troops, I'd say that was a job well done for us." Elijah hummed.

"I'm just glad that it's over." Morgan leaned back in his chair.

"Does anyone else want anything while I'm still standing?" Elijah looked around.

"Oh, me! Can you add a little bit of canelle though?" Fleur asked him.

Elijah blinked,"You want me to out what in it?"

"Canelle." Fleur repeated.

"I'm sorry, I, uh, don't speak French." Elijah shook his head.

"It's- The spice! I can't get the name." Fleur snapped her fingers.

"Wait... Wait!" Elijah paused, thinking back to his grandmother,"Cannella- It's cinnamon!"

Fleur gasped and pointed,"Yes!"

"I'm a genius." Elijah hummed as he walked to the coffee machine where Reid was also stood.

"Oh, you here for coffee too?" He tilted his head.

"Yeah." Elijah nodded slowly,"But we need to talk."

"Talk? About what?" Reid blinked.

"Well.. You didn't tell me that you were on fire or anything about that Fisher King case, really." Elijah crossed her arms.

"Hey- I was only on fire for like.. Two seconds max." Reid pointed.

"And what about everything else that happened?"

Reid sighed,"Look, you're new here. I just.. Didn't want to worry you."

"Well, we're also friends.. And I care about you." Elijah leaned against the wall,"If something happens to you, I want to know."

"No more secrets." Reid smiled slightly.

"No more secrets." Elijah nodded slowly.

Chapter 4: Chapter 3 - Aftermath


The team hunts down a serial rapist who changed up his victim type and Elle makes a drastic decision.

Chapter Text

It was late and most of the team was sat at a table in the kitchen. Elle was pouring herself a cup of coffee while Elijah was sat blowing on his freshly painted nails.

"Yellow, hm?" Fleur tilted her head.

"I'm trying to match my tie." Elijah nodded,"I like to coordinate these things."

"Bringing a little light into an otherwise dark profession." Reid commented.

Elijah smiled,"Y'know, I like that."

"Doesn't anybody ever go home?" Gideon asked as he walked into the kitchen.

"Do you really want me to answer that, sir?" Elijah looked up at him.

"Well, you're here." Fleur shrugged.

"Exactly." Gideon sighed,"Trust me. You don't wanna model your social life after mine."

"If it makes you feel any better, Hotch and Morgan took off." JJ hummed as she walked in, a case file in her hands.

"Hotch is married and Morgan is, y'know, Morgan." Reid nodded as he flipped through his book before noticing the file,"What's that?"

"Police in Dayton, Ohio need our help with a serial rapist." JJ told them as she handed the file to Gideon.

"What's the story?" Elle looked up at her.

"Three months ago, he raped five students at a small Bible college. Roughly an attack a week, then suddenly nothing." JJ placed pictures of the women down on the table,"Until nine days ago, when he suddenly reappeared with a whole new victim pattern. Both those women are in their thirties. They were raped about five days apart."

"Where have the new attacks taken place?" Elijah tilted his head.

"Opposite ends of the city. He was waiting for them when they got home." She sighed.

There was a pause, a brief silence as they tried not to make their glances at Elle too obvious. This case would be hard for her after.. Well, the Fisher King incident.

"How do they know that it's the same guy?" Fleur asked, trying to push the conversation forward.

"He leaves voicemail for them."

"Freezing them with fear before they even see him." Reid nodded slowly.

"And they don't recognize the voice?" Gideon raised a brow.

"No. Cops even have DNA but it's not in the system." JJ shook her head.

"Why does someone attacking college students suddenly widen his net?" Elijah asked.

"Serial rapists hardly ever change victimilogy once it's established. It's based on a fantasy that's very specific." Reid pointed.

"Maybe he's telling these women that no one is safe." Elle spoke up.

"Call Hotch and Morgan. Tell them wheels up as soon as we're cleared to take off." Gideon packed his things, taking the nail varnish from beside Elijah before he walked off.

"Yes, sir." JJ nodded.

"Guess he's, uh, not a fan of the yellow." Elijah chuckled softly, rubbing his arm.

"Come on, I'm sure I've got some more back at my desk." Fleur stood up, gesturing for Elijah to follow her.

"Is he like this with you three?" Elijah looked around at the girls as he stood up.

"Only if it's too much." JJ shrugged.

Elijah nodded slowly, putting his hands in his pockets as he started to follow Fleur.

"..I think they look nice." Reid told him.

"Thanks, Spencer." Elijah smiled slightly as he followed after Fleur.

After they'd got some distance between the others, Fleur turned and smirked.

"Ooh." She hummed.

"What?" Elijah crossed his arms.

"Come on, Eli. I'm not stupid." Fleur shook her head,"You totally like him."

"Wh- No." Elijah pointed,"Besides, he said it himself. He isn't gay."

"And you think he wasn't just saying that because Gideon was watching?" Fleur asked as she dug around in her desk.

"Well, when you put it that way.." Elijah looked back at where the others were,"But that doesn't mean he's into me."

"You're just going to find every possible way to deny this, aren't you?" Fleur sighed as she handed him a bottle of nail varnish,"Here."

"Thanks." Elijah smiled softly,"But hey, from what I've gathered, you're denying something too."


"You and Morgan." Elijah winked.

"Me and- There is nothing between Morgan and I." Fleur pointed.

"Are you sure? Then why was he so concerned that you and I might be a couple, hm?" Elijah tilted his head.

Fleur stayed quiet,"Let's just go."


Elijah was sat playing Uno with Fleur as they sat on the jet, discussing the case on the way to Ohio.

"You tend to forget, don't you?" Hotch looked up at Gideon.

"Forget what?" Gideon asked.

"The different moods on the plane." Hotch sighed as he looked around,"I think the mindset is different when the victim is alive."

"Okay, we got new information on last nights victim." JJ walked through, reading over the file,"Alcia Jordan, MO is the same. He was waiting for her to get home. He broke in through the back and he subdued her with a gun."

"Answering machine?" Elijah opted his head before placing down a card.

"How dare you?" Fleur muttered.

"Left a message about an hour or so before." JJ nodded,"I can't imagine being taunted like that in my own house, you know?"

"Well, the messages aren't taunts. They're overtures." Gideon shook his head,"I think we're ready', 'trust me', he's being sincere."

"Sounds like we're dealing with a power reassurance rapist." Fleur placed her uno card down in front of Elijah.

"To him, the messages are courtships, he's introducing himself to the victims." Reid crossed his arms.

"If that's the case he must've stalked them to know so much about their lives." Hotch sighed.

"The first victims were all college students, all religious. Why change?" Elijah asked as he sat a card down,"Uno."

Fleur leaned her head back, muttering,"Dick."

"Have the police found any connection between the latest victims?" Morgan asked.

"No, nothing yet." JJ shook her head.

"We have to figure out what made him go off script." Gideon scanned the pictures.


Morgan, Elijah, JJ and Detective Callahan were walking down the steps of the Holy Trinity University of Ohio with one of the victims, Sheryl Cosgrove. They were trying to figure out as much as they could about the Unsub.

"When the attacks first started, they put guards at all the gates on campus, but that man still somehow got in the dorm rooms." Sheryl sighed.

"Had you noticed anybody new on campus?" Morgan asked.

"We've already talked about this." She turned to them.

"I know it's hard, but sometimes its helpful to go through it." Callaghan told her.

"Maybe someone quiet who seemed like he was always just a little too close." Morgan tried.

"I don't think so." Sheryl shook her head.

"What about someone who's suddenly not around anymore?" JJ tilted her head.

Sherly looked at JJ and thought for a minute before she answered,"Before that man did what he did, he told me I should get a dog for protection.. And then he said,'or maybe you could let your parents have Dexter stay with you'."

"Any males in your life that you may have told about the family dog?" Morgan raised a brow.

"I don't have any experience with boys." She chuckled before looking at the men, this time more seriously,"There's no one I would have told."

"Morgan, let's have a look around campus." Elijah whispered as JJ nodded to them.

Morgan nodded and he and Elijah walked off, looking around as they did so. Sheryl would probably feel more comfortable talking with JJ and Callahan about this.

"Hey man, can we talk?" Morgan looked over at him.

"Of course, what's up?" Elijah asked.

"Fleur... She isn't seeing anyone, right? I know that prank with you and her was fake but I just... I just wanna know." Morgan shrugged.

"Oh, Morgan, honey... She's very single." Elijah hummed,"Her and I are not an item and there are no other guys currently."

"My man." Morgan chuckled,"You sure?"

"I have never been more sure in my life. Fleur tells me practically everything." Elijah smirked,"Now what else do you want to know?"

"What about you, kid? Any men?" Morgan nudged him.

"Well, I... I've been thinking about one but he's an oblivious moron." Elijah shook his head.

"Any chance he's... Smart?"

"Likes sweater vests and can remember everything he reads? Yeah. That one." Elijah sighed.

"You know what? I see it." Morgan nodded.

"I wish he did."

"You guys would he cute." He hummed.

"I like to think that we would but... I don't think it would please a certain someone at the office." Elijah shook his head.

"Trust me, if he ever said anything about it? I'll be the first one to say something." Morgan assured him.

"He's already made it quite clear he isn't my biggest fan."

"I know." He sighed.

"I can't tell Reid." Elijah shook his head,"It would crush him.."

"Let me know if Gideon bothers you, okay?" He patted his back.

"This is why Fleur has a thing for you, Morgan." Elijah smiled softly, "You're a great guy."

"She likes me as well?" Morgan blinked.

"Of course she does." Elijah stopped,"Oh- I wasnt meant to tell you that."

Morgan laughed,"Kid, I love you."

"Aw, love you too, bro." Elijah chuckled.

"Come on, let's have a look around."

"On it."


After the first day on the case, Elijah was sat in his hotel room, just looking around. He wasn't tired yet, but he knew he'd regret not sleeping. However, as he was about to lie down, he heard a knock at the door.

"Enter if you dare." Elijah hummed.

"I dared." Fleur walked in, closing the door behind her.

"Always a brave one, you are." Elijah looked over at her as he stood up.

"Nothing scares me." Fleur shrugged.

"Not even my incredibly manly pyjamas?" Elijah gestured to himself.

"You are in a cat onesie." Fleur blinked.

"I know, look at it!" Elijah pulled the hood on to show her,"I ordered you one last week but it hasn't come yet."

"I can't wait to wear it." Fleur chuckled, sitting down.

"Now, what brings you to my humble abode?" Elijah asked her.

"I'm bored and I wanted someone to talk to." Fleur hummed.

"And you chose me?" Elijah sat beside her on the bed.

"Of course." Fleur nodded,"I love JJ and Elle, but I enjoy your company more."

"Aw, that's so sweet." Elijah smiled,"Oh- Guess who asked me if you were single earlier?"

"Me? Who?"

"Oh, just a very muscular FBI Agent who's named starts with a 'D'." Elijah winked.

"No way." Fleur gasped.

"Yes way!"

"Do you think he'll let us know?" Fleur laid back beside him.

"Morgan? I see it." Elijah nodded before looking away,"But.. Did you know he has a box of things he's confiscated from me? I've seen it through his blinds." Elijah scoffed.

"Jerkface." Fleur shook her head.

"Don't know why he didn't just say no to Reid." Elijah laid back and looked up at the ceiling,"Is... Is Elle okay?"

"I don't know... I've noticed that too." Fleur sighed.

"She hasn't seemed... Right. Not since we've started this case." Elijah shook his head.

"There may be a past trauma." Fleur sat up,"Might be... Triggering her?"

"Poor girl." Elijah shook his head,"I'd hate to have to put myself through something like that."

Fleur nodded slowly,"I am going to head to bed."

"Try not to think too much about Morgan." Elijah hummed.

"And you with Reid." Fleur pointed as she got up.

"Oh, I make no promises." Elijah chuckled.

Fleur chuckled,"Goodnight Eli."

"Goodnight, darling." Elijah smiled at her as she walked out.


"Hey, I talked to the other two victims in their thirties." Morgan told the group as they walked in,"They'd both gone to a fertility clinic five days before their attack."

"Same one each time?" Fleur raised a brow.

"Yeah." Morgan nodded.

"Have Garcia run employment records. We might be looking at someone that works there or has access to their medical records." Gideon told Elle.

"You got it." Elle picked up some files,"What's the significance of the five days?"

"The most popular fertility drug is clomiphene. The clinic would most likely have a policy not to attempt insemination until the drug regimen was complete." Reid explained.

"So then getting there before the insemination guarantees the Unsub paternity." Elijah nodded slowly.

"He's trying to get them pregnant. He hasn't changed his fantasy. He merely found a way to perfect it." Fleur realised.

"Well, it explains the change in victimology. He targeted young, ultra religious girls who he assumed didn't want an abortion." Morgan agreed.

"So when Shelly killed herself, he decided to change it up and go after women who are desperate to have a baby." Elle shrugged.

"If the Unsub knew Shelly Norvell was pregnant, it means he's still watching his past victims." Gideon shook his head before turning to Elle,"Elle. Talk to Callahan. Tell her we need patrols monitoring everyone on that victim list."

"You got it." Elle walked off.

"You ever seen anything like this before?" Derek sighed.

"Gary Heidnik in Philadelphia. He kept women prisoner in a dungeon for years in hopes of impregnating them." Reid nodded.

"Heidnik was a sexual sad*st. He tortured the women and even ended up eating one of them. This is a power reassurance rapist." Gideon explained.

"God.. So in this guy's twisted mind these are love stories?" Elijah crossed his arms.

"Of course they are. He's starting families." Gideon sighed.


After speaking with Dr Wagner at the fertility clinic, they headed to First Hand Media. Wagner had given his patients a survey that First Hand Media would view.. Containing all the information the Unsub happened to know about the victims.

"You really think this rapist is one of my guys?" Dyson, the man in charge, asked.

"Well, he's used to being in strangers homes, always on the phone. That's how he's confident. Thanks to your research, he feels like he knows these women." Gideon explained.

"We're gonna need a list of employees that worked on the fertility clinic and university questionnaires." Reid told him.

"I give every employee complete access to all of our materials. It helps keep them fresh if they can alternate between types of calls." The worker shrugged.

"So I fill out my intimate, personal information and you just share it with everyone you have working here for minimum wage?" Elijah raised a brow.

"I sense an attitude." Dyson crossed his arms.

"You'll be doing a lot more than that-" Elijah began.

"We need copies of every single questionnaire that you got from the clinic." Elle glared at him,"We can get a warrant here in about an hour, if you'd prefer."

"Look, if you think about it all I'm doing is profiling, just like you guys." Dyson shrugged.

"Well, let's not think about it." Elijah shook his head as Gideon walked off.

The man bent down, grabbing a box and placed a handful of files in it before handing the box to Reid.

"All of these?" He raised a brow.

"We cover the entire Great Lakes region." Dyson nodded.

"Let's narrow it down. The guy we're looking for is a male, white, between the ages of twenty and forty, socially awkward and unable to make connections easily." Reid explained.

"I have two hundred and fifty employees. Most of those are men and everyone just matched that description you gave me." Dyson turned to the window of his office, looking out at his employees.


"Wow, I heard you hit a wall of paper." Morgan chuckled as he walked in with his coffee.

"Mention it again and I might kill you." Elijah sighed, shaking his head.

"Jesus." Fleur blinked at the amount of paper as she followed Morgan in.

"You can lock your doors but people still find a way into your home. Elle, it might be worth going back to the victims. It's a long shot but maybe somebody remembers a first name from a telemarketing call." Hotch sighed.

"Yeah, the Unsub feels a connection with them so he wouldn't lie or use an alias." Elle nodded as she stood up and walked out.

"We know this guys DNA's not in the system, but I'll cross check employment records against sexual misdemeanours. Peeping..Exposure.." Morgan listed.

"Good." Hotch nodded as Morgan walked off.

Elijah looked down at the paper in front of him and took off his glasses, rubbing his eyes.

"Take a break, I'll take over." Fleur walked over.

"Thanks." Elijah sighed as he stood up.

"Too much information for that small brain." Fleur tapped his temple.

"It's actually because I have poor vision and I've been straining my eyes trying to read all these forms." Elijah poked her.

Fleur hummed, sitting down as she grabbed some files.

"I've separated the Dayton forms from the rest of the region." Reid handed some to Fleur.

"So what do we know from the latest set of victims?" Elijah asked as he paced with his eyes closed.

"They're all single and all over thirty five." Fleur nodded.

"Each of them also indicated recently buying books on babies and child-rearing." Reid added.

"So he knows they're committed to having children, which means they're less likely to abort, even in the cases of rape." Hotch sighed

"Get this. Each of the women also ticked the 'yes' box when asked if it would be okay to check on them on special deals on pediatric items." JJ pointed out.

"In the Unsub's mind, they've consented. He thinks he's doing them a service." Elijah cursed.

"Check those forms for each of those elements." Hotch instructed as he stood up,"If we can narrow down a list of potential victims, we can be waiting for him."

Everyone else then began scanning the papers, flipping through them.

"Any hits?" Hotch asked.

"I've got one." JJ nodded.

"Reid? Howards?" Hotch looked over at them.

"Nothing." Reid shook his head, as did Fleur.

"Is this the only one?" JJ blinked.

"It's a small city. There can't be many single women in their late thirties going to the exact same fertility clinic." Reid nodded slowly.

"So we know who he's going after next." Hotch sighed.

"And we'll be waiting for him." Elijah crossed his arms.


They had just arrested a suspect, William Lee, but if they didn't get a confession, they would need to let him walk. It was unlikely that they'd even get that, considering how they had nothing to get him on. They'd set up an operation to catch him but Elle reacted too soon and went against the orders she was given.

Elijah sighed as he walked over to the room where Fleur and Elle were talking inside, probably about Lee. He was going to enter but he hesitated, his hand hovering over the doorknob as he listened in.

"Elle, we had nothing to pin him for." Fleur sighed.

"I know it's him." Elle told her.

"With what evidence?" Fleur questioned.

"Come on, why else would he be there?" Elle sighed as Elijah walked in, closing the door behind him.

"Elle, we don't have anything on him." Elijah told her,"There's nothing we can do, legally."

"Unless he confesses, which they're trying to get him to." Fleur leaned back in her chair.

"Let's just try and calm down down, not do anything rash-"

"You want me to calm down? They're going to release a rapist back onto the streets." Elle pointed.

"They do it everyday, Elle." Fleur looked at her, arms crossed,"Every single day they let rapists out. We would've had something if you hadn't freaked."

"Are you blaming me for this?" Elle questioned.

"Yes- No, I mean no." Elijah quickly shook his head,"But if you had stuck to the plan, we would've at least been able to charge him with something."

"We're trying to get him to confess, but we just need to see."

"As much as I hate to admit it, I don't think it'll work." Elijah sighed,"I can check in but he wasn't budging when I left."

"Can you go and have another check?" Fleur looked at Elijah.

"You should get some tea, it'll make you feel better." Elijah nodded slowly as he walked out.

"I'll make some for you." Fleur got up.

Elijah sighed as he walked down the corridor to the room that viewed the interrogation room where Reid was watching through the glass.

"Still nothing?" Elijah asked as he walked in.

"Not at all, he won't budge." Reid shook his head.

"Is there any good news? At all?" Elijah sighed,"Because I swear, Elle looked like she was going to murder me."

"None." Reid looked at Elijah.

"Fleur's making her some tea to try and calm her down." He shook his head.

That's when Hotch came out,"He's free to go."

"I'll... I'll break the news to the others." Elijah nodded slowly, "And I'll try and keep Elle as far away from him as possible."

