All Girl Garage actors are not too smart (2024)

Mark DemkoWell-Known Member

Yep, I think I like Vice Grip garage best out of all the “revival” channels on You Tube.
Derek does his own thing and doesn’t cut anyone down like Mortske repair does.
Mortske copied a lot of his content from Vice Grip Garage.

Mark Demko,Mar 1, 2023


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nekkidhillbillyjeffreyrigged youtube channel owner

mortske is kinda boring at times too. its like his humor is forced. i still watch him. ive not seen him cut much down though other than puddings fab shop which i think is a running thing with them two. he may have in his ealier videos.

nekkidhillbilly,Mar 1, 2023


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nekkidhillbillyjeffreyrigged youtube channel owner

i mean id look at it. maybe even use it for tug work.

nekkidhillbilly,Mar 2, 2023


nekkidhillbillyjeffreyrigged youtube channel owner

to add to this post faye is the most annoying human being alive. i want to choke her when she talks.

nekkidhillbilly,Mar 2, 2023


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Just the name -"Vice Grip Garage" is enough to keep me from watching it.

John Codman,Mar 2, 2023


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436'd SkylarkSweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

I used to enjoy Stacey David on gearz.

436'd Skylark,Mar 2, 2023


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AZ-69 SkylarkWell-Known Member

You read my mind on Foose and Overhauling.
The reveal would be TV gold.
They show me the car and catch me throwing up, then wanting to fight whomever screwed up my car.
Just not a fan of that cookie cutter fad.

AZ-69 Skylark,Mar 2, 2023


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PGSSGold Level Contributor

She has a net worth of 65 million dollarsAll Girl Garage actors are not too smart (9) That might change your mind.
Although when done right I like the tatted up gothic girls but I don't think I would date or marry one??All Girl Garage actors are not too smart (10)

I have to watch the show again to catch up on who I liked.

PGSS,Mar 3, 2023


PGSSGold Level Contributor

I do like Garage Squad's alot although Joe the "lead mechanic"? can irritate me with his engine build "Visions" and dum jokes and when he won't stop talking about his Mopars.
How he finds a motor in the corner of the garage that the owner bought or pulled out 20 years ago and in 5 minutes can tell if it's good or needs a overhaul ???. He so calls refreshes the motor with bearings, rings etc. and swaps in a new cam within the day in the same garage .All Girl Garage actors are not too smart (12) Biggest sponsor is Edlebrock so at least they get new heads which Edles aren't known to be put together well either.
Once in while they will get the block back from a machine shop if needed from a town they don't even know. What shop takes only 1 or 2 days. They have to plan these builds months in advance.
All this is done with tools from a small minivan..

Sad thing is I use to believe it that they did the work in a week.. but still fun thinking and watching it. If they tag team the interior and brakes then maby but they won't show the other 10 workers who do the grunt work over night i'm guessing.
If they really help the people that need it then good for them though.
I believe I have seen a every episode unless they are still filming it.

Last edited: Mar 5, 2023

PGSS,Mar 3, 2023


70skylark350Jesus loves you unconditionally

I watch basically nothing but YouTube channels these days, that mortske guy I can’t stand. I like vice grip, sleeperdude, what the rust, junkyard digs, and no nonsense know how. NNKH is one of my favorites.
I was watching an episode of what the rust and the guys brother was on, they are both Buick guys, anyway the brother has on this tee shirt with a 70 GS on it and some crazy designs that I couldn’t quite make out. He turns around and there is a website on the back. I keep rewinding and pausing and I was able to make it out. When I look it up it turns out the brother has a band and his song titles are mostly car based. I contact him and he sends me a shirt and copies of the albums which also have the GS on the cover, FREE! Super nice guy.
turns out his brother was a board member on here who owned a 72 GS which is featured in his music video. He passed away a few years ago.

70skylark350,Mar 5, 2023


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70skylark350Jesus loves you unconditionally

Check out the video here…….

70skylark350,Mar 5, 2023


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JoeBlogPlatinum Level Contributor

Guys, I tried. I really did. I went out to my garage to do some work on the daily driver. Got the tools out, etc., but something was missing. Yep, you guessed it: there was no hard rock, in-your-face, distorted, overdriven guitar playing in the background. I could NOT get started! So, I brought out my Strat and my Orange Crush amp, and proceeded to make my own soundtrack. For some reason, nothing got done at all. How do they manage this on TV??All Girl Garage actors are not too smart (16)

JoeBlog,Mar 5, 2023


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nekkidhillbillyjeffreyrigged youtube channel