Hotch nodded as he stepped back. Elijah sighed and walked back to the office where Fleur and Elle were. He stopped outside of the room, letting out a sigh as he tried to think of something to say. Anything to say. As he entered the room, both Fleur and Elle turned to him. They were quiet, waiting for him to speak.

Elijah bit his lip, shaking his head as he closed the door, m"He's free to go."

"What?" Elle scoffed, walking up to Elijah.

"Hey- No. You're not going out there." Elijah held the door closed.

"Elijah, move." Elle pushed him out of the way and stormed out of the room.

"Eli-" Fleur began.

"Elle, no." Elijah followed after her.

"You're letting him walk?" She turned to Morgan.

"Back off, Elle." Morgan shook his head.

"You don't know what he's done." Elle pointed.

"The only reason he's walking is because you panicked." Elijah sighed as Hotch and Gideon walked over.

"I'm supposed to believe that you've got my back?!" Elle pointed towards Hotch.

"What are you saying to me?" Hotch crossed his arms.

"The last time you sent me home, Hotch. I got shot." Elle spat.

"Elle, calm down." Fleur walked out.

"Walk with me, now." Gideon lead Elle off to the side.

"Everyone just get some rest. We're flying home in the morning." Hotch sighed.

"Don't need to tell me twice." Elijah raised his hands.

"Night all." Morgan sighed, holding his head.


Elijah was lying on his bed, again looking at the ceiling. Sure, he'd only known Elle for a few months and only been on a case or two with her.. But he'd never seen her so angry..

Before his thoughts could consume him though, there was a knock on the door. It wasn't Fleur, it was much softer.

"I'm coming." Elijah stretched, pulling himself up and off the bed.

When he walked to the door and looked though the peephole he paused... Reid? What would he want this late? Well, he was probably going to find out soon.

"Spencer?" Elijah raised a brow as he opened the door.

"Elijah, hey." Reid nodded.

"What are you doing here?" Elijah asked,"Shouldn't you be getting some rest?"

Elijah looked at Reid, he wasn't even ready for bed. He was still wearing his shirt and tie.. Which contrasted very well with Elijah's pink and white striped pyjamas.

"I.. Well, I need to talk to someone." Reid admitted, fidgeting with his hands,"I need advice."

"Advice? Why not go to Morgan or-" Elijah chuckled softly as Reid walked inside his room,"Oh- Okay. I can do advice."

Elijah closed the door as Reid walked in, looking around.

"You can sit down if you want." Elijah nodded to him,"Want a drink? Water? Tea?"

"No, I'm good." Reid shook his head, sitting down at the table.

"Right, spill." Elijah sighed, walking up to him,"What's on your mind?"

"I.. I have this friend. She went through bad recently but she's acting like everything's okay." Reid began,"She isn't doing great but she didn't want me to tell anyone and- Well, I'm really worried about her."

Elijah nodded slowly, he figured this was about Elle. Of course, it could've been about another friend of Reid's... But he assumed those at the BAU were Reid's closest friends, and Elle seemed to fit that profile.

"You always come to me with such hard questions to answer." Elijah chuckled softly as he leaned against the counter.

"Elijah, I don't know what to do. Do I tell people that she's not doing great or do I keep quiet?" Reid looked up at him.

"Spencer, just do what you think is right." Elijah told him.

"But I don't know what's right."

Elijah sighed,"It's hard, knowing someone is struggling and not knowing how to help them. But I'm sure your friend would be happy knowing that you care."

Reid nodded slowly. Elijah shook his head, could he have given Reid advice that was any less helpful?

"Thank you, Elijah." Reid smiled softly,"I.. I think I know what I'm going to do."

"Seriously? Wow. Didn't think I was all that helpful." Elijah hummed.

"Well, you helped a little bit." Reid told him as he headed for the door,"Goodnight."

"Night Reid." Elijah nodded to him as he walked over to the window.

Elijah gently pushed the curtains to the side as Reid left his room. He tilted his head as looked out of the window. Elijah watched as two or three cop cars sped past with their lights and sirens blaring.. Followed by an SUV. Elijah sighed as he let the curtains cover the window again, he could only hope that everything would be okay.

Chapter 5: Chapter 4 - The Boogeyman


Elijah makes a new friend and hints at his past while the team, minus a missing Hotch and Elle, hunt for a serial killer who is murdering children in the woods.

Chapter Text

Elijah hummed as he pulled up outside the BAU Headquarters once again for another day of work as an Agent. He got out of his car like normal and headed for the door, stopping when he heard faint.. Meowing? Sure enough, in a bush by the building, Elijah saw a small, black kitten.

"Oh- Hello baby." Elijah crouched down, scooping up the kitten.

The kitten meowed, curling up in Elijah's hands. He was so tiny.. Fragile. Elijah smiled softly, gently stroking him.


Elijah jumped slightly, turning and looking up at the man stood behind him. Hotch.

Elijah cleared his throat,"Sir, I-"

"You're not bringing him inside the office." Hotch shook his head.

"But Hotch, I can't just leave him out here." Elijah shook his head,"It might get cold or rain or-"

"Deans, the cat will be fine. Just get inside." Hotch pointed before he turned and entered the building.

Elijah nodded slowly as he looked down at the kitten in his hands. The kitten looked up too, meowing at Elijah. No, he couldn't leave him. Elijah headed back to his car, sitting then kitten down on the seat. He pulled a towel out from the trunk, he kept one just in case and then grabbed some treats from the glove box. Elijah liked to keep some just in the car, mainly for when Muffin needs to go to the vet.

"There, is that better?" Elijah asked as he wrapped then kitten in the towel.

The kitten meowed, rubbing his cheek against Elijah's finger. Elijah hummed, holding the towel close to him as he walked back to the building and headed inside. When he reached the desks, he saw Reid, Fleur and Morgan already there and talking.

"Oh, Elijah. How have-" Fleur turned, pauding when she saw the towel,"What's that?"

"Well, you'll all need to keep quiet about this because Hotch told me not to bring him inside but.." Elijah adjusted the towel so they could see the kitten.

"How- Oh my god!" Fleur gasped.

"Lemme see." Reid peered over the divider.

"I found him outside the office." Elijah hummed, stroking the kitten.

"We'll probably be on a case soon, how will he-" Morgan began.

"What's his name?" Reid tilted his head.

"Oh, he doesn't have a name yet." Elijah answered.

"He's so cute, Eli." Fleur smiled.

"I know." Elijah grinned,"I'm sure Muffin will love having a little brother."

"Aw, I want a cat." Fleur groaned.

"Then get one." Elijah shrugged.

"Soon." Fleur nodded.

Elijah held the kitten close to him,"I love him so much."

"Can.. Can I hold him?" Reid asked.

"Of course you can." Elijah nodded, walking over to Reid's desk,"Here, just be careful."

"He's not a baby, right? Like the rules with a child and a kitten are very similar. Actually-" Reid rambled.

"Spencer, just hold him." Elijah handed over the kitten.

Reid hesitated, his shoulders tense as he took the kitten. Although he soon relaxed, gently stroking the kitten.

"See? There you go."

"I feel like I might break him." Reid looked up at Elijah.

"You won't break him." Elijah assured him.

"I could."

"You won't, darling."

Reid bit his cheek, almost like he was trying to hide a smile. Elijah barely even realized he called Reid 'darling', it just.. Slipped out.

"How about.. You name him, hm?" Elijah offered.



"Hm.. Horatio." Reid nodded.

"Shakespeare, huh?" Elijah chuckled softly.

"You know it?" Reid asked quickly.

"Yeah, I did it at school. Hamlet and Macbeth." Elijah told him.

"That's so cool! Did you know that-"

"We have a case, Conference Room in five." Gideon walked past them as he headed to the Conference Room.

"Oh- Lovely." Elijah nodded quickly as Reid carefully handed him Horatio,"I'll be there soon, tell Hotch I'm at the bathroom or something."

"We will." Fleur chuckled.

Elijah hurried past the desks and down the corridor until he reached Garcia's office, quickly entering.

"Garcia, I have a massive favor to ask of you." Elijah told her.

"Favor- Me-" Garcia blinked, quickly turning around before gasping at the sight of Horatio,"Kitten- You have a kitten."

"Can you please look after him while we're away on this case?" Elijah asked.

"Oh, I would love to." Garcia grinned.

"Here." Elijah handed him over in the towel and gave Garcia the treats,"His name is Horatio and you can give him those if he's hungry."

"I love him so much, he's so cute." Garcia immediately began petting Horatio.

"Thank you so much, I love you." Elijah pointed, not waiting for a response as he left.

Elijah jogged past the now empty desks and headed to the Conference Room, arriving just in time to hear the start of the debrief. Elijah looked around as he sat down.. No Hotch, no Elle.

"Nickolas Faye of Ozona, Texas was beaten to death roughly thirteen hours ago. Blunt force trauma to the head. He's the second young boy from Ozona to die the same death in the past two months." JJ explained as she handed out files,"A local hunter found his body. The first victim, Robbie Davis."

"Who's hunting children?" Fleur sighed.

Elijah shook his head,"Did either of these boys have a connection?"

"So far, nothing." JJ shook her head.

"Well, if they weren't linked before they certainly are now." Morgan sighed.

"Killed by the same offender." Reid nodded,"Wheels up?"

"Wheels up." Gideon nodded.


"Did you guys hear Elle was cleared?" Reid sat down on his chair on the plane

"It was self-defense." Morgan nodded as he looked through the files.

"It was a good shot." Fleur shrugged.

"She certainly hit what she was aiming for." JJ agreed.

"If she's been then why isn't she out here with us? Or Hotch?" Elijah crossed his arms,"I even tried to call her earlier and-"

"Focus on the case." Gideon spoke, not looking up from his files.

JJ sighed and handed him another file,"Ozona police and autopsy report for Nickolas Faye and Robbie Davis."

"Well, the bludgeoning could suggest frustration or rage." Morgan shrugged.

"And there's no indication of a sexual motive. It's unusual when the victims are this young." Reid added.

"This Unsub seems to be taking pleasure from the kill itself." Gideon nodded.

"If it's not sexual, what's the significance of targeting young males?" Morgan asked.

"Most serial killers prey upon specific types to carry out their fantasies of revenge." Reid explained,"Bundy killed women that looked like an ex-girlfriend that jilted him. Dahmer claimed that schoolyard harressment led into his fury."

"Okay, so maybe these kids represent someone who victimized offender." Elijah nodded slowly.

"Like a young male from his past. Maybe a bully, an older brother. Someone who abused him?" Fleur suggested.

"No, that's unlikely." JJ shook her head as she put her phone down,"They just found another body. Eleven year old girl."

"Why would the victimology just suddenly change?" Reid sighed.

"Maybe the girl wasn't the target, maybe she just got in the way." Morgan suggested.

"Or the sex of his victims isn't significant. The pace he's killing certainly indictes a velocity of change." Gideon spoke up.

"I mean, we can't keep tabs on every single child in Ozona. How are we supposed to keep them all safe?" Elijah raised a brow.

"Enforce a curfew?" Reid suggested.

"Children shouldn't have to worry about something like that." Morgan sighed.

"The woods were the only thing I was afraid of as a kid." JJ told them.

"Seriously? I thought you grew up in a small town." Morgan looked over at her.

"Yeah... Surrounded by woods."

"Yeah, bummer for you." Morgan chuckled.

"The only thing I was afraid of was the dark." Fleur sighed.

"Some of us still are." Reid nodded.

"When we land, you four go to the newest crime scene. The little girl. I'll go to the scene of Nickolas Faye's body." Gideon instructed.

"Whatever you say, sir." Elijah hummed.


"Can I have your attention please?" Gideon looked around the room of cops,"Good afternoon. We want to make something clear. Due to the velocity of change, we predict this offender could strike again at any time. His confidence builds with every attack."

"Look for someone physically fit, shy, kind disposition, someone you may trust with your own child. Because the killer targets kids he may be small himself. And though we keep referring this Unsub as 'he', do not rule out a woman." Morgan pointed.

"Excuse me." A woman walked in, her young son and an officer, Deputy Hall, with her.

"Chief, you're going to want to hear this." Hall nodded.

"My son Matthew never came home today." The woman, Janine, told them.

"Here we go." Elijah sighed softly.

"When was he last seen?" Fleur walked forward.

"His teacher saw him in the parking lot after school."

"Search team? Come on guys, let's go." Chief Jones clapped.

The officers soon began to file out of the room to go look for Matthew.

"Okay Reid, school is on Willow Road." Morgan pointed.

"If the boy was abducted, this area would be the most secluded nearby." Reid thought.

"Okay, so Jones could put his guys at a gas station and we can cover territory in the east." Morgan nodded.

"Ma'am, why don't you sit down?" JJ brought a seat over to Janine.

"Oh, thank you." She nodded as she sat down.

"So how old is Matthew?" Fleur crouched down to the younger boy, Hnery's, level.

"Uh, he turned eight in August."

"I have a niece that's eight, they're very resourceful at that age." JJ nodded.

"What you thinking about?" Fleur turned to the little boy.

"Nothing.." He looked down.

"You look awfully upset to be thinking about nothing." Fleur tilted her head,"..You look like you have a secret, is it important?"

Henry nodded as Elijah walked over,"Is it about your brother?"

"Honey, is that true? Are you hiding something?" Janine asked, the young boy staying quiet.

"You want to protect him, right? That's what a brother's for." Elijah briefly glanced at Morgan before back to the boy.

"Matty said he was just gonna ring the doorbell.. At the haunted house, on the hill." Henry sighed.

"That's Finnegan's place." Jones walked back in.

"Who's Finnegan?" Gideon asked.

"The old guy that lives in the house." Henry nodded.

"Forever, kind of a local legend. A ghost story." Jones sighed.

"What about?" Fleur stood up.

"Supposedly, he watches the kids from his window. Hunts them, skins them, eats them. Standard." He shrugged.

"Pardon, that's standard?" Elijah blinked.

"Folks have been telling that story since I was a kid." Jones shrugged.

"Why haven't we been told about this?" Morgan asked,"Fables are often sparked by an ounce of truth. We need to exhaust every possibility."


"So, did you get anything?" Elijah asked Garcia as he sat with Reid in Finnegan's house.

The others had thankfully found Matthew in Finnegan's house and officers were taking him back to his mother while the agents stayed behind.

"Only that Finnegan's house on the hill is like the Bates Motel of Ozona Texas." Garcia hummed.

"Yeah, we heard the legend." Elijah sighed.

"Elijah, seriously. People that go into that house supposedly never come out. Spooky~" Garcia sang.

Elijah chuckled,"Garcia, could you at least pretend not to enjoy that rumor so much since we've entered the house.. And because Reid's scared."

"Elijah." Reid nudged him.

"He's sensitive... Sorry." Garcia shrugged.

"Besides, the local police have no reports of that actually happening." Elijah reminded her.

"Exactly." Reid pointed.

"Yeah, this is true. All complaints filed were false alarms. But then there is that matter of his missing wife." Garcia typed.

"Wife- What wife? When did she go missing?" Elijah questioned.

"Almost fifty years ago."

"And there's no record of her ever being found?"

"I've got two words for you my friends, Rear Window. That guy probably chopped that lady up into delicious bite size little pieces. Think about it. She may have never left the premises... She may still be in the house." Garcia whispered.

"Garcia, I am currently sitting in the dark with Reid. Thanks." Elijah shook his head as a door creaked nearby.

"While you're waiting for a potential murderer to come home?" Garcia hummed,"What you're doing is kind of dangerous, kind of sexy."

"Aw, I like to think I am." Elijah smirked,"I'll call you back, gorgeous."

"You guys are having creepy fun. I wish I was there." Garcia sighed.

That's when a hand touched both the boys' shoulders. Elijah jumped and spun around only to see Morgan stood behind them, smirking.

"Morgan, what in the name of buggery was that?!" Elijah crossed his arms, trying to regain his composure.

"Thought you weren't scared." Morgan laughed while Reid had practically jumped out his skin.

"I'm not scared, you just took me by suprise." Elijah hung up on Garcia,"I thought you were Finnegan."

"I'm working on not being scared." Reid muttered.

"You should work a little harder." Morgan chuckled.

"Garcia was not helping the situation." Elijah sighed, putting his phone in his pocket as they walked into the corridor.

"This whole town is on edge." Morgan shook his head.

"Maybe that's why Finnegan's in the wind." Eliiah shrugged.

"Hey, that's interesting." Morgan pointed to the guns on the wall.

"The Unsub didn't use a gun." Reid nodded slowly.

"But he knows every trail in Ozona. If Finnegan's an avid hunter, why didn't he use it?" Gideon walked into a room, picking up a bag,"Robbie Davis."

"The first victim." The sheriff pointed.

Elijah picked up a second bag,"S.P. Sarah Peterson, right?"

"I guess Finnegan brought the kids back here first before baiting them into the woods. But why wouldn't he get rid of the evidence?" Morgan asked.

"Perhaps he sees them as trophies." Elijah sighed.

"When this is all said and done I'd like to hang his head on my wall." Morgan walked out the room.


"At first blush, it looks like Joseph Finnegan died of natural causes." The coroner told them, they'd just found Finnegan's body outside.

"His heart probably gave out while he was setting this." Reid walked over with an animal trap.

"Yeah, Karma's a bitch. Those coyotes were gnawing on him for a week." The coroner sighed.

"Before the second and third murders even happened." Elijah pointed out.

"This area is off the traveled path. It's a wonder anyone discovered him at all." Fleur shook her head.

"Is it? Those leaves didn't cover him up by themselves." The coroner pointed before he walked off.

"He's right. The deputy might not have been the first to find him." Morgan realised.

"And now our only suspect is cleared." Elijah crossed his arms.

"Square one?" Fleur asked, looking around at the others.

"No." Gideon shook his head as he walked off,"If Finnegan's dead, who's been living in his house?"

"Heading back to the house then." Fleur sighed.

"Looks like it." Elijah nodded.

"Come on people." Morgan nudged them.

"Just don't appear from the darkness and touch me this time." Elijah pointed as he started walked.

"Like this?" Fleur jumped at him.

Elijah sighed,"No, Reid and I were sat in the dark calling Garcia and- Oh, I forgot to ask about Horatio."

"I'm sure the cat is fine." Morgan nodded.

"He's my baby, he's not just a cat."

"He's a cat." Morgan chuckled.

"He is my baby." Elijah insisted, shaking his head.

"Trust me, once you get animals, they become your children." Fleur nodded.

"See?" Elijah crossed his arms,"You agree too, don't you, Reid?"

"I've never owned any pets." Reid shook his head,"Well, aside from fish."

"But you can agree that Horatio is my baby, right?"

"I can." Reid nodded.

"See? If the doctor agrees then it must be correct." Elijah hummed.

"I'm gonna give you apples." Morgan pointed.

"No, I need him." Elijah pointed back.

"I'm right here." Reid chuckled.

"Good." Elijah sighed,"I wasn't worried."


"Here's a question, if a tree falls in the forest, does it make a sound if there's nobody around to hear it?" Reid asked.

"What the bloody hell are you reading over there?" Elijah turned to look at Reid.

"I was just thinking.."

"The Unsub found Finnegan's corpse in a lightly travelled part of the woods and nobody else knew." Morgan sat beside him,"So he was able to use this house and no one was the wiser."

"Actually, I was referring to Finnegan's wife." Reid nodded.

"What are you talking about?" Fleur sat down.

"Well, she was rumored missing, perhaps even killed fifty years ago." Elijah walked over, his arms crossed.

"In actuality, she left Finnegan for another man. He writes about it in his journals." Reid informed them,"How he would look out of the window on a daily basis to see if she'd come back. She never did. He never recovered. He turned into a recluse that everyone in town misunderstood."

"Found something. Come here." Gideon walked in, hovering in the doorway of the kitchen.

The group stood up and walked into the kitchen with Gideon, empty food packages on the table.

"Provisions delivered by the church to every elder's doorstep. Each one dated after Finnegan died." Gideon pointed.

"So the Unsub ate everything?" Reid blinked.

"Almost everything." Gideon corrected,"Unopened cans of cream spinach were thrown into the trash, each one wrapped with duct tape."

"One with each tray." Reid nodded.

"So... We're looking for a guy who really, really hates spinach?" Elijah raised a brow.

"Who doesn't?" Fleur shook her head,"I've always hated it."

"Ritualised. Meticulous. Organized." Gideon scanned the room.

"He would eat with the same particulars." Reid added.

"Pull prints. Have Garcia run them for a match." Gideon instructed as his phone rang, causing him to walk out of the kitchen,"Hotch."

"That's about Elle, isn't it?" Reid sighed.

"I don't know." Morgan shrugged.

"I talked to her in Ohio." Reid nodded.

"We all spoke to her." Fleur sighed.

"No, I talked to her before." Reid admitted,"I went to her room one night and she was drinking."

"She nearly died." Elijah put his hands in his pockets,"I'd be drinking too."

The group stood quietly, but Elijah looked over at the anxious-looking Reid. That.. Elle. He'd assumed she was the friend Reid was talking about when he asked for advice that night. Now he was proven right, most likely at Elle's expense.


The group of Agents, minus Gideon, were now sat having a cup of coffee as they rethought things about the case.

"So why the woods?" Morgan asked.

"Hm?" JJ raised a brow.

"Your fear. You said it was of the woods." Fleur reminded her.

"Uh, I was a camp counselor up in the woods in Vermont. I had the night shift. Tuck the girls in and turn off the lights. Everything was fine, all the kids were asleep until... I noticed there was some blood on the hallway floor." JJ explained,"I followed the blood trail to the camp director's cabin. He was just lying under his covers, dead. I ran out of there so fast. I just remember it being really dark. They caught the caretaker trying to leave town, guess he still had the knife on him. Anyway, I guess that's probably when I decided I didn't like the woods."

"You're serious?" Morgan blinked

"No." JJ chuckled,"No, I can't... You seriously fell for that?"

"Hey, they thought Fleur and I were dating." Elijah hummed,"If you say anything with enough confidence, they'd fall for it."

"You did?" JJ shook her head.

"They're men, Jen." Fleur hummed.

"I'm an exception." Elijah nodded.

"He is." Fleur leaned against Elijah.

"What about you two?" Reid turned.

"Fears... I don't think I really have one." Elijah shook his head, he was lying but he didn't want to get into his many, many fears.

"Everyone is scared of something." Morgan shrugged.

"Well, okay.. Churches." Elijah admitted,"They just.. I don't know, they're creepy."

A half-truth there. He was scared of churches but.. There was more to it than them being 'creepy', more to it that he didn't want them to know.

"Does this face look like she's scared?" Fleur hummed.

Elijah looked down at her,"No, you look like you want to kill me... Which is pretty normal."

"This is literally just my face, I don't see the issue." Fleur blinked.

"We've been over this, you have a resting bitch face." Elijah sighed,"Right, guys?"

"I don't wanna call her a bitch." Morgan chuckled.

"That's not what I'm saying." Elijah shook his head,"Fleur is really nice but she just looks permanently unimpressed."

"I'm not bothered by anything." Fleur shrugged.

"It's just your face, darling." Elijah assured her.

"Thanks Eli." Fleur hummed, "Anyone else got a fear?"

"Reid's still scared of the dark." Morgan pointed,"Why is that.

"Because of the inherent absence of light." Reid sighed,"I'm, well, I'm working on it."

"I know, and I'm proud of you." Elijah told him.

"Thanks." Reid smiled softly.

Elijah smiled back as his phone rang,"Yeah?"

"I love our relationship. We hardly need words." Garcia hummed.

"Hello, darling. Have you got good news for me?" Elijah asked.

"I pulled two sets of prints off those food trays." Garcia nodded.

"Two?" Elijah blinked.

"One belonging to a child." She added.

"Okay, but which one of the victims? How about you coordinate with the Ozona coroner's office for a match?" Elijah suggested.

"Oh, my little Londoner, that's so yesterday. I already have my minions working on it. In the meantime, your intrepid hacker found you a match to the other set in the database. His name is James Charles, he's a local guidance counselor?"

"Yeah, he's the local guidance counselor helping us with this case." Elijah told her.

"You're kidding. His address is 3725 Briarwood Road." Garcia typed.

"I know exactly how to find him, Garcia. Thanks. Tell Horatio I miss him." Elijah blew a kiss before he hung up,"Call Gideon, we've juts found our Unsub."

"Let's go." They all shot up, leaving.


"Okay, the dad? I expected. But the son? I couldn't predict that one." Elijah shook his head as they pulled up in the SUVs by the bus stop.

"Kid has a lot of anger." Fleur shrugged.

"After his mom left, I bet Jeffery resented the fact that his dad spent more time with other kids than with his own." Morgan sighed.

"Took out that rage on any kid he viewed as having what he didn't." Gideon shook his head.

"So, Tracy's mom says this is where the bus would have dropped her off after school." JJ told them,"She was supposed to walk home with a neighbor."

"That's most likely when Jeffery approached, but where would he have taken her?" Fleur looked around.

"There's such heavy patrolling in this area. How could he have taken a little girl without being seen?" Reid asked.

"We taught him. Nobody's going to think of anything if two kids are walking together. The buddy system, remember? In the process of educating the public, we educated the killer." Morgan sighed.

"Now, if I were a twelve year old, where would I hang out?" Elijah spun around,"The park."

"Surrounded by woods." JJ added,"Let's go."

Although when they reached the park it was empty, only hat and purple bag discarded nearby.

"It's Tracy Bell's." Fleur picked up the bag, reading the name.

"Jeffrey's got her in these woods. Split up." Gideon instructed as he ran off.

Everyone did as they were told, splitting off as they shouted for Tracy. That's when they heard her screaming and all ran to where the sound was coming from. They saw Jeffery with a baseball bat, Tracy on the floor as Jeffery lifted the bat into the air. Elijah hurried forward and grabbed Jeffrey, wresting the metal bat from his hands.

"No! Get off me!" Jeffery shouted while Tracy ran over to Fleur.

"Jeffery, calm down." Elijah sighed.

Elijah looked down at Jeffrey as he slowly stopped struggling. Then he looked up at the team.. And Tracy. He'd never been the biggest fan of children but he was glad he managed to protect her. They all did.


The team had finally gotten back to Quantico, Elijah was rushing ahead to Garcia's office. He had to make sure his baby was okay, not that he doubted Garcia, but he wanted to get there fast.

"Garcia, how is he?" Elijah quickly opened the door.

"He is absolutely fantastic. He's sleeping." Garcia smiled.

"Thank you for looking after him for me." Elijah smiled, handing her a small box,"This is for you."

"For me?" Garcia gasped.

"For you, darling." Elijah nodded,"It's a box of shortbread, I picked it up on the way."

"Oh, my little Brit, I love you." Garcia hummed, taking the box.

"As you should." Elijah smiled,"Now where's the baby?"

Garcia pointed over towards Horatio in a fluffy, pink cat bed. Elijah excitedly scooped up Horatio and went to leave Garcia's office.

"Wait!" Garcia ran up, kissing Horatio's head,"Okay, bye kitty."

"Goodbye, Garcia." Elijah chuckled as he walked out,"Oh, I'm going to take such good care-"

"Elijah Deans." Hotch spoke from behind Elijah as he left the room.

"Aaron Hotchner?" Elijah slowly turned around.

"Is that the kitten I specifically told you not to bring in here?" Hotch asked.

"No..?" Elijah shook his head, trying to hide Horatio.

Hotch sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Elijah bit his cheek, looking down. God, he was so fired. Hotch was going to tell Gideon and get him fired for disobeying orders.

"Sir, I'm sorry, I-"

"Take it home, do not bring him back."

Elijah blinked in surprise, but was quick to recover, "I won't, but he's been good. I promise."

Hotch walked over, looking down at the kitten in his arms,"What's his name?"

"His name is Horatio." Elijah smiled.

"Who named him? It wasn't you, obviously." Hotch chuckled.

Elijah sighed,"Reid did."

"I can tell." Hotch nodded,"Now, go home."

"I'm going." Elijah turned,"Goodnight, Hotch."

"Goodnight, Deans."

Elijah smiled, gently stroking Horatio as he left the Headquarters. When he reached his car, he sat Horatio on his knees. Was it safe? Probably not. But they made it home safely, so it was a win in his book. Elijah held Horatio close to him as he headed inside, hoping that.. Nope. Muffin was right there.

"Hi.. Muffy." Elijah spoke softly,"Don't be mad, okay? This is your baby brother."

Muffin seemed to look Elijah up and down as he sniffed around. Elijah slowly bent down, holding out Horatio.

"Gentle.. Muffin, gentle." Elijah hummed, presenting Horatio to Muffin.

He knew this wasn't the best way to do it, but he trusted Muffin. Muffin was an old boy, a good boy, reliable. Muffin sniffed Horatio and ended up getting pawed in the face.

"Horatio, you do not hit your brother." Elijah tapped his paw.

Horatio meowed up at him and Elijah sighed. This was going to be a long night.

Chapter 6: Chapter 5 - The Last Word


The team works to stop two serial killers who are both active at the same time and are eventually greeted with a new team member.

Chapter Text

"So, is Horatio settling in well? Is he eating?" Reid asked quickly.

Elijah had practically just walked out of the elevator as Reid approached him, already asking about his cat.

Elijah chuckled,"Don't worry, Horatio is doing just fine. He's such a vocal boy."

"Well, that's good." Reid smiled as the pair walked,"Could I, well, would it be possible for me to, uh.. Maybe-"

"Reid, you can visit him if you want." Elijah told him.

"Really?" Reid looked at him, the joy clearly visible in his eyes.

"Of course." He nodded as they reached their desks,"I'd love to hang out with you outside of work."

"Hey, you two." Fleur hummed as she looked up from her desk,"I heard that we might be getting a new member."

"Ooh, I like the sound of that." Elijah smiled,"It has felt emptier around here recently."

"I hope Elle's okay." Morgan sighed.

"Well, she hasn't answered any of my calls." Fleur shook her head,"I just.. I think she wants to be alone for now."

"She'll come back and talk to us when she's ready to." Reid nodded.

"Oh, look." Fleur whispered, pointing behind Elijah.

He turned and watched as a woman with dark hair walked past them with a box, heading for Hotch's office.

"That must be the new girl." She shrugged.

"She's pretty." Elijah hummed as he sat down, leaning back in his chair.

"Case." Gideon clapped as he walked past them.

"It is always when I get comfortable in this chair." Elijah muttered.

"Get comfy in another chair, kid." Morgan laughed.

Elijah sighed,"I'll bring one from home."

The four of them soon walked into the Conference Room, Hotch and Gideon following soon after with no sign of the new girl.

"St. Louis is in trouble." JJ began.

"They've got two serial killers." Hotch nodded.

"This killer abducts his victims from public places, dumps them in the woods." Gideon walked up to the board,"They consulted us months ago after the third murder."

"Well now it might be up to six." JJ showed a woman on the screen,"Ellen Carroll's been missing since yesterday. The first two victims were found near Mills Creek in Mark Twain National Forest."

"No wonder it takes days to find the bodies. The forest is 1.5 million acres and seventy-eight thousand of that is wilderness." Reid pointed out.

"What's the story for the women?" Fleur asked.

"Eight women, all prostitutes. The latest is Marcy Mitchell. She was killed last night with a .44 magnum." JJ told her as another woman was shown on the screen,"All are tied to a single shooter, taking responsibility. He's contacted Jim Meyers, a reporter the Missouri Herald."

"So he thinks he's not getting the attention he thinks he deserves. He signs it the Hollow Man, names himself for the press." Hotch pointed.

"Why Hollow Man?" Elijah asked,"What? Does he feel empty inside or something?"

"He used Hollow point bullets. No one even knew this guy existed until he sent this letter." JJ sighed.

"Well, he's killed more victims but look who he's chosen." Hotch crossed his arms,"Hundreds of victims go unnoticed because they're social outcasts that don't make the front page."

"When Mill Creek kills the Hollow Man shoots another prostitute." Reid nodded.

"So one doesn't want to be outdone by the other, sounds like sibling rivalry to me." Morgan pointed.

"They've been killing independently of each other for a year now." Hotch told Morgan.

"With each killer learning something from the other." Gideon sighed.


JJ began handing files out to everyone. Elijah and Reid were sitting on the couch together but Elijah could notice Reid fidgeting.

"What's wrong?" Elijah asked him.

"Even though there are roughly thirty serial killers at large in the US at any given time, it's an incredibly rare occurrence to have them operating in the same city." Reid sighed.

"How many times has it actually happened?" Elijah questioned.

"To my knowledge, three times. There was a guy killing at the same time as the Son of Sam, again in New Orleans and most recently with the Phoenix murders." Reid explained.

"Serial shooters are typically loners and this guy likes to kill at night." Hotch spoke up,"His victims are prostitutes so he may lack confidence with women or have poor social skills."

"There's no rape, maybe this guy's impotent." Fleur suggested.

"He's a wannabe tough guy." Gideon shook his head.

"It's not hard to be tough holding a .44." Fleur shrugged.

"The gun gives him power and lets him maintain distance from the kill." Reid nodded slowly,"This guy doesn't want to touch the bodies with his hands."

"The Mill Creek Killer hunts during the day and targets educated, middle class women. He'd have to look and act like they do." Gideon placed the crime scene photos down.

"These women died from blunt force head trauma. This guy wanted to be close, he wants to feel the life leave their bodies." Elijah shook his head,"These two are polar opposites."

"Just like their victims. They live in the same city but they're worlds apart. I'm going to see if the shooter's victims have families I can talk to." Hotch nodded.

"That's a good idea, I'm already familiar with the Mill Creek case." Gideon agreed.

"Reid, can you look at the letter for handwriting analysis and psycholinguistics?" Hotch turned to Reid.

"Of course." Reid nodded.

"Looks like I'm with you. Fleur and I can go talk to Ellen Carroll's husband." Morgan told Gideon.

"I'm meeting with Jim Meyers, the reporter from the Missouri Herald." JJ spoke up.

"Tell him not to write about the Hollow Man. We want to draw the shooter out. Best way to do that is to act like he doesn't exist." Gideon sighed.


While Morgan and Fleur headed to the home of Ellen Carroll and her family, Hotch, Reid and Elijah headed to a.. Well, it was more of a run-down apartment building to speak with the mother of Marci Mitchell, Betty Mitchell. She was one of the Hollow Man's victims.

"Agents Hotchner, Reid and Dean with the FBI." Hotch held up his badge after knocking on the door.

"What do you want?" An older woman, Betty Mitchell, answered the door.

"We'd like to talk to you." Hotch told her.

"Hold that badge up again."

Hotch did so and the woman shut the door before unlocking and opening it fully to allow them inside. Inside were two children, a child and a toddler, both boys.

"We're here to talk to you about Marci Mitchell." Hotch turned to her.

"I'm her mother." Betty crossed her arms.

"We're sorry for your loss, Ma'am." Elijah nodded to her.

The oldest boy then walked over,"Who's this?"

"They're for me, take your brother inside." Betty shook her head.

"Is this about mom?"

"I said inside." She pointed.

The boy took his crying younger brother into the bedroom and closed the door. Elijah's eyes wandered, landing on the nearly finished glass of alcohol on the table.

"Are you here to judge me or ask me questions?" Betty sighed.

"Is there anyone that can help you with the kids?" Reid looked at the bedroom.

"Is that what you came here for?"

"Ma'am, we've just been assigned your daughters case. We're in the process of gathering information, but so far no witnesses have come forward." Hotch explained.

"Well, around here, guns go off like those car alarms every fifteen minutes." She shook her head,"Nobody's stupid enough to talk, nobody cares."

"We do." Reid gave a small smile.

"You wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for them." The woman picked up a newspaper and started reading,"Heinous crimes against upstanding members of the community. Nobody writes about prostitutes getting shot 'cause the won't admit they think they're cleaning up the place."

"You're right. Cases like your daughter's usually go unsolved. The problem is, people aren't looking for them because they don't know that they're missing. Part of her job was to stay below the radar. It doesn't mean that she was any less important." Hotch explained.

"She made bad choices, but she was a good person. She loved those boys. Whoever shot her should pay for what they did so don't come in here and say you're sorry, do something about it." Betty pointed.

"We will, Ma'am. That's a promise." Elijah assured her.


The three men were next sent to the Hollow Man's most recent crime scene. This time, two prostitutes had been shot and left at the side of the road.

"Two victims at once, that's a first for him." Reid commented as they walked around the crime scene,"Do you think he went out looking to kill more than one woman or was it just happenstance?"

"Well, he chose a different hunting ground. Yes, we're in an alley, but we're behind an expensive hotel in a nice neighbourhood. You get a different class of prostitute. Ones that don't walk the street alone." Hotch shrugged.

"He was looking for a challenge." Elijah sighed.

"The question is, what gave him the confidence to stray out of his comfort zone? Make sure to run that for prints." Hotch pointed at an officer as he picked up a newspaper.

"He displayed the newspaper between them. He took the time when he could've just tossed it aside." Reid nodded.

"It's deliberate. He wants us to know that he's angry." Hotch shrugged.

"Angry enough to change his MO." Elijah crossed his arms.


Back at the station, Elijah was sent to get Reid and JJ so they could deliver the profile. When he found them, Reid was seemingly explaining something to her about the case so Elijah hovered in the doorframe just.. Watching.

"Too bad we couldn't trace any prints from any newspapers. What have you got?" JJ turned to Reid.

Reid pressed a button and showed the letter on screen,"He only sent this to an individual, which shows he's not confident enough to communicate with the masses. Emotional indicators are analyzed through slants. The shooter maintains vertical, narrow-lettered writing, both signs of repression. And the pressure, if you look carefully, is excessively heavy which shows that he's uptight and can easily overreact." He explained.

"You got all that from his handwriting?" JJ blinked.

"Graphology is a reliable and accurate indicator of personality and behavior." Reid nodded.

"My writing's always different." JJ shrugged.

"That's because it reflects your emotions at that given time, just like how you facial expressions parallel the way you're feeling while you're speaking." Reid explained.

"I'm suprised this guy writes in cursive. His message is so clear, I would've thought he'd print everything."

"Actually, his connected writing shows that he deals with situations in a practical and direct manner." Reid told her.

"Like... Shooting someone." JJ sighed.

"Exactly." Reid nodded before looking up, noticing Elijah,"Oh- Elijah. Hi."

"Hey." Elijah smiled softly,"It's time to deliver the profile."

Reid nodded and began grabbing his things as Elijah slowly turned and headed back to the others.


"The Hollow Man uses simple statements. All first person. For example, 'I won't be ignored', he's obviously tired of feeling this way. It's quite possible he has a job in solitude or one that he feels strips him of his identity. His job might require wearing a uniform, something that shows absolutely no individuality. Or he may be overqualified for his menial job and feels he doesn't get the respect that he necessary deserves." Reid explained to the officers in the room.

"But today he killed two woman which tells us he's getting confident. This makes him unpredictable and dangerous." Hotch continued,"And because he has no physical contact with his victims, it's going to make him that much harder to catch."

"We have more information on the Mill Creek Killer because he spends a lot of time with his victims before and after his kills." Morgan leaned back.

"Because his victims willingly follow him in broad daylight, he appears harmless. He may be handsome." Gideon shrugged.

"Handsome?" Sherdian asked.

"Yes, these women wouldn't follow an unattractive man. They just wouldn't." Elijah shook his head.

"He's handsome and he has the social skills to trick his victims. Those who know him well, they'd be shocked to learn that this is the man we're after." Fleur nodded.

"He's been able to get his victims away from family, friends. Obviously this makes him feel powerful." Gideon crossed his arms.

"If this guy is so smart, why would he risk driving his victims from the abduction site to the woods?" Sheridan sighed.

"Because of the ritual. It's become the most important thing to him. It dominates his thoughts." Gideon answered,"The woods give him the privacy he needs."

"The Hollow Man is motivated by external pressures. This is a guy who simply wants attention. The Mill Creek Killer on the other hand, he's driven by internal forces. He's a sexually motivated offender, now this makes him a lot more predicable, but don't think for a second that he's easier to catch." Morgan pointed.


"So our plan to catch the Mill Creek Killer was ruined by the Hollow Man?" Reid asked.

"And now the Hollow Man is on a high. He hasn't pulled the trigger since the two victims yesterday. Is he satisfied or just getting started?" Hotch sighed.

"We'll find out." JJ told him as she walked in, handing Hotch a newspaper.

"Hollow Man helps FBI find the Mill Creek Killer's victim." Hotch read out before placing the paper down.

"Nice, he's alerted the media and injected himself into our investigation." Elijah leaned back in his chair.

"And he's getting the attention he's been craving." Fleur sighed.

"But if the shooter really wants to get the other guy arrested, he would've called us and not the media." Hotch pointed out.

"He must know the Mill Creek Killer needs to revisit the body." Morgan stood up.

"If he can't defile the woman again, the need will become so strong it could push him into a frenzy." Gideon sighed.

"And if that happens then this guy is a ticking time bomb waiting to explode." Fleur shook her head.


"Great. Thanks, Morgan." Hotch hung up,"The witness got a clear look at the Mill Creek Killer. If it's the Hollow Man's intentions to force him into a frenzy, he's getting what he wants. He knew exactly where to find Meredith Dale's body, he figured out his way to the dump site just like we did."

"We always say serial killers make the best profilers." Reid shrugged.

"Yeah, but this guy's dead-on." Hotch began looking through a box.

"What are we looking for?" Elijah peered inside the box of files as Hotch pulled out the newspaper from before.

"The headline doesn't mention the shooter at all." Fleur realised.

"We talked to Jim Meyers, the reporter, asked him not to respond to the letter. He doesn't then the guy goes out and shoots two more women." Hotch added.

"From a better part of town." Reid nodded.

"Yeah, but what gives him his confidence? And what's the significance of the paper at the scene? We know he wants to be newsworthy. He could've just tossed it aside. Instead he displayed it. There's something he wants us to look at, there's something in the paper."

After scanning the newspapers, Reid looked up,"Hey, I've figured it out."

"What is it?" Elijah asked.

"They're talking in the classifieds." Reid pointed.


"Classifieds. Code names. This feels like an old spy movie." Sheridan shook his head.

"It's low-tech, simple but very effective. They've been doing this for months and no one even knew." Morgan sighed.

"This is the first one I found. The references are what made me suspicious." Reid told them, showing an image of the newspaper on the screen,"Sunny: Are you an artist too? I'd love to see your work some time. Holden."

"Sunny? Holden?" Sheridan asked.

"They're characters from Catcher in the Rye." Hotch explained.

"Widely accepted as a loved book by sociopaths. Mark David Chapman quoted it after killing John Lennon." Reid continued.

"Deranged minds identify with Holden's alienation and detachment." Hotch nodded.

"I found the initial contact. It ran in the paper for months, unchanged. 'We have different tastes but I appreciate your art, Sunny." Reid read out.

"Sunny is the Hollow Man, he initiated contact." Elijah turned to Sheridan.

"So what's he getting out of it?" Sheridan looked at Elijah.

"A mentor, offered admiration and respect." Elijah shruged,"In return, he gets encouragement and confidence."

"But when the Hollow Man remained unnoticed by the press, he resented his mentor and turned it into a rivalry." Fleur sighed.

"Hollow Man became jealous. They were both killers but they weren't seen on the same playing field." Morgan shook his head.

"What else did you find?" Hotch asked Reid.

"An overwhelming area and you never get lost? Then the answer to this question, I do my research, it's not so random when you know the area. I like Cottonwood in SGC." Reid read of the screen.

"SGC?" Sheridan raised a brow.

"He's talking about Saltgrass Cove. He told him where to him Meredith Dale." Morgan pointed.


"Teaching his student a lesson." Fleur nodded.

"We understand their relationship, let's use it against them." Elijah crossed his arms.

Morgan walked off to call Garcia before coming back shortly after.

"Garcia says these guys covered their tracks, how's it going in here?"

"Reid's imitating the Hollow Man's language patterns to send a message to the Mill Creek Killer." Elijah hummed,"He's offering condolences on losing Meredith Dale."

"Well, if he can't get to Meredith Dale, he's going to need a body. He's going to need it real soon." Morgan nodded, handing Elijah and Fleur a coffee.

"Oh, thank you." Elijah took a sip of coffee.

"You guys worried the Hollow Man might ruin our plan again?" Sheridan asked.

"He wants the Mill Creek Killer to get caught. The pupil's trying to kill the teacher." Fleur shrugged.

"I hope you're close, Reid." JJ sighed as she walked in with Jim Meyers.

"You've got less than an hour to meet the deadline." Jim shook his head.

Reid nodded and went back to writing.


"He looks too smug." Fleur sighed.

"They all do, hun." Elijah took a sip of his coffee.

"I hate that look on his face, I'd rather slap it off of him." Fleur muttered.

"Easy, babygirl." Morgan leaned against the wall,"He can't hurt anyone anymore."

"We just need one more." Reid spoke,"He'll show up soon."

"What? Is he just going to burst through the door and threaten us?" Elijah shook his head.

That's when a cop and a man walked though, the man pointing the gun at the cop.

"Where is he? I wanna see him right now, you tell him the Hollow Man is here." He yelled.

"I was kidding, jesus." Elijah muttered, nearly dropping his cup.

"Thanks, Elijah." Fleur rolled her eyes.

"Get down, call SWAT." Sheridan ordered.

"He told you to say those things about me, didn't he? He told you to use those words." He asked while everyone drew their guns.

That's when the Hollow Man made eye contact with the Mill Creek Killer through the window and he slowly lowered his gun. Morgan took that moment, he put his gun away before running over to the Hollow Man and cuffing him.

"Get him out of here." Hotch nodded.

"I'm no less elegant than he is. I'm no copycat." The Hollow Man fought.

"Shut your mouth." Morgan continued to drag him off with two other cops.

"I left you the newspaper. I gave you the Mill Creek Killer! What else do I have to do?"

"Go! Get him out of here!" Morgan pushed him out of the room.


After everyone was back, Hotch was in his office talking to the new girl once again as they all began to pack up.

"Do you think he'll let her stay?" Elijah asked.

"He looks confused. Like she wasn't meant to be here." Morgan watched.

"Maybe she's a surprise?" Elijah suggested.

"Maybe." Reid shrugged.

"When she comes out I'll need to ask her name, because I'm going to make sure I remember this one." Elijah pointed.

Reid handed Elijah a notebook and pen.

"Thank you, darling." Elijah hummed.

Reid smiled and leaned back in his chair. The woman then walked out of Hotch's office, holding a box and placed it on an empty desk.

"Ah, excuse me, dear." Elijah walked up to her,"Is it alright if I ask your name?"

"Oh, hi." She smiled,"I'm Emily-"

"Emily Prentiss?" Fleur blinked.

"Yeah, that's-" Emily turned,"Fleur? It's been so long!"

"The hell are you doing here?" Fleur laughed, hugging her.

"I got a transfer here." Emily chuckled,"Tell me, how much have I missed out on?"

"Oh, a lot." Fleur nodded,"Guys, this is Emily Prentiss. She worked at Interpol, we met on an undercover case years ago." Fleur pulled away.

Elijah wrote Emily's name down on his notepad before sitting it down,"The pleasure is all mine, Emily."

"You're from England?" Emily hummed.

"I am, how could you tell?" Elijah sat on Reid's desk.

"Just a hunch." Emily chuckled.

"That's Elijah, Spencer and Derek. JJ is elsewhere." Fleur shrugged.

"We're all happy to have you on the team, Prentiss." Morgan told her.

"Thank you, I feel welcomed already."

"We're breaking you in gently before the peace is inevitably broken." Elijah took a sip of his coffee,"Also, you are automatically invited to Ladies' Night."

"Ladies night consists of all the ladies in the department... Plus Elijah." Reid explained.

"We all go out and have fun." Elijah smiled,"Don't we, Fleur?"

"We do." Fleur chuckled.

"Well, I'll make sure my calendar is free so I can make it." Emily told them.

"Good." Fleur pointed,"We'll help you unpack."

"Who said anything about 'we'?" Elijah asked.

"She did, now get to it." Morgan pointed, taking Elijah's coffee.

Fleur stuck her middle finger up at Elijah,"Ha."

"Oh, shut up." Elijah slid off the desk.

"We can make it fun." Reid shrugged.

"If you say so." Elijah sighed.

Chapter 7: Chapter 6 - Sex, Birth, Death


A young boy confronts Reid and asks for help, scared that he's going to become a serial killer, all while prostitutes are being found murdered.

Chapter Text

"Thank you, Elijah. I loved seeing Horatio again." Reid smiled softly as they walked up the steps of the train station,"But I'm sorry."

Elijah had invited Reid over to see Horatio and.. Well, they were running later than expected and Elijah had left his car at the Headquarters... So they ended up taking the train, like Reid often did.

"It was no problem." Elijah told him,"I liked having you over."

"But now we might be late." Reid sighed.

"Late together." Elijah hummed,"I wouldn't mind that."


"You're Doctor Reid." A skinny, tired-looking teenager stopped on the other side of the steps.

"I'm sorry, do I know you?" Reid tilted his head.

"I just know what you do." He pointed.

"Okay." Reid began to turn.

"I saw you at Georgetown a few weeks ago. You gave a lecture on sexual sadism and how you helped catch the Mill Creek Killer in St. Louis."

Reid chuckled softly,"Not much of a public speaker."

"I don't know, I thought you seemed cool." The boy told him.

"You look kind of young to go to Georgetown." Elijah tilted his head.

"I'm a junior at Northwest High School." He shook his head.

"And you go to lectures on anger-excitation for fun?" Elijah raised a brow.

"I don't have many friends." He sighed.

"So, you're interested in profiling?" Reid asked.

"Yeah, I mean, I read a lot. You know, true crime, like graphic novels mostly." The boy told them as Reid nodded intently,"They're all about whether there's really such a thing as evil. Or like, nature vs nurture, all that. So I figured it would be smart to hear from an expert.. So, you said a lot of them kill prostitutes?"

"That's the number one serial killer target, actually." Reid nodded.

"Is that for sex or because they think they're dirty and think they need to be punished?" He asked.

Elijah furrowed his brow, gently taking a hold of Reid's coat sleeve,"Were you waiting here for him?"

"What would it mean if somebody were stabbing them and cutting of their hair?" The boy questioned.

Elijah could feel his heart rate increasing. This conversation was just.. Making him uncomfortable. He looked over at Reid, gently tugging on his sleeve.

"I've never heard of a case like that." Reid shook his head,"..Do you want to come to the BAU with us and maybe talk to some of our other team members?"

"I actually have to go to school." He turned.

"Give me your name and number and I'll call you. And-" Reid tried to head back but too many people were coming up the stairs.

"Reid, we have to go." Elijah sighed as Reid nearly ran past him as they hurried up the stairs.


"Reid, calm down. This is all going to be okay." Elijah assured him as the elevator doors opened.

Reid nodded but stayed quiet, looking down at the sketch he'd drawn of the boy at the station as he walked out.

"Hey, Spence. Elijah." JJ hummed as she walked up to the pair.

"JJ, who's your contact at the DC police?" Reid asked her.

"Victor Barnes. Why? You need me to call him?" She raised a brow as Reid walked up to the phone.

"Hi, Detective Barnes, please?" Reid spoke over the phone.

"What's wrong?" Gideon asked, walking up to the three of them.

"We need to get that to everyone as soon as possible." Elijah pointed to Reid's sketch that he'd sat on the table.

"Hi, Detective Barnes. This is Special Agent Dr Spencer Reid of the Behavioral Analysis Unit at Quantico." Reid began,"Have you had any recent murders involving prostitutes, even just Jane Does? They would've been stabbed to death and their hair would've been cut off by the killer?"

Everyone around Reid was silent, now they all needed to know what was going around.. Whether this boy was a killer.

"When was the most recent victim?" Reid asked, nodding slowly,"I'll explain to you when I see you, I'll meet you in a half hour."

"What's going on?" Gideon questioned as Reid put the phone down.

"D.C may have a serial killer, and I think we just let him get away." Reid told him.

Gideon looked around at the three,"JJ, go tell the others. Wheels up in twenty."


After arriving in D.C, Gideon had gone with Hotch and Reid to the coroner's office to see the bodies. Meanwhile, Elijah had gone with Fleur to speak with some of the local prostitutes.

"At night, no one can see down there." One of the prostitutes, Rhonda, explained to Fleur as they walked,"During the day, you just duck behind a dumpster or into a doorway."

"And business is pretty heavy here during the day?" Elijah raised a brow, turning to another prostitute, Holly.

"How do I know you're not just looking to crack down on us?" She asked him.

"Because I'm telling you." Elijah sighed as Fleur joined him,"We're here to protect you."

"A lot of johns from the Hill stop by on their way to work." Holly told them.

"We always say the same politicians yelling about cleaning up the Hill are the ones dropping fifty bucks with us before they make the speech." Rhonda nodded.

"It's true. And the more important they think they are, the quicker they are to accidentally finish up with us." Holly added.

"Yeah, it's weird like that."

"No, unfortunately that's pretty much universal." Elijah shook his head.

Fleur then pulled out Reid's sketch,"Do either of you recognize him at all?"

"I don't know his name or nothing." Holly shook her head.

"He hangs around, tries to pretend like he's not watching us." Rhonda shrugged,"He's just a horny kid, y'know?"

"You didn't see him talking to any other girls around here?" Fleur raised a brow.

"I just figured he's the kind, gets his little bit of danger, goes home and takes business into his own hands." Rhonda hummed.

"Is he the one who did this?" Holly asked them.

"We don't know, but someone did. So you need to be careful." Elijah pointed.

"We stick to the daylight and only work the high-end blocks." Rhonda nodded.

Fleur looked over at Holly,"How old are you?"


Fleur and Elijah exchanged a look before both turned their attention to Holly.

She sighed,"Nineteen."

"Just watch out for each other, okay?" Elijah nodded slowly.

With that, Fleur and Elijah turned and began walking away.

"You okay?" Fleur looked up at him.

"Yeah.. I'll be fine once we catch this guy." Elijah nodded.

Fleur smiled at him, rubbing his arm,"We both will."


Next, Elijah headed back to Garcia and met up with Reid to try and identify the boy they met at the train station although they weren't having much luck so far.

"This is impossible." Reid shook his head.

"Says you." Garcia chuckled slightly.

"There's nothing in the juvenile offender records." Reid pointed.

"So.. You think like a high school student." Elijah told him.

"I was twelve and I hadn't been though puberty when I was in high school." Reid commented rather nonchalantly.

Elijah blinked in.. Surprise. He knew Reid was smart but he didn't expect that answer. Even Garcia had to take a second to compose herself.

"Okay. Reset." She nodded slowly,"We think like high school students, you think like a profiler."

"Well, he said he was a junior, right?" Elijah looked over at Reid.


"First rule of the teen years. When talking to an authority figure, always lie and say you're older." Elijah crossed his arms,"He's.. Probably a sophom*ore."

"Exactly." Garcia nodded.

"Okay.. His coat was lamb's wool, but it didn't look vintage. It fit like it had been tailored to him." Reid recalled,"That means money. In D.C, money would mean private school."

"Look at you go." She hummed.

"Even a lie has to be within the depth of your own experience, right?" Reid asked.

"Yep, fair enough." Elijah nodded.

"Pull up the district that serves Northwest High." Reid pointed,"Are there any private schools within those boundaries?"

Garcia typed,"Three."

"Do any of them offer elective courses at Georgetown?" Elijah tilted his head.

"One. The Morton School." Garcia told him.

"Pull up the junior class." Reid nodded, fidgeting with his hands.

"Huh?" Garcia quickly looked up at him.

"Uh.. Sophom*ore class." Reid corrected.

"If I do say so myself." Garcia hummed as she slowly scrolled through the online yearbook.

"Wait- Wait. Stop." Reid leaned forward.

As she did, a face all too familiar to the boys could be seen, right in the middle of the page. He looked a little happier, but it was defined still the same kid.

"Nathan Harris." Garcia read out the name.

"We got him." Elijah smiled slightly.


Elijah was looking through the one-way glass at Nathan after he'd been brought in by Morgan, Reid and Gideon. He'd been writing the text for a 'graphic novel', or so he claimed, that also just so happened to be about killing prostitutes.

"Elijah, could... Could you come with me?" Reid asked as he walked in.

"Wouldn't you prefer Morgan? You both got him from his house and-" Elijah began but he was cut off.

"I know, but we both met him down at the train station." Reid nodded quickly,"I'd rather you were with me."

Elijah was well aware that Nathan never intended to meet him at the train station. He was there for Reid, not SSA Deans... But he couldn't say no to Reid.

"Okay, I'll come with you." Elijah hummed,"Can't say no to that face."

Elijah loved watching Reid try and hide the little smiles he got after compliments. If anything, it made him even more cute, if that was possible. Elijah shook his head to clear his thoughts as both he and Reid entered the Interrogation Room. He had time for gushing about Reid later, now he had to interview a possible serial killer.

"I didn't kill those girls, I swear." Nathan shook his head.

"Nathan, if you didn't do it, how did you know details of the murder?" Elijah questioned as he paced around Nathan while Reid sat down in front of him.

"'Cause I saw the body... It was early, it was before school. She- She was dressed in red, she'd been stabbed a lot and her hair was all chopped off." Nathan told him.

"Where was that?" Elijah stopped pacing, instead leaning against the table.

"In an alley off of K Street. They take men down there for sex. I see them do it all the time." Nathan shook his head.

"What were you doing down there?" Reid asked.

"I don't know. I just sort of... End up there sometimes." Nathan shrugged,"You know, I stay out all night and I just come back in the morning. And if my mom's at work, I don't even bother coming home."

"Why didn't you call the police?" Reid raised a brow.

"I don't know.." Nathan was looking down.

Elijah sighed, "Nathan, the prostitutes I spoke to said that you watch them."

"I've never touched them." Nathan insisted.

"Do you fantasize about having sex with them?" Elijah tilted his head.

"No, I told you. I think about killing them." Nathan shook his head,"Look, after the lecture I saw you at the metro stop a few times and I thought maybe you could help me."

"How?" Reid asked him.

"I don't know. I saw that body and I felt... Excited. And that really scared me." Nathan admitted.

"Is it possible that you actually killed those prostitutes, but you just don't want to admit it to yourself?" Elijah crossed his arms.


"Then why did you run away from us?" Reid tilted his head.

"Because... I don't know, I thought you'd say I was crazy and there's no way to stop it.." Nathan finally looked up at them properly.


After Nathan had been taken away by the authorities to be held overnight and evaluated, they all headed to the Conference Room. If he wasn't their Unsub, they'd need a working profile.

"D.C police sent us these photos of the first victim." JJ clicked the remote and the pictures appeared on screen.

"This was the Unsub's first kill. He held his urges in check for three months and when he couldn't control them anymore, he sent this message to the cops." Hotch explained, referring to the 'Help' carved on the victim's stomach,"We know the 'Help' and the hesitation marks mean he was ambivalent about the kill. What we don't know is why he chopped her hair."

"He didn't take it with him. We know it's not a trophy." Morgan pointed.

"It's probably a way to minimize some of their power, robs them if their femininity." Gideon nodded.

"That fits with him killing during the early morning. It's the time when prostitutes have the least power sexually, as opposed to a night were he might see them as on the prowl." Reid agreed.

"Hey, I know we're just spitballing here, but this profile points to Nathan Harris." Emily raised her pen.

"I don't want to hear about Nathan Harris." Hotch shook his head.

"Hotch, she is right. He reached out for help." Elijah pointed out,"This is adolescent boy. He's probably intimidated sexually. I don't really care how many times he said he didn't do it. He knew about the last victim and admitted to getting off on seeing her dead."

"We've got Nathan Harris. It doesn't do us any good to talk about him now." Hotch spoke firmly, enough to shut Elijah up,"I just want to make sure that if its not him, we stay on top of this thing before it takes on a life of it's own."

"Alright, alright. We know the Unsub is a sexual sad*st." Gideon began.

"The symbolism of stabbing them most likely means that he's impotent." Fleur added.

"The only way he can get off is by killing." Morgan nodded.

"Considering that cutting their hair and killing during the early morning both stem from feeling powerless, there's a chance his pathology is more than sexual." Reid contiued.

"What do you mean?" JJ looked up at him.

"This is D.C. Power is the most important commodity." Reid explained,"Maybe this guy feels impotent in his professional life as well."

"But why these particular women?" Elijah sighed.

"The simplest answer is that he has access." Reid answered.

"Well, Northwest D.C has three major hubs of prostitution. Near Florida Avenue, off Logan Circle, and MacPherson Square, where the victims were found." JJ put the locations up on the screen.

"Probably works in or around Capitol Hill." Gideon nodded.

"I'll go back out on the street in the morning and see if any of these women know anyone that fits that description." Fleur offered.

"Good. It's late, let's go home." Hotch looked around at them all.

"Uh, shouldn't we get word out to the papers?" JJ asked as she stood up.

"Not yet."

"It's not too late to make the morning edition-" JJ tried.

"I said no." Hotch shook his head and walked off.


It was the next evening. Another prostitute had been killed while Nathan was in custody which meant he wasn't the Unsub, but he'd still been evaluated earlier in the day.. And now he was gone. Elijah and Reid were slowly driving down the street, looking for him.

"He's got to be out here, right? Where else would he be?" Reid asked.

"I still can't believe his mother's not put here searching for him." Elijah shook his head.

"I told her it would be better if she waited for him at home." Reid looked out of the window.

Elijah sighed,"Spencer, you know this isn't your responsibility."

"It is." Reid insisted,"I can't explain."

"Well, try me."

"He knows that I understand him." Reid looked back over at him.

"Well, of course you do. You're a profiler." Elijah nodded.

"It's more than that." Reid told him.

"How?" Elijah raised a brow.

"..I know what it's like to be afraid of your own mind." Reid admitted before shaking his head, changing the subject with a small smile,"What's up with Hotch today?"

Elijah chuckled,"I don't know. Maybe he tied that knot in his tie too tight again."

Reid laughed and Elijah just watched with a smile, taking it all in. He'd made Reid laugh and he got to see him smile once more. This brief joy was interrupted though as Elijah's phone rang. Gideon.

"Yes, sir?" He answered.

"You've gotta hurry over here, wherever you two are." Gideom sighed.

"Why's that?" Elijah asked.

"We just found another body." He told him.

"Alright, we're on our way." Elijah hung up.

"What is it?" Reid asked him..

"Reid, they just found another body." Elijah shook his head, quickly turning the car.

As the boys arrived at the scene it was.. Different from all the others. Not in a back alley and at night. No cut hair and no message either.

"Well, I'd say he's getting bolder." Elijah commented.

"If it's the same Unsub." Gideon shook his head.

"You think it could've been Nathan?" Reid asked slowly.

"This kill was fast and messy." Gideon nodded.

"There's cut hair, no message carved." Elijah pointed.

"Not to mention killing at night. None of this is out Unsub's signature." Gideon turned to Reid.

"Excuse me, Agent." A police officer walked up to Reid,"They found the boy you're looking for."

Elijah and Reid exchanged a look before they both followed the officer to.. A church. Reid eagerly headed inside but... Elijah hesitated. He didn't want to enter. He knew he had to, but he couldn't. He didn't want to go back.

"Elijah, are you coming?" Reid had stopped and was looking back at him.

"Right- Yeah." Elijah shook his head and followed Reid inside, keeping his eyes laser focused on the floor.

You'll be fine. Just stay calm. You're fine.

"Says he's been here for four hours." The officer told them as he walked past.

Elijah briefly looked up and noticed Nathan sat in one of the pews. Reid walked forward and sat beside Nathan. They were talking but.. Elijah heard none of it as he hovered nearby, hand on the back of a pew to keep himself stable. He just kept repeating it in his head. You're fine.

"Are you going to cuff me?" He heard Nathan ask.

Reid looked up at Elijah who had seemingly composed himself enough to look normal. Elijah pulled a set of handcuffs from his jacket pocket and handed them to Reid. Both Reid and Nathan then stood up, Nathan with his hands out, ready to be cuffed.

"Do you want to know what I've been doing all night?" He asked them.

"Mhm." Reid nodded as he cuffed Nathan's wrists.

"Just been sitting here thinking... The only way for me to save people's lives in the future... Is to kill myself." Nathan answered.

Reid looked up at Nathan quietly, then back at Elijah before the pair lead Nathan from the church.


After arresting the actual Unsub, Ronald Weems, the team headed back to the Headquarters. Elijah watched from afar as Reid and Nathan talked briefly, a goodbye. He waited for a few minutes after noticing how down Reid looked just sitting there.. And he decided he'd make his first move.

Elijah walked over to where Reid was sat, sitting his bag on his desk,"Come on, Pretty boy. You and Me. We're hitting the town."

"No offense, Elijah, but I'm not really feeling like I'd make the best company right now." Reid looked up at him.

"Oh, not a chance. Up." Elijah tapped on the back of his chair, getting no response,"Up! Don't make me hurt you."

Reid chuckled, finally getting up,"Happy?"

"Happy." Elijah hummed as he picked up his bag,"Now let's go have some fun."

Elijah smiled as he and Reid let the Headquarters, heading for his car in the parking lot.

"Have you met Dolly?" Elijah asked as they walked,"You like?"

"Oh- I do." Reid nodded.

"Had this baby since I was at college." Elijah tapped her hood,"She's as reliable as the sunrise."

Just as they were about to get in, Reid's phone rang.

"Hello?" Reid answered, Elijah walking to his side,"What? Oh, God.. Uh.."

"Reid, what is it?" Elijah asked quietly,"Who is it?"

"Stay- Stay where you are. I'm calling an ambulance." Reid hung up,"I need you to drive Elijah."

"Yeah- Yeah." Elijah nodded quickly as they both got into his car.

Elijah was barely paying attention to where they were going. He didn't know what was going on, he just went where Reid told him to. They arrived at a motel and ran in, Elijah almost out of breath as they reach the open door... On the bed was Nathan, bleeding out. He'd cut his wrists.

"He started slashing himself up." The prostitute stood in the corner cried.

"Oh, dear lord." Elijah shook his head, already taking off his scarf.

"Elijah, give me your scarf. Tie it around him as tight as you can." Reid instructed and Elijah complied as he turned to the woman,"Get anything at all. A belt."

"Don't.." Nathan mumbled.

"I'm not letting you die, kid." Elijah shook his head.

"Tie it! Is it tight? Make it tight."

"Here, take it." The woman ran back over with a belt.

Elijah quickly took it and began wrapping the wrist that Reid was applying pressure to.

"Where are the paramedics?" Reid looked around.

"Stop.. Don't.." Nathan spoke softly again.

"I'm going to keep putting pressure on them." Reid nodded slowly before yelling,"Where are the medics?!"

"I don't know!" Elijah snapped back.

"Don't." Nathan repeated.

"I'm not going to let you die.." Reid was close to tears.

"You can let go now." The paramedic told Reid as they walked in,"Sir?"

"Reid." Elijah looked at him.

"Let go, sir." The paramedic instructed.

Reid nodded slowly as he let go of Nathan, letting the paramedics work on him.

"Let's wait outside.. Yeah?" Elijah gently took Reid's hand, both of their hand were stained with Nathan's blood.

Reid nodded slowly although he didn't speak. The pair waited outside, wiping down their hands with cloths as the paramedics loaded Nathan into an ambulance.

"Hey.. Come here." Elijah held his arms out.

Reid looked down before we walked up to Elijah, wrapping his arms around him tightly.

"You saved his life, Reid. He's okay. It's all going to be okay." Elijah assured him, rubbing his back.

"..Thank you." Reid closed his eyes.

"I'm always going to be here." Elijah told him,"I promise."

Chapter 8: Chapter 7 - Profiler Profiled


When Morgan and Fleur head back to Morgan's hometown for his mother's birthday, he is arrested for murder and the team must work hard to clear his name.

Chapter Text

Elijah was sat at his desk, doodling little cats on the pages of his notebook which he.. Well, be rarely used it for note-taking. Earlier, Fleur and Morgan had left for Chicago. Reid told him he always goes for his mother's birthday and this year he decided to invite Fleur.

"Elijah, you're missing Reid's magic trick." JJ called him over.

"Oh, lemme see." Elijah hurried over to the desk, looking down at the fuzziness capsule.

"Okay, just wait.." Reid pointed as Garcia came over.

"Nothing's happening." JJ looked down at it.

"Shh, just- Wait!" Reid pointed.

That's when the capsule shot up into the air, causing Garcia and JJ to shout in surprise.

Although Emily had just walked in, the capsule hitting her in the head,"Oh!"

"I'm so sorry, Emily." Reid shook his head as Elijah burst out laughing.

"What was that?" Emily held her head.

"Don't you recognize a rocket when you see one?" Garcia giggled.

"I was merely demonstrating a physics law. I-I didn't mean to hit-" Reid stammered as he began to explain himself.

"Oh, show me." Emily smiled as she walked over.

"Alright- Please... Can you all turn around?" Reid hummed.

"Turn around?" Emily raised a brow.

"Yeah, he's not going to show you how it's done." JJ shook her head.

"A magician doesn't reveal his secrets." Reid told them as they turned.

"I thought you said it was physics." Emily turned back.

"Physics magic." Reid pointed.

"Trust me, it will not do you any good to argue with him, my dear." Elijah patted her shoulder.

Reid then set up his little trick,"Alright, turn back and observe."

The group watched as the little capsule sizzled... Before it shot into the air again! But this time... It landed at Hotch's feet.

All the girls began walking away as Hotch lifted the capsule up,"Physics magic?"

"Yes, sir." Reid nodded as Elijah placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Reid, we talked about this." Hotch walked over, placing the capsule on his desk.

"I'm sorry, sir." Reid looked down.

"You're starting to get some distance on those." Hotch nodded and walked off.

"So he does have a sense of humor?" Emily asked.

"Sometimes." Reid shrugged.

"Took me a little while to figure that one out too." Elijah hummed.

"Hey, where's Morgan?" Emily looked around.

"And Fleur, actually." JJ blinked,"Elijah?"

"Chicago." Elijah answered,"Morgan told me he goes every year for his mother's birthday and he invited Fleur this time."

"Letting the mother meet the 'good friend'. Exciting." Garcia hummed.

"I miss them." Elijah sighed.

"They'll be back soon." Reid assured him, patting his arm.

Elijah smiled,"That's good."


Elijah hummed as he wrapped a towel around his waist. The day had been uneventful, no cases and so he'd headed home that evening quite relaxed and gone for a shower. But as he headed back to his bedroom, he heard his phone ringing from inside. Elijah quickly hurried in to answer it in case it was work.. But it was Fleur.

"Yes, darling?" Elijah answered the phone,"What is it?"

"We have an issue, a big one." Fleur sighed, sounding clearly panicked and distressed.

"What's the issue? What's wrong?" Elijah crossed his arms.

"This cop turned up- He arrested Derek. You and the team need to get down here." Fleur told him.

"I'll be there as fast as I can, and I'll make sure the others are too." Elijah assured her,"Just try to stay calm, we'll sort this out."

"I'm gonna stay with Fran and his sisters, call me once you're here." Fleur held her head.

"I will, darling."

"Love you, Eli." Fleur hung up.

Elijah sighed and sat his phone down, trying to quickly dry himself and pull on some clothes before he picked up the phone once more, calling Hotch. He'd rather speak to Hotch than Gideon.

"Deans?" Hotch answered,"It's late, what is it?"

"Fleur just called me from Chicago. Morgan's in trouble." Elijah told him,"She said he's been arrested."

"Arrested?" Hotch asked, falling silent for a few seconds before he spoke again,"Get to the Headquarters, I'll contact everyone else."

"Will do, sir." Elijah nodded as Hotch hung up.

Muffin meowed as he jumped up on the bed, Horatio following soon after. They were ready for a bedtime cuddle session.

"I'm sorry, boys. Daddy has to go to work." Elijah sighed.

Muffin meowed, rubbing against Elijah's side. Elijah sighed and stroked him before he hurried out of his room, shoved on his shoes and grabbed his car keys on the way out of the house.


"Special Agent Hotchner, I'm with the FBI. I'm looking for Detective Gordinski." Hotch announced as the team walked in, holding up his badge.

"I got this, Chuck. How you guys doing? I'm Wally Dennison, CPD." Dennison walked over.

"Where's Agent Morgan?" Elijah asked.

"Detective Gordinski's in with the suspect now." Dennison nodded.

"I need to see him." Hotch stated.

"When my partner is finished talking to him." Dennison put his hands on his hips.

"I have your superintendent's personal cell number. And in the interest of not running roughshod over another police agency, I've resisted calling him for now." Hotch crossed his arms,"I need to see Agent Morgan now."

"I'll get Gordinski, he's the primary." Dennison walked off.

"I don't like them calling him a suspect." Elijah shook his head.

"Me neither." Hotch sighed.

After a while, Gordinski walked over to the group.

"Detective Gordinski, CPD."

"You think an FBI Agent, a BAU Profiler committed a homicide?" Hotch asked.

"Actually, it's three murders at least, over fifteen years." Gordinski corrected.

"You think he's a serial killer?" Fleur scoffed.

"This is ridiculous." Reid nodded.

"Has he been charged with anything?" Hotch raised a brow.

"I got seventy-two hours for that." Gordinski shrugged.

"I'd like to see him."

"Be my guest, right this way." Dennison lead Hotch off.

"Agent Gideon, right? I owe you a big thank you, I had no suspects at all until you looked over my case for me and sent me this profile." Gordinski grabbed a file and handed it to him,"Everything in it leads to that son of a bitch, Derek Morgan."

"The f*ck did you just call him?" Elijah cursed as Gideon looked down at the file.

Elijah hadn't known Morgan for long, barely a year. But he wasn't going to take Morgan being treated like this. He knew about serial killers... And Morgan wasn't one of them.

"He's had it out for Derek since he was a kid." Fleur sighed.

Elijah nodded slowly and held his hand out to Fleur. She looked up at him and took it, squeezing it tightly.

"I profiled him?" Gideon asked.

"It's all right there." Gordinski nodded.

"Detecive, a profile is just a guide." Reid shook his head.

"Yeah, well this one guided me to him." Gordinski pointed.

"They're really more useful in the elimination of suspects, rather than the inclusion." Emily sighed.

"That's not the way you presented it to me." Gordinski turned to Gideon.

"If I confused you, I'm sorry." Gideon chuckled.

"Ha, I'm not confused at sll." Gordinski smiled.

"I think you are." Elijah muttered.

"Look, whatever is in here that made you consider Agent Morgan a suspect has to be a coincidence. You can't rely solely on this." Gideon pointed to the file.

"You're right, I'm not." Gordinski told him before he began to explain,"Fifteen years ago, I was a new Detective. One of my first cases was a black kid, twelve or thirteen years old, found strangled in a vacant lot near here."

"The boy was a John Doe, right?" Gideon asked.

"Still unidentified to this day." Gordinski nodded.

"A twelve year old kid that no one reported missing?" Fleur crossed her arms.

"Ever. Four years ago, another body turns up. Same MO. Worked that case just as hard, came up with just as much nothing." Gordinski continued,"Nobody in the area had ever seen the kid before."

"No ones looking for these kids?" JJ asked.

"Then a few months back, I attended a seminar that you taught at CPF Headquarters." Gordinski looked over at Gideon,"I told you about my case. You send to send you the files. You'd look them over."

"So... What even is this profile?" Elijah raised a brow.

"There are about three million people in Chicago." Gordinski began,"Your profile said I was looking for a black male, twenty-five to thirty-five, with a knowledge to the area. Non-threatening to children. Either he knows them or is normal enough that he doesn't scare them."

"No disrespect but it's still looking a little vague there, sir." Elijah commented.

Gordinski continued,"A probable criminal record. It also said the way the body was placed gently on a mattress, not just tossed on the ground, indicated someone who was probably consumed with guilt, especially for the first victim. Your exact words are, 'With a guilt ridden offender, the BAU postulates that the first victim is the most important and the Unsub may still visit the place of the crime or even the victim himself.' Care to guess who visits my first victim everytime he's in town?"

"He can't just be visiting the victim. There must be more than that." Gideon shook his head.

"Sure. You said the Unsub might try to inject himself into the investigation, keep tabs on it. Morgan has called our Headquarters many times since he joined the Bureau, always about this case."

"So wait, he talked to you about it?" Fleur tilted her head.

"Headquarters. He'd never call me." Gordinski shook his head,"After I got your profile, I checked airline records. Turns out, Derek had just left Chicago when the other body turned up."

"Show us all your evidence." Fleur told him.

Gordinski lead them into a room with boards and his 'evidence',"Then yesterday, another kid ends up dead and the last person he was with was Derek Morgan. In the kid's pocket, was one of his FBI business cards, his cell number written on the back of it. In fact, every time Morgan's in town, he hangs out with kids."

"This is all just coincidence." JJ scoffed.

"A hell of a lot of coincidences." Gordinski pointed.

"It's purely circ*mstantial." Emily shrugged.

"So's a fingerprint." Gordinski shrugged,"Did I mention that Morgan found the body in 1991? Hidden way back in a vacant lot? Now, don't you teach that when a body's hard to find, the person finding it is always a suspect?"

"There are key pieces of the profile that don't fit, Detective. The age, twenty-five to thirty-five. Morgan was fifteen or so at the time." Reid stated.

"It also says that age is hardest to predict and that I should never exclude someone simply because of a discrepancy with age." Gordinski countered.

"What about the speculation that since he didn't manage to leave any evidence at the scene of the crime, that he most likely has a criminal record or previous law enforcement knowledge? Derek wasn't even in the Bureau yet when the first body was found." Reid explained.

"He may not have had a knowledge of law enforcement but Derek Morgan definitely had a criminal record." Gordinski crossed his arms.

Elijah looked him up and down,"Somehow I'm struggling to belive you "

Gordinski waved Elijah off and walked back to his desk.

Fleur turned to Gideon,"Let me talk to Gordinski, tell him exactly what Derek and I have done since we got here."

"I would, but I doubt he'd believe you. We're dealing with a desperate detective." Gideon sighed,"Three dead boys with no evidence at all, so he applies the profile to someone he already suspects."

"One begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts." Reid quoted,"It's one of Sherlocks Holmes favourite quotes."

"We need to figure out who actually killed these boys before they decide to charge Morgan." Gideon shook his head.

"What do you want us to do?" Emily asked.

"The last victim was someone Morgan was seen with. Conveniently, Morgan was already a suspect in the other two." Elijah looked up at her from his chair.

"Someone set him up." Fleur nodded,"I was with Derek, he didn't do this."

"We should consider Morgan a victim." Gideon agreed,"Howards, you Reid and Deans go talk to his family, learn about him, especially around the time of the first murder."

"I can drive there." Fleur nodded.

"Okey-doke, lead the way." Elijah hummed.

"Let me come with you, police escort." Dennison walked up.

"No, thank you." Fleur hummed.

"Actually, I think it would be a good idea." Gideon told her.

"Right." Fleur muttered, turning to Dennison as they walked out to the car,"Have you checked out Rodney Harris? The gangb*nger?"

"Not yet." He responded.

"He's trouble, you should." Fleur shrugged.


"Fran, I've brought some friends... Is it okay if we just look through some of Derek's things? We need to clear him." Fleur sighed to Derek's mother.

"Is Derek okay?" Fran asked her.

"Yeah, he wouldn't let us go down there." Sarah sighed.

"Our boss is with him, he's okay." Fleur assured him.

Sarah then handed the two boys some cake from the night before.

"Thank you, darling." Elijah hummed.

"Did he tell you Gordinski's been harassing him since he was a kid?" Sarah asked.

"Why's that?" Reid ate his cake.

"Well, you'd have to ask that bastard." Sarah shrugged.

"Oh, Sarah." Fran shook her head.

"It's true." Sarah told her.

"Sure, it's true." Dennison rolled his eyes.

"What are you even doing in my mother's house?" Sarah questioned.

"They asked me." Dennison sighed.

"Not really." Fleur shook her head.

"I don't understand how they think he could do this." Fran sighed.

"Someone may be trying to make it look like he hurt those kids." Fleur explained.

"And the police believe that?" Sarah questioned.

"Just following the evidence." Dennison muttered.

"He's an FBI Agent." Desiree pointed.

"Actually, law enforcement officials are just as probable statistically to commit a crime as anyone else. Look at the cross section of a society. There's a general population and a small fraction of this percentage is-" Reid rambled.

"He's not actually saying we believe Derek is involved with this." Elijah cut him off as he took a bite of cake.

"Oh, no, no! Yeah, not at all! I'm merely speaking theoretically." Reid nodded.

"You're Doctor Reid, right? And Elijah?" Desiree asked.

"Mhm." Elijah nodded,"That's us."

"Derek talks about you two." Desiree hummed.

"He does?" Reid smiled softly.

"All the time." Desiree nodded.

"Someone may be trying to make it look like this was Derek." Fleur sat down.

"But Derek loves kids." Fran sighed,"Whenever he's here, he always visits the Youth Centre."

"The Youth Centre?" Fleur raised a brow.

"The Upward Youth Centre." Fran nodded.

"Does it have some sort of significance for him?" Reid asked.

"What are you saying, that there's something in it for him other than giving back to the poor kids of the community?" Sarah questioned.

"That is not what we're saying." Elijah instinctively put his arm around Reid.

Elijah immediately regretted his action and bit his cheek. If Gideon saw... But if anything, Reid seemed to lean into his arm so he left it there.

"Sarah, Reid and Elijah are like brothers to Derek. We're all here trying to help, when we ask a question, it isn't to denigrate or demean anything he's done. We just have to know everything, so we can figure out where to look next. Is there a special significance to the Youth Centre?" Fleur sighed.

"The Youth Centre saved his life." Fran told her,"My husband, their father, was killed when he tried to stop a robbery. Derek was with him, he was ten. A year or so later, he started getting into trouble."

"What kind of trouble?" Elijah asked slowly.

"He started running around with older kids. They would give him money to run errands for them. Not drugs, no. Derek would never disgrace his father's memory." Fran sighed.

"But they were gangb*ngers." Sarah pointed.

"So people started looking at Derek like he was one of them. One night he and a friend were attacked by some boys from another gang. Big fight. And one of the other boys' head split open." Fran continued.

"And that was the first time Gordinski arrested him. Now, he wasn't a Detective then, just a street cop and from that day on, whatever happened in the neighborhood, he'd pick Derek up for it." Sarah explained.

"Probably because he was involved." Dennison shrugged.

"Like hell he was." Sarah glared at him.

"Stan never arrested anyone who didn't need arresting." Dennison stood up.

"He did with Derek."

"Until Carl Buford stepped in." Fran nodded.

"Carl Buford?" Reid raised a brow.

"He runs the Youth Centre." Dennison shrugged.

"He took Derek under his wing, mentored him. He became like a surrogate father for him." Fran explained,"He taught him how to play football and that changed Derek's life. He got a scholarship to college with it, got his degree."

"Where is Carl Buford now?" Fleur asked.

"He still runs the Youth Centre." Dennison nodded.

"I'd like to speak to him. Detective, do you think you could take me over there?" Fleur turned to Dennison and he nodded.

"Wait, just you?" Reid asked.

"I thought you and Elijah could stay here and go through the stuff. The Morgans won't mind." Fleur assured him.

"Good idea, yeah." Elijah nodded slowly.


Elijah was stood with Reid and JJ in the station, waiting for Fleur to see if she found anything at the Youth Centre.

"Did you find anything at Derek's?" Fleur asked as the boys walked back into the police station.

"Nothing that would help with the investigation." Elijah sighed,"I got to keep some cake, though."

"It was good cake, wasn't it?" Fleur pointed.

"Very good cake." Reid nodded.

"I made it with Desi and Sarah." Fleur nodded.

"Your mum's taught you well." Elijah smiled as they approached the others.

"Thank you." Fleur hummed before turning to JJ,"What did Garcia find out?"

"Well, Morgan has a criminal record. It was expunged by the judge but.." JJ sighed as she held out a list.

Fleur looked down at the list,"This... This isn't Derek. He's not like that."

Elijah shook his head, as he read over Fleur's shoulder. He made up his mind in that moment. He was going to help Derek.

"He probably gave him them all." She pointed at Girdinski.

"Don't doubt it, darling. Make sure you keep him busy." Elijah whispered as he walked off,"I'll be right back."

Fleur looked at Gordinski before she headed over. Elijah nodded before heading towards the room where Morgan was being held, looking around before entering.

"Elijah? Oh man, am I glad to see you." Morgan sighed.

"I'm getting you out of here." Elijah pointed,"You're innocent and I know it."

"What do the others think?" Morgan asked,"Flo, she doesn't think I did this, right?"

"Of course she doesn't, Fleur's a smart girl." Elijah tossed Morgan his jacket.

"You're gonna get caught, kid." Morgan caught the jacket.

"I don't think so." Elijah shook his head,"Besides, I have to keep my promise."

"What promise?" Morgan asked as he walked over to him.

"I made a promise, the day I decided I wanted to be an FBI Agent." Elijah told him,"I was going to help as many people as I could, to do the right thing."

Morgan patted his arm,"My folks okay?"

"They will be, they don't think you've done this either."

"Thank god." Morgan sighed,"Cover me?"

"Of course." Elijah nodded before he pointed,"Stai attento, stai al sicuro."

Morgan nodded slowly before he checked the hallway and left. After Morgan left, Elijah walked out shortly after, his hands in his pockets.

"What did you do?" Fleur walked over to Elijah.

"I merely helped out my brother." Elijah shrugged.

"Did you... You let him out, didn't you?" Fleur whispered.

Elijah smiled,"No, whatever do you mean?"

"I don't know if I'm happy or mad at you." Fleur sighed.

"Uh, you're happy with me." Elijah patted her shoulder.

"I am happy with you." Fleur held his arm,"But... The others might not be."

"They don't need to know." Elijah shook his head.

"Hey! What, did we turn him loose?" Dennison walked up to everyone.

"What do you mean?" Hotch asked as Gordinski headed towards the room.

"You let him escape?" Gordinski scoffed, walking over.

"Me? Why would I do that?" Elijah hummed.

"I could have you arrested." Gordinski grabbed Elijah's arm.

"Agent Deans hasn't done anything." Hotch sighed.

Elijah smiled,"Besides, he's out there now. You need to go find him."

Gordinski turned away, scoffing.

"All the evidence I have points towards Carl Burford." Fleur crossed her arms.

"And my best guess at where Derek is going... Is to find Buford." Elijah nodded

Fleur then overheard Gordinski telling his officers that Morgan was a threat so she quickly stormed over.

"You tell your officers that he is not a threat." Fleur pointed.

"Like hell I will." He shook his head.

"But this-"

"Listen here, lady. As far as I'm concerned, he is a threat, okay?" Gordinski shook his head before starting to put on his jacket.

"Shout at me again, and I'll show you a threat." Fleur warned and turned around, walking back to the others,"He's beyond reason, we have to find him first."

"Any ideas?" Gideon asked.

"Well, I have one." Elijah raised his hand.


"Morgan's mother said that Buford practically raised him after his father died. Took him on trips, spent all his time with him, basically became a surrogate father." Elijah crossed his arms.

Fleur looked up, a look of realization on her face,"I think I know what he was afraid we'd find."

"Do you remember the way to the Youth Centre?" Elijah asked.

"I do, come on." Fleur nodded.


As the group made their way through the Youth Centre, they heard Carl and Derek speaking.

"I never hurt you, Derek." Carl shook his head,"You could've said no."

"That son of a bitch." Elijah muttered, practically holding Fleur back before she could do any damage to Buford despite how much he deserved it.

"You're under arrest, Carl." Gordinski spoke in shock as he walked forward.

"I've helped a lot of kids." Carl looked over at him as Dennison cuffed him.

"Let's go." Gordinski took Carl's arm, Dennison at the other.

"The neighbourhood won't be the same without me. It'll be worse without the centre." Carl shook his head.

"Somebody will keep this centre running. The neighbourhood will, I will." Morgan nodded.

"Wait- Wait. Wait!" Carl looked into Morgan's eyes,"Derek. Isn't there something you can do for me?"

"You go to hell." Was all Derek said.

Dennison then dragged Carl put of the door. Gordinski lingered behind, looking as if he wanted to say something to Morgan, but he soon followed after Dennison.

"Derek." Fleur ran in, quickly hugging him.

Morgan held Fleur close, shutting is eyes. He was still trying to stay strong, even now.

"It's okay." Fleur assured him,"You can let go."

Morgan hid his face in Fleur's shoulder as he broke down, sobbing.

Fleur sighed and rubbed his back,"He's gone now."

"I'm sorry- For not telling any of you." Morgan told them.

"We understand." Hotch assured him.

"I didn't want you to find out like this.."

"It doesn't matter what happened in the past. You're a good man." Gideon nodded.

"I'd be an asshole if I judged you for what happened." Elijah shook his head.

"We'll leave you two to be alone. We'll be waiting." Hotch told Morgan and Fleur who were still holding each other.

"Thank you." Morgan nodded to them.

Elijah smiled softly at the pair before he turned, going to follow after Gideon and Hotch.

"Elijah." Morgan spoke.

"Hm?" Elijah turned to face him.

"Thank you. I mean it." Morgan told him.

"It was nothing, Derek." Elijah assured him,"I was just doing the right thing."

Morgan and Elijah shared a smile before he left Fleur and Morgan together in the Youth Centre.


"So, are you both alright?" Elijah asked Fleur over the phone, sat on his bed.

"We're alright." Fleur told him,"I just.. Can't believe that any of it happened."

"I know." Elijah sighed,"I'm just glad Morgan's okay."

"Oh- That reminds me. When we were heading home he.. Asked if I wanted to get drinks sometime. Together." Fleur informed him.

Elijah gasped,"Oh, that is amazing. I'm so happy for you, Flo."

"Thanks, Eli." Fleur chuckled,"Maybe Reid will invite you to hang out again... As more than friends."

"Oh hush." Elijah shook his head,"I'll talk to you tomorrow, okay?"

"Okay, okay." Fleur hummed,"Goodnight."

"Goodnight." Elijah nodded, lying back as he hung up.

Elijah sighed, rolling onto his side. He knew it wasn't likely but he was hoping, deep down, that Reid would feel the same way.

Chapter 9: Chapter 8 - The Big Game


The team's night out is interrupted when they're called to Georgia to catch a killer with a religious motive. Tensions also begin to rise between Elijah and another team member over their shared feelings for Reid.

Chapter Text

Elijah looked around as he stood with the girls in the club, by the bar. The lights around flashed and the music blared and they all seemed to be having a great time. Elijah himself was wearing a silky, purple shirt and black trousers, matching his make-up look with eyeliner and some purple eyeshadow dusting his eyelids. Gideon hadn't come on their little night out so he wasn't scared to wear anything.

"I almost forgot how bright it is." Elijah shook his head as he sipped his lemonade.

"You get used to it after a while." Garcia assured him.

"Ooh, Fleur. Look over there." Elijah pointed towards Morgan, dancing with another girl.

"He can dance." Fleur nodded slowly, watching the girl slowly as she drank her drink.

"Oh, I know." He chuckled.

"Just look at him move. He's like a cat." Garcia hummed, watching Morgan.

"I'd say he's more like a dog." Emily shrugged.

"He didn't ask them to dance. They asked him." Fleur pointed.

"And he said yes, obviously, to prove his skill to you." Elijah smirked.

"I'm going to the loo, don't let anyone steal my seat." Garcia stood up.

"Of course, darling." Elijah nodded, covering her drink with his hand as she walked away.

"Do you see that girl's hand?" Fleur pointed.

"The one by Morgan? Oh yes." Emily chuckled.

"I'll be back." Fleur rose from her seat and walked over to the dance floor.

"Show them how it's done, darling." Elijah called to her.

Morgan smirked, turning towards Fleur as he noticed her walking his way.

"Sorry, squeezing through." Fleur danced past some girls, as she took Morgan's hand.

"You ready for the best moment of your evening?" Morgan asked her.

"Don't get too full of yourself." Fleur laughed.

"Spence is forming a crowd." Emily pointed.

"Is that about his Star Trek knowledge drinking game?" Elijah turned.

"Probably." Emily chuckled.

"I'm glad he's having fun." Elijah smiled at him before turning to her,"Well, it looks like it's just us. Have you been having fun at the BAU?"

"I have. Everyone's like family." Emily hummed.

"I'm glad." He smiled,"Us newest members have to stick together."

That's when JJ walked over,"Guys?"

"Yes, darling?" Elijah turned to face her.

"We got a case. Play times over." JJ sighed.

"And just when I thought we'd get a night off." Emily shook her head.

"Oh, we don't get those." Elijah sighed.

"Gather the troops." Emily nodded.

"Fleur, Morgan! Stop flirting with each other, there's work to do." Elijah called to them.

"We're off!" Fleur waved Elijah off as she pulled away from Morgan.

"Aw, we were having so much fun." Morgan chuckled.


"You know it never fails. Just as I'm getting my groove thing going..Bam! We're back at the BAU." Morgan drank his coffee.

Everyone was trying to sober up in the Conference Room, everyone except Elijah and Reid who hadn't drank any alcohol.

"You know, statically, a case doesn't come in with any more frequency if you're at a party or gathering than if you weren't. It's a trick of the mind. We merely remember the ones that came in that way more." Reid explained as Elijah's hand rested beside his on the table.

"Besides, is it really that hard for you to get your 'groove thang' going again?" Fleur laughed.

"Only when he's sleeping." Gideon walked in, taking off his jacket.

As Gideon entered, Elijah moved his hand away from Reid's. He didn't want to risk anything.

"Where were you tonight?" Hotch asked.

"I told you, I went to the Smithsonian." Gideon told him.

"You missed a good time." Emily nodded.

"I had a good time." Gideon shrugged.

"Well that's definitely over." JJ walked in,"Georgia. The Kyles, Dennis and Lacy, were murdered an hour ago in their suburban Atlanta home."

"An hour ago?" Hotch raised a brow.

"The police were on scene unusually fast." JJ told him.

"Why?" Fleur blinked.

"One of the Unsubs called them and told them the other was about to murder the victims." JJ sighed.

"You're kidding." Elijah leaned back in his chair, crossing his arms.

"From inside the house." JJ added, "According to the dispatcher, the first male sounded terrified and begged them to get there because the other, who they both identified as Raphael, was about to kill the 'sinners' that live there."

"Sinners?" Elijah raised a brow.

Elijah could feel himself grow tense at the thought of a case like this. He briefly looked around to see if anyone noticed his unease, but it seemed like he got away with it.

"The 911 Centre is going to send Garcia a copy of the tape." JJ nodded.

"How fast was the police response time?" Reid asked her.

"Four minutes, twenty six seconds. During which time, Raphael managed to do this." JJ showed pictures of the crime.

"Oh-" Garcia looked away.

"In four and a half minutes?" Emily shook her head.

"Mr Kyle is a dot com millionaire. His company is one of the largest employers in the community. There's gonna be media coverage. Also, when they arrived, the police found this displayed prominently on the bed." JJ showed a bible verse on the screen.

"Revelation, chapter six, verse eight." Elijah glanced at it.

"They're killing sinners, these guys are on a mission." Morgan nodded.

"And mission-based killers will not stop killing." Reid shook his head.

"And I looked and beheld a pale horse and his name that sat upon him was death." Elijah looked away,"And Hell followed with him."


"This is a bad one, isn't it?" Emily asked as they sat on the jet.

"Unsubs with a cause are never good." Morgan sighed.

"Pets? I just got the 911 call from the Georgia State Police." Garcia spoke up from the laptop before she played it.

The team listened to the recording, one Unsub talking about another.

"Well Unsub one definitely sounds frightened, maybe he's doing this against his will?" Fleur suggested.

"I doubt it. He whispered." Gideon shook his head.

"He could have called out to save them, instead calling 911." Hotch sighed.

"Not if he had a gun to his head." Elijah shrugged.

"If he had a gun to his head, why would he call 911?" Gideon asked

"The second Unsub said Raphael was going to kill someone. Is there a third?" JJ questioned.

"Refering to oneself in the third person is not uncommon for an Unsub. Ted Bundy gave detailed accounts of his murders but he never admitted to doing it. He would only say 'the killer'." Reid explained.

"Okay, so I'm gonna go ahead and run the name Raphael through the Georgia criminal database as well as our own." Garcia told them.

"Thanks Garcia." Hotch nodded.

"Ever so welcome, my liege." Garcia signed off.

"A killing team on a mission in rural Georgia. We know what that means." Hotch sighed.

"They're not gonna stop until their mission is complete." Morgan shook his head as he looked over the photos.

"We need to hit the ground running. JJ, we need an inside picture of the victims, victimology can be critically important on a mission based spree." Hotch began.

"Already on it." JJ walked off.

"Prentiss, Deans and Howards. Go where the bodies are, examine the wounds. They managed to kill two victims in four and a half minutes. We need to know how."

"You got it." Emily nodded.

"I'm going to Atlanta Field Office and going over case files. It'd be unusual for a first kill to be this efficient." Hotch added.

"Reid, you and Morgan come with me to the crime scene." Gideon looked up at them from his files.

"We land in less than an hour, everyone try and get some rest." Hotch sighed.

Elijah turned to Reid, holding out his arms. He knew he shouldn't have since Gideon was nearby, but he didn't care. Reid chuckled and turned, giving him a hug.

"What are you doing?" Emily blinked.

"We're hugging. What does it look like?" Elijah raised a brow.

"Reid doesn't like touching." Morgan pointed.

"Oh I-I don't mind it. I know Elijah is clean." Reid nodded.

Elijah smiled,"And I like hugs before I try to sleep, makes it easier."

"Cute." Emily hummed.

"Why don't you hug me?" Fleur muttered to Morgan

"Because you didn't ask, hun." Morgan wrapped an arm around her,"See how easy it is when I know you want something?"

Fleur chuckled and leaned into him.

"Sleep, everyone." Gideon sighed.

"Trust me, I'm already on it." Elijah shook his head.

Elijah leaned back in his chair, loosening his grip and expecting Reid to do the same. However, he edged closer and closer still so he was resting against Elijah's shoulder with his arms around him. Elijah smiled softly. He felt warm. Happy.


"They're all long, deep gashes. Each victim has virtually the same wounds. Both throats cut. A vertical gash up one arm from wrist to elbow, and a vertical gash down one leg from crotch to upper thigh." The coroner explained.

"Major arteries." Emily nodded as she checked under the sheet.

"It's damned efficient." He scoffed.

"How much knowledge of human anatomy would someone need to do this?" Elijah asked.

"Anyone with a basic understanding of the body knows where these arteries are." The coroner nodded.

"And do you have any idea which of these wounds was inflicted first?" Emily raised a brow.

"Well... There was active blood flow from each of the wounds, so they were probably all delivered about the same time. With any of these wounds, the victim would bleed out quickly, almost like an animal at slaughter... No, exactly like an animal at slaughter. A deer, or a lamb or cow, something like that. You cut the throat first then sometimes open up other major arteries to assist in draining the carcass." He explained.

"So maybe a hunter?" Fleur suggested.

"Or a farmer." Elijah shrugged.

"Pretty much anyone in rural Georgia." The coroner sighed.


The team were listening to the Unsubs talking on the phone, all back at the main office.

'He says the world is a cesspool. Greed. Lust. Disease.'

"That sounds like Unsub number one." Emily pointed.

'He says redemption must be sought. We must all repent.'

"And the 'he' being referred to is Raphael?" Hotch raised a brow.

"Or God." Elijah sighed.

"It's not God. It's someone sitting right there next to him telling this guy what to say." Morgan pointed.

'As the Lord God spoke in Leviticus 26:18.'

"That's a new voice." Fleur realised.

'And if ye will not yet for all this hearken onto me, I will punish you seven times more for your sins.'

"A third unsub?" Emily asked.

"Could be recorded from a religious program or sermon." Morgan shrugged.

"Punish you seven times." JJ nodded slowly.

"Five more victims." Gideon sighed.

"These images were shot from the exact spot on the dresser where that computer sat." Morgan pointed.

"So if this video came from that computer's camera, then what, did the Unsubs bring it with them?" Hotch asked.

"As far as I can tell, this computer belonged to the Kyles." Reid spoke up,"Garcia can do a better analysis but it has their banking statements vacation photos.."

"One goes into the room and goes after Mr Kyle. Did the other Unsub turn the camera on?" Hotch raised a brow.

"We might be asking the wrong question. This video, this message, it's important. They want the world to see this, clearly they need it, but they didn't bring a camera with them." Gideon shook his head.

Reid stared at the computer for a second before standing up and whispering,"Agent Franks? Does this building have wireless Internet?"

"Yeah, why?" Franks turned to him.

"The camera is on right now." Reid looked at them all,"The computer has connected itself to the Internet, it's streaming a video feed somewhere."

"Can we trace the stream to the destination?" Hotch asked.

"If we keep it open, Garcia might be able to-" Reid began but the computer began beeping.

Everyone gathered around as the computer went dark, words appearing on the screen, 'The armies of Satan shall not prevail.' before abruptly shutting down.

"And... It's turned off." Elijah sighed.

"So they're controlling it remotely?" Hotch crossed his arms.

"Is that even possible?" Emily asked.

"You can totally access someone's computer remotely. It's actually done a lot today. When a mortal calls for tech support, instead of giving you instructions, the tech can work on your computer from wherever she is." Garcia explained over the phone.

"And they maintain the access even after the work is done?" Hotch raised a brow.

"They're not supposed to, but I suppose they could install a Trojan horse." Garcia shrugged.

"It's something left in the computer to be turned on the later. It's the same way web browsers get pop-up ads onto your computer." Reid informed them.

"Check the phone records and see if they called tech support in the last six months." Hotch told Garcia.

"Right-o. Oh! And if you can get my the Kyle's laptop, I can search the drive for anything implanted there." Garcia hummed.

"Fast as we can." He nodded.

"By the way, this video? It's gone crazy viral." Garcia added.

"What does that mean?" Gideon asked.

"That means it's the most downloaded video on the entire internet. Worldwide." She explained,"And judging by the responses embedded in the files, people seem to think its pretty cool."

"Call us if you find anything on the Kyle's computer." Hotch nodded.

"Yeah." Garcia hung up.

"Murder is entertainment?" Gideon blinked.

"They probably don't even realise it's real." JJ shook her head,"People see so many images online every day. They probably think it's marketing for a horror film or something."

"The UnSubs are right about one thing. The world is pretty screwed up." Morgan sighed.

"So, what do we have so far?" Hotch asked.

"Well, the killings are clinically efficient. And they have the earmarks of a slaughter as in an animal." Fleur began.

"Or a sacrifice." Elijah crossed his arms.

"We haven't been able to find anything in Federal or State databases that suggests similar crimes. As far as I can tell, it's the first in the series." Hotch sighed.

"At least one member of the team may believe he's killing in the name of God, which suggest a psychopathy that should display extreme amounts of disorganization. Yet there are forensic countermeasures and somebody in control enough to do complex computer work." Reid contiued,"One member of the team is organized, the other is incredibly disorganized but what's strange is the one that we would consider to be most in control, the one who made the phone call can't seem to stop the other from killing. Usually the frenzied personality takes direction from the cooler head."

"Let's look at that. UnSub One called the police before the killing, but he didn't have time for them to get there. Is the phone call just a defense in case of capture? Maybe he didn't want to stop the other, but he did whatever he had to do to cover himself." Morgan suggested.

"So, what do we have so far?" Gideon looked around at everyone,"Not enough."


"So Franks is right. None of the open knife cases fit." JJ sighed.

"Tell me there's a 'but'." Hotch turned to her.

"I looked at it a different way. I looked for unsolved home invasions. Three months ago there was a prowler called in directly outside of the Kyle's house." She explained.

"A prowler?" Elijah raised a brow.

"The witness was walking his dog in a nearby park. He saw a man in dark clothing go over the back wall and start sneaking up to the house. By the time the police got there, the prowler was gone."

"Only one man?" Hotch asked.

"Apparently." She nodded.

"Was the witness able to describe him?" Reid questioned.

"If he did, it's not in this case file." JJ sighed.

"Is there a name and address for the witness?" Hotch asked her.

"Tobias Hankel, lives about an hour from here." JJ looked at the file.

"It's a long shot but he might be able to give us a description. Reid, Deans, why don't you head out there? See if you can find Mr Hankel and see if he remembers something." Hotch turned to Reid and Elijah.

"On it." Reid got up, the two boys leaving the room.

Finally they were alone.

"A little moment of peace, how often to we get these?" Elijah asked as they walked.

"Not very often." Reid hummed, looking around,"Are you alright?"

"Of course I'm alright." Elijah nodded,"Why do you ask?"

"I noticed how tense you seemed when you first realized this was a religious case. And when we were dealing with Nathan's case, you paused before we entered the church." Reid explained.

Elijah stopped walking, looking off to the side,"It's just.. My mother was very religious."

"I see." Reid nodded slowly.

"She was stubborn too, always the one in the right." Elijah sighed as he began walking again,"But it's fine."

"Are you sure?"

Elijah smiled, putting an arm around Reid's shoulder,"I'm sure."

"Boys." JJ interrupted them, running up.

"What's up, Jen?" Elijah turned to her, letting his arm drop.

"Hotch actually needs you to stay here, I'm to go with Spence instead." JJ nodded.

"Oh- Well, alright then." Elijah sighed, looking over at Reid,"Have fun, pretty boy."

"Bye Eli." Reid waved.

Elijah nodded and watched the pair walk off before he walked back to where Hotch was, hands in his pockets.

"Deans, I thought you were going to see Hankel with Reid?" Hotch turned.

"Well, I was- But JJ said you needed me to stay here." Elijah furrowed his brow.

"Maybe she just got confused." Hotch sighed,"It's fine, you can help me."

Elijah crossed his arms,"Yeah- Yeah, that's fine.."


There had been another murder, the rest of the team headed out to the house, Fleur and Elijah heading upstairs.

Elijah sighed as he put his gloves on,"I need to ask you a question, Fleur. And I want you to answer honestly."

"Yeah?" Fleur put her gloves on.

"Do you think JJ likes Reid?" Elijah asked as they walked into the bedroom where the dead man was.

"JJ? Maybe like a year or two ago but I don't think so now." Fleur shook her head,"Why?"

"Because she lied to me, that's why I'm here." Elijah sighed,"I was supposed to interview a witness with Reid but she called me back, said Hotch wanted me to stay so she had to go."

"Do you want me to talk to her when she comes back?" Fleur turned to him.

"Definitely, because if I try, you know I will lose it." Elijah pointed.

"Consider it done. I'll talk to her." Fleur nodded, crouching down to inspect the body.

"Don't look now, but we're on Candid Camera." Elijah muttered, kneeling beside her.

"Mhm." Fleur sighed.

The laptop behind the two was facing directly where the body was. Elijah shook his head, standing up.

The two then left the room, Fleur grabbing her phone and texting Garcia,"I'll get her to try and trace it."

"Good idea." Elijah nodded as they walked out of the house, meeting up with Hotch.

"So what does this new behavior tell us?" He asked.

"There was only one Unsub this time?" Fleur suggested,"Raphael, alone?"

"Not if he's the psychotic, he wouldn't be capable of operating this efficiently." Hotch shook his head,"Someone was here who could control himself and make sure no evidence was left behind."

"At the first crime, Unsub one called the police, right? This time it was Raphael. Why?" Elijah crossed his arms.

"It's like the phone call is necessary. It's part of the signature." Fleur shook her head.

"Have we ever seen this in case history?" Hotch asked.

"A mixture of extreme psychosis and a controlled individual? No." Elijah answered,"One of the most common indicators of extreme psychosis is solitude."

"They don't exactly play well with the others." Fleur shrugged.

"Was Garcia able to find anything on a 'Raphael' in the records?" Gideon asked as he walked over.

"Not yet." Elijah shook his head.

"So why is he naming himself? Twice? He's certainly not worried about us getting that name. In fact, he wants us to know it." Gideon sighed.

"An alias?" Fleur tilted her head.

"Or Raphael doesn't actually exist." Gideon nodded slowly.

"So we're not looking for a team.." Elijah asked, a realization suddenly hitting him,"Raphael's the name of one of the archangels."

"Meaning.." Fleur motioned for him to continue

"We may have one Unsub, suffering from the delusion that he's actually an archangel." Elijah shook his head,"We're probably dealing with one Unsub, not two."

"Well, if Mrs Douglas is Jezebel, there's an especially unpleasant death in her future." Hotch sighed.

"That's one way to put it." Elijah muttered.

"Your name was in that bible verse." Fleur pointed.

"I've read it, multiple times." Elijah shook his head,"It was my mother's favourite book, the Bible."

"She seems... Horrid."

"You're telling me. I lived with her for eighteen years."


"Garcia is running voice analysis on the first phone call to see if there actually are two voices. She's also going to peel the third voice off the videotape and see where that gets her." Morgan explained to the team as they came back.

"We should have a copy of that latest call brought here within the hour." An officer told them.

"Thanks." Hotch nodded.

"Hotchner, your tech from Quantico is on the phone." Another officer told him.

"Garcia?" Hotch answered the phone, putting it on speaker.

"Jeez, don't you people answer your cell phoned anymore?" Garcia groaned.

"We were driving back to Atlanta through the countryside, spotty cell signal." Hotch shook his head.

"If you think that first video went viral fast, the second one is going through the stratosphere." She sighed.

"Second video?" Hotch raised a brow.

"There's a new video from our psycho. I'm downloading it myself now. Some of these upload sites get more than a million hits a day."

"Get it on a monitor here as soon as you can." Hotch sighed.

After a short while, Garcia sent it over. The video had the Unsub speaking, reciting the Bible verse with Mrs Douglas tied in what looked like a barn while dogs were heard in the background before... They went for Mrs Douglas.

"Jezebel's death." Elijah sighed.

"Oh my god." Fleur looked away.

"You can turn it off." Hotch shook his head.

"No, wait." Franks stopped Fleur from turning it off.

"What?" Fleur blinked.

"You haven't seen enough?" Morgan scoffed.

"Those dogs... Those three dogs attacked someone a month ago." He pointed,"I would've had them impounded but the victim knew the owner. A neighbor, he didn't want to press charges."

"You're sure?" Gideon asked.

"With God as my witness." Franks nodded.

"What do the dogs look like?" Fleur looked up at him.

"Three mangy mixes. I knew those dogs looked sick so I put in a call to animal control." He took out a notepad,"Ah, here it is."

"Do you have the owner's name?" Hotch looked over his shoulder.


"Hankel?" Elijah blinked.

"Tobias Hankel." Franks nodded.

"sh*t." Elijah muttered.

"Why?" Morgan looked at Elijah,"What's wrong?"

"JJ and Reid are there now." Hotch cursed.

Chapter 10: Chapter 9 - Revelations


With Reid kidnapped by their Unsub, the team works tirelessly to find him before it's too late.

Chapter Text

They soon arrived at the Hankel property, sirens blaring as they got out of the vehicles. Elijah had his fists clenched in the back seat, he just wanted to know if Reid was okay.

"John, Bobby, take the house with Gideon, Prentiss and Hotch." The sheriff told them,"Morgan, you take Deans and Howards to the barn round back. We'll cone too."

As they entered the barn, it was quiet. On the ground lay three dead dogs and what remained of Mrs Douglas.

"Damn." Morgan sighed.

"FBI!" JJ shot up, her hair was everywhere,"Don't move!"

"JJ, it's Derek, Fleur and Elijah- Don't shoot!" Fleur pointed her gun.

"It's okay, are you hurt?" Morgan asked as she lowered her gun.

"Where is he?" Elijah asked, looking around.

"I had to kill them... They just completely tore her apart, there's nothing even left.." JJ shook her head. She was in a state of shock, her adrenaline high.

"Jennifer, look at me." Elijah turned to her,"Where is Spencer?"

"We split up. He said he was going to go around the back." JJ told him.

"Come on." Morgan nodded to Elijah.

Elijah shook his head and ran from the barn and into the cornfield. After searching the field, they couldn't find Reid or Hankel. However there was drag marks on the ground.

"This wouldn't have happened if I was here." Elijah shook his head, heading back towards the house.

"You don't know that, kid. Reid's smart, he'll figure it out." Morgan assured him.

"I do know that. If I was here, I wouldn't have let him go on his own." Elijah pointed.

"Elijah, you can't let your emotions get in the way, we won't get him back thar way." Morgan sighed,"I love him almost as much as you do... We will find him."

"I would've tried to protect him- But she lied to me and now he's gone."

"I know kid, we'll get him back." Morgan patted his back.

"Any sign of Reid?" Emily asked as they approached the house.

"Nothing, but we found drag marks." Morgan sighed.

"Yeah? Are you sure? We're on our way." They heard Franks speak.

"What's going on?" Fleur asked the him.

"Sheriff two towns over said he just gave directions to a man that fit Hankel's description to a motor lodge in Fort Ben." He told her.

"Let's get the others." Morgan nodded.


Elijah was stood in the corner, drinking coffee. He wasn't try very hard to hide how he was feeling towards JJ. Garcia then walked through the door, Hotch had picked her up and brought her here to help.

"Welcome to our nightmare." Fleur sighed.

"His computer's an extension of his brain, I need you to dissect it." Gideon told her.

"I'll get you set up, come on." Morgan lead Garcia into another room.

"So nothing new since I left?" Hotch asked.

"Well, the good thing is the guy documented practically every second of his life." Emily opened a journal,"Bad news is we're still unpiling."

"It looks like he hasn't left this place in years." JJ shook her head.

"He knew he could pretend to be looking for a motel and throw us off his trail." Fleur nodded.

"No, no, no. It's more than that. The sheriff's office, 911 calls, every time he engages with the police he gets away with it." Elijah shook his head,"Reassures himself that God's on his side, not ours."


"Elijah?" JJ spoke as she walked to him.

"What do you want, Jennifer?" Elijah looked over at her.

"Can we talk?" She sighed.

"What is there to talk about?"

"Please." She gestured to the kitchen

Elijah sighed,"Fine."

The two walked to the kitchen, Elijah keeping his distance and leaning against the counter.

"Are you okay?" JJ looked up at him.

"Am I okay?" Elijah blinked.

"Look, I know I lied to you-"

"Enough." Elijah turned around,"I don't want to be having this conversation- I can't do this right now-"

"You think Reid and I should've stayed together at the barn, don't you?" She asked him.

"Jen, just drop it." Elijah sighed.

"I can tell that's what you're thinking, you aren't trying to hide it. So.." JJ trailed off.

"I just want to get Reid home safe." He shook his head.

"But if I had his back, like I was supposed to, he'd still be here." JJ stated.

"Jennifer, what do you want from me?" Elijah turned to face her, holding back every urge to snap at her.

"I just- I want someone to tell me the truth." JJ told him.

"The truth? The truth is that one of you is here and one of you isn't- The truth is that the man I love is in danger, he could be hurt, and there's nothing I can do about it." Elijah finally snapped, his fists clenched.

The kitchen was left in silence for a few minutes, both people almost trying to process what had been said.

"..Love?" JJ spoke up.

Elijah looked away from JJ,"Love.."

"Elijah... I didn't know." She shook her head.

"I know you didn't." Elijah looked away,"But I guess I trusted you not to lie to me."

"I just thought- I'm sorry."

"I can't lose him.." Elijah shook his head.

"We'll get him back." JJ assured him, her voice still gentle after his outburst.

"I was supposed to protect him.."

"This would've happened if you were here."


"Hankel would've overpowered you too." She sighed.

"I... I know what's it like, to be with someone who's delusional with their faith. There's no reason, no logic." Elijah shuddered to think at what Reid could be going through,"There's no stopping them from believing they're in the right."

JJ nodded slowly,"I'm sorry, Elijah... Truly."

"I know." Elijah sighed,"And I'm sorry too, I shouldn't have blamed you for any of this.. You didn't know."

"Let's head back to the others. Friends?" She held out her hand.

"Friends." Elijah shook her hand.

"I'm still invited to ladies night, right?"

"Of course, I can't just stop one person from going to ladies night." Elijah nodded.

JJ chuckled and walked back through the room. Elijah followed after her, he felt better after letting some of his feelings out and now he knew who to be angry at.

"Hey, I got a list of Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Someone's name and number is written on it, but it looks to be about twelve years old." Fleur sighed.

"Try it, there are no bad leads." Gideon told her as he ripped off the wallpaper, revealing a repeated message.

"Is that Latin?" Emily moved over.

"Oh- I know that one." Elijah pointed as he walked up behind her,"Honora patrem tuum. Honor thy father."

"Guys? I think I got something.' Morgan called from outside.

The group hurried outside to where Morgan was. He'd brushed off some leaves and branches to reveal a cellar door.

"Tobias Hankel. FBI." Morgan announced before heading down,"Tobias Hankel."

At the bottom of the cellar was a man, slumped over and ice surrounded each wall.

"Tobias." Morgan pointed his gun.

"I think we just found Tobias' father." Hotch sighed, shaking his head.


"There's something weird going on here." Fleur read through the journal.

"You think?" Elijah looked over at her.

"No, seriously. Check this out. This journal is filled with religious ramblings. He notates hour by hour." Fleur pointed,"November 13th, 3:17. If ye offer a sacrifice of peace offering unto the Lord, ye shall offer it at own will' and it goes on and on. 5:04, 7:41, 10:22, 1:42. But then it goes blank for days."

"Maybe he got sick of wiriting." Franks suggested.

"I think I got it." Hotch nodded.

"What is it?" Gideon asked.

"A journal entry. 'December 6th, father is sick. Wants me to put him down. I say 'Thou shall not kill', he says 'Honor thy father'. Must pray for guidance." Hotch read out.

"So he kills his father as an act of mercy?" Fleur blinked.

"This is from two months ago. Tobias Hankel's father had been dead for four months already." Hotch shook his head.

"That's exactly it. Look at the floor." Morgan pointed,"The scuff marks are fresh. I mean, it's like two people were moving the chairs, constantly trying to fight for control."

"So?" Franks raised a brow.

"This journal matches Charles Hankel's handwriting, but it was written after he died. Upstairs, Tobias' bedroom, it's got junked piled from floor to ceiling, but the other bedroom could pass military inspection."

"So, are you telling me one of Tobias' personalities was his father?" He asked.

"Well, Tobias was raised with a strict religious code. Black and white, right and wrong." Elijah sighed,"When his father asked Tobias to kill him, something had to give."

"And his brain couldn't handle the moral contradiction, so it split two personalities in order to keep his father alive." Hotch pointed.

"So, who is Raphael?" Franks asked.

"Well, my guess is he's a mediator between the two. Angels have no human emotions. Live or die, they don't care, as long as its God's will." Gideon sighed.

"We need to start profiling Tobias' father. He may have been the one who chose where to take Reid." Hotch stood up.

"I'll get Garcia on it." Morgan nodded.


"Any luck with the rehab contact?" Gideon asked as Emily and JJ walked in.

"Well, he has no idea where Hankel might be, but we did learn he has a serious drug problem. Dilaudid." Emily nodded.

"Well, that could explain the psychotic fracture." Hotch sighed.

"What are you talking about?" JJ raised a brow.

"Tobias has been living as three separate people. Himself, his father and Raphael." Elijah told them.

"Well, this could be some bad news." Franks walked in,"A computer store was robbed in the middle of the night. A suburb outside Atlanta. Thief got away with four laptops, external hard drives and a satellite."

"If it's Tobias, it puts him right back in business." Hotch shook his head.

"Guys- Guys! Get in here." Morgan ran through.

"What is it?" Elijah asked, hurrying in with the others.

On the screen was Reid, tied to a chair. Bruised. Elijah froze up as he saw him.. He saw the fear, the pain..

"He's been beaten." Fleur realised.

"Garcia, can't you track him?" JJ asked.

"Hankel's only streaming this to his home computer." Garcia shook her head.

Fleur took Elijah's hand, holding it tightly and squeezing it. She was trying to calm him down.

"I'm going to put this guy's head on a stick." Elijah muttered.

"This is for us, he knows we're here." Gideon sighed.

"Why can't you locate him?" Hotch asked.

"He's rerouting to a new IP address every thirty seconds. I can't track him." Garcia typed.

"The other heathens are watching. Choose a sinner to die, and I'll say the name and address of the person to be saved." They heard Raphael speak.

"I won't choose who gets slaughtered and have you leave their remains behind like a poacher." Reid shook his head.

Raphael then grabbed Reid, pulling him up by his shoulders,"You really see into my mind, boy? Can you see that I'm not a liar? Choose one to die, save a life. Otherwise they're all dead.

Reid began to cry, looking down,"Okay, I'll choose who lives.."

"All the same." Raphael shruged, stepping aside so Reid could view the screens.

"Far... Far right screen." Reid pointed with his cuffed hands.

Raphael turned,"Marilyn David. 4913 Walnut Creek Road."

"You got that?" Hotch turned to Garcia.

"Yeah." Garcia nodded as she typed.

Gideon then got pulled out his phone, calling Mrs David.

"My name is Jason Gideon with the FBI. You're currently being watched and targeted, I need you to turn off your computer, now."

Marilyn did as she was instructed but... That's when the screen went blank.

"Son of a bitch." Elijah cursed, eyes still fixated on the dark screen.

Morgan punched the wall, storming out the room.

"Derek." Fleur followed him,"Elijah, don't stay in there."

Elijah was stood still, unable to move. Maybe.. Maybe he'd come back. He had to stay here in case Reid came back.

"So, now what?" Franks questioned,"We wait around for a 911 call and hope we get there in time?"

"For once... I don't know." JJ muttered.

"Elijah." Emily nudged him,"Come on, let's go into the other room."

Elijah shook his head,"What.. What if he comes back?"

"Then we'll try our best to track it. We will get him." Emilg nodded, wrapping an arm around him.

Elijah nodded slowly, walking out of the room with Emily at his side as the sound of Reid's fearful voice played in his head.


Elijah was sat on the couch, a cup of coffee in his hands. He was looking down at the ground, his feet. He couldn't get that image out of his head. Reid, tied to a chair and beaten..

"Eli." Fleur walked over to him.

"Hm?" He turned to look at her, drinking more coffee.

"You need to rest... Not drink more coffee." Fleur sighed.

"I can't sleep." Elijah shook his head,"Not now."

"We need your brain clear, not hyper." Fleur took the coffee mug,"Please, drink some water."

"Fleur, you saw what he did to him.." Elijah crossed his arms.

"I know, I know." Fleur sighed,"I hate it. I want him back too."

"I just feel... Helpless." Elijah looked down,"He felt so close but he's so far and I can't do anything."

Fleur put the mug down before hugging him,"Each time we see him, we might be able to get closer."

Elijah held onto Fleur,"He doesn't deserve this, any of this."

"No one does... We'll catch Hankel and he'll pay."

"I'll make sure of it."


Elijah sighed, drinking some water out of a glass he found, and washed repeatedly. He was walking down the hall, just about to pass the room with Hankel's computer when he heard that voice again.

"I haven't done anything.." Reid sobbed.

At the sound of Reid's voice, his head jerked around and he walked to the door of the room where Garcia, Gideon and Fleur were gathered around the computer.

Raphael landed another punch,"Confess."

"Elijah, help me.." Reid whimpered.

"He can't help you, he's weak. Confess!" Rapael slapped Reid,"Confess your sins."

"Do not let Elijah in." Gideon turned but it was too late.

Elijah dropped the glass and it smashed at his feet. Reid... He needed him- He was sat doing nothing while Reid needed him.

"Spencer.." Elijah could barely form words.

Fleur quickly turned to Elijah and held his arm as Raphael then pushed Reid backwards. Reid began to foam out the mouth and shake, beginning to fit.

"Oh my god, he's killing him." Elijah covered his mouth.

Reid's body then went limb. Raphael left the room, leaving Reid on the floor. Unresponsive. That's when Gideon walked out, the others hurrying in.

"No- No! Spencer!" Eliiah cried.

"Kid.." Morgan turned to him, pulling him into his chest.

Elijah broke down, holding onto Morgan. He had failed... Morgan held him tightly, gently swaying him side to side. They remained like that for a minute or so, in silence aside from Elijah's sobs, before Garcia jumped.

"He's- He's doing CPR." She gasped.

"What?" Elijah looked up.

"Raphael- Tobias. One of them is bringing Reid back!" She pointed.

They all watched as Tobias gave Reid CPR and he began to breathe again, looking around his surroundings.

"Wait a second. When was the video of the last murder posted?" Emily asked.

"9:23." Garcia answered.

"And what was the time of death?"

"The 911 call came in at 9:04. The murders must have been moments later." Hotch told her.

"That's only a nineteen minute difference." JJ looked up.

"How long would it take to post the mpeg?" Morgan asked.

"Two, maybe three minutes." Garcia shrugged.

"Let's call it two. You figure a maximum of sixty miles per hour in a residential area. That means Hankel is within a seventeen mile radius of the crime scene." Morgan explained.

"Garcia, can we see it on a map?" Fleur asked.

"Yeah." Garcia nodded, putting it up on screen.

"Call Farraday. I want that area locked down like it's martial law." Gideon ordered.

"Guys." JJ pointed to another screen.

Raphael was stood over Reid's body,"You came back to life."

"Raphael.." Reid whispered.

"There can be only one of two reasons."

"I was given CPR." Reid told him.

"There are no accidents. How many members are there on your team?" Raphael questioned.


Raphael forced Reid back onto the chair,"Who do you serve?"

"I serve you." Reid nodded.

"Then choose one to die." Raphael pointed.

"What?" Reid panted.

"Your team members. Choose one to die." Raphael repeated.

"...Kill me."

"You said you weren't one of them."

"I lied."

"Your team has eight other members. Tell me who dies." Raphael spat.

Reid shook his head,"No."

Raphael spun the barrel of his gun and aimed it at Reid's head,"Choose and prove you'll do God's will."

"No." Reid repeated.

Raphael fired the gun, but it clicked. No bullet.


"I won't do it." Reid looked up at Raphael.

Again, he fired. Again, no bullet.

"Life is a choice."


Once more. No bullet.

"Choose." Raphael again repeated.

"I choose... Aaron Hotchner. He's a classic narcissist. He thinks he's better than everyone else on this team. Genesis 23:4, let him not deceive himself and trust in emptiness, vanity, falseness and futility, for these shall be his recompense." Reid quoted.

Hotch left the room as Raphael fired his gun at the wall, before loading a single bullet into the barrel.

"For God's will."

Everyone then left the room, following Hotch out.

"I'm not a narcissist." Hotch began looking through a book.

"Come on. Look, you can't take anything from that." Gideon sighed,"He's not in his right mind, Hotch."

"No, stop- Stop. Everybody, right now, what's my worst quality?" Hotch asked.

No one wanted to speak. This was their boss, they couldn't be nasty about him.

"Alright, I'll start. I have no sense of humor." Hotch sighed.

"You're a bully." JJ spoke first.

"I'm a bully." He nodded.

"You can be a drill Sergeant at times." Morgan shrugged.


"You don't trust women as much as men." Fleur nodded.

"Your hairline is going to recede. Drastically." Elijah pointed.

"Maybe not- I may be all these things but none of you said I ever put myself above the team because I don't, ever. Reid and I argued about the definition of classic narcissism, and he knew that I would remember that. And he also quoted Geneis 23:4. Read it." Hotch handed the book to Elijah.

"I am a stranger and a sojourner with you, give me property for a burial place among you that I may bury my dead out of my sight." Elijah maintained eye contact with Hotch, closing the book.

"He wouldn't get it wrong unless it was on purpose. He's in a cemetery." Hotch pointed.

"I don't see a cemetery." Emily shook her head, looking at the map.

"Call up the first time we saw Reid." Gideon nodded.

'I wont choose who gets slaughtered and have you leave their remains behind like a poacher.'

"Check to see if there are any reports of poaching in the last couple of days." Fleur told Garcia.

"Okay, a farmer reported two sheep being slaughtered on his property." Garcia told her.

"Right, where abouts are we talking?" Elijah asked.

Garcia managed to narrow it down to a place called 'Walton'.

"What's that patch of green there?" JJ pointed.

"Marshall Parish, I think it's an old plantation." Hotch answered.

"Wait, Tobias wrote in his journals about 'staying clean' and keeping away from 'Marshall'." Emily recalled.

"Guys, there's a cemetery on the property." Garcia realized.

"Let's go." Gideon ran out the room.


The team approached Tobias' cabin, torches and guns raised.

"FBI!" Morgan yelled as he kicked the door in, although there was nobody inside.

"Clear." Hotch cleared the room.

"What's that smell?" Emily questioned.

"What smell?" Elijah looked around.

"Organs." Fleur pointed,"He's burned the sheep organs."

Elijah genuinely couldn't smell the sheep organs, maybe faintly? He was in an accident involving a baseball bat in his youth and although he physically recovered, his sense of smell never did.

"Let's spread out. He has to be on foot, let's go." Hotch nodded.

Everyone then left the cabin, guns and torches raised as they navigated the woods. Elijah stopped by a bush. He could hear... Digging? He slowly began to creep down the hill... He'd spotted Tobias.

"Keep digging, boy." Raphael spoke.

"I can't- I'm too weak." Reid shook his head.

"You're all weak." Raphael took off his jacket,"Get out of there."

"Touch him and you're dead." Elijah aimed his gun at Raphael.


"Sinner." Raphael scoffed, shoving Reid aside before he walked towards Elijah,"There's not even a bullet in that gun-"

Elijah didn't think twice as he fired a bullet into Raphael's chest, causing him to fall the the ground.

"God wills it." Elijah muttered under his breath.

"Tobias?" Reid asked quietly as he crawled over to him.

"He killed him.. Do you think I'll get to see my mom again?" Tobias smiled softly.

"I'm sorry.." Reid shook his head as he backed up, Tobias was dead.

"Spencer..?" Elijah asked slowly, dropping the gun at his feet.

He'd just shot someone. He shot Tobias. No. He killed Tobias. He broke his promise..

"Elijah." Reid quickly staggered to his feet, hugging him tightly.

"Oh my god- You're alive." Elijah held Reid close,"You're alive.."

"I knew Hotch would understand.." Reid whispered.

"I'm sorry I couldn't get here sooner.." Elijah stroked Reid's hair.

"I'm just glad you're here now." Reid shook his head.

Elijah looked down at Reid's face, trying not to cry. He had to stay strong for him, protect him. He wasn't going to let this happen again.

"Are you- Are you hurt?" Reid looked at him.

"No- No, I'm fine. What about you? I saw.." Elijah stopped himself,"He hurt you."

"I'm... I'm okay now." Reid nodded as the others ran over.

JJ then walked over, hugging Reid as he let go of Elijah,"I'm so sorry."

Reid shook his head and hugged JJ,"It's okay, it's not your fault."

"Let's get you out of here." Gideon nodded.


Elijah was quiet as he drove Reid back to his apartment. He wanted to make sure he was okay, and not alone.

"Elijah, I'm fine." Reid assured him.

"Look, I just want to make sure." Elijah shook his head as he parked.

"Okay, okay." Reid gave in.

"It'll only be for tonight, just in case you need anything. " Elijah told him.

"..I appreciate you doing this." He nodded.

Elijah smiled softly,"I just want to look after you."

"And I'm letting you." Reid hummed as the got out of the car.

Elijah let Reid lead him inside and up the stairs to his apartment. He watched as Reid fiddled with the key before unlocking the door. As they walked in, Elijah looked around. It felt.. Homey. It was warm, with many bookshelves all filled to the brim.

"You like it?" Reid looked back at him,"Sorry, I know it's a little messy."

"No- It's great. I like it." Elijah told him,"Now, you do whatever you need to do. Shower, get a drink, I'll be here if you need me."

"Yeah- Yeah. I'll be in the shower." Reid tapped his pockets before walking towards what Elijah assumed was the bathroom.

He wondered what was in his right pocket as it made a sound when he patted his trousers. Maybe another set of keys? Elijah shook his head, deciding to move on as he sat on Reid's couch. Elijah wasn't watching the clock, but soon, Reid walked out to him, now in his pyjamas.

"You ready for bed?" Elijah looked up at him before standing up.

"Yeah, I just.. Wanted to see you." Reid nodded.

Elijah smiled softly,"Come on, let's go to your room."

Reid nodded slowly, bringing Elijah to his room. It had the same feel as the rest of the apartment, yet more books too. Elijah stood at the side of the bed as Reid climbed into it, covering himself with the duvet.

"I'll stay until you fall asleep, alright?" Elijah pulled over a nearby stool.

"Thank you.." Reid looked up at him, holding out his hand.

Elijah gently took Reid's hand, placing a kiss on his knuckles. Reid eyes seemed to light up and he held Elijah's hand tightly and close to him. Elijah smiled as he watched his breathing start to slow and his grip lessened.

"Goodnight, darling." Elijah whispered, kissing his forehead.

With that, Elijah stood up and headed back through to the living room. He stretched, sitting down on the couch. Elijah took off his shirt and laid backwards, letting out a sigh. He closed his eyes but.. All he could see was Reid. Hurt. And all he could hear was Reid. His pained cries for Elijah. He couldn't have been for laying there for long when a warm feeling enveloped him.

"Sorry.. I just.." He heard Reid sniffle.

Elijah opened his eyes and looked down at Reid, who was now laid on Elijah's chest with a blanket around him.

"Hey, what's the matter?" Elijah asked him.

"I'm.. I'm sorry for calling for you back then... I didn't know what to do and-" Reid was holding back tears.

"No, don't feel bad about that. You were hurt, you needed someone." Elijah held Reid close.

"I shouldn't have ran off." Reid sighed.

"I should've been there to stop you."

"It's fine, you needed to help Hotch." Reid shook his head.

Elijah sighed,"No... I didn't. Hotch didn't need me."

"He didn't?" Reid looked up at Elijah.

"He didn't, JJ just wanted to spend more time with you." Elijah held him closer.

"What... Elijah." Reid sighed.


"You should've just came."

"I know, and I'm so angry at myself for not doing that." Elijah shook his head.

"You shouldn't be angry at yourself, please don't feel angry." Reid shook his head.

Elijah looked down at Reid and held his cheek,"You really scared me back there... Promise me that you won't run off like that again."

"I promise." He nodded.

"Thank you." Elijah kissed his forehead.

Reid smiled softly before looking down at Elijah's arm,"Can you.. Promise me something too?"

"Of course, anything."

"If you ever feel like doing this... Please let me know, I don't want you harming yourself." Reid gently traced one of Elijah's past scars.

Elijah tensed up, looking down at his arms,"I... I promise."

"I'm sorry I just- I worry about you." Reid sighed and took his hand,"I shouldn't have mentioned it."

"No- I would've brought it up if our places were swapped." Elijah squeezed his hand,"I'm getting better."

"If things ever get tough, I'm always here. You can talk to me." Reid smiled up at him.

"And I'll always be here for you, if you're struggling." Elijah told him,"Now get some rest."

"I'll try." Reid nodded, slowly closing his eyes.

"I... I love you." Elijah looked down at Reid.

"I love you too." Reid whispered back.

Elijah smiled, gently stroking Reid's hair. He wasn't going to let anyone hurt him again. That was a promise... And Elijah would never break a promise again.

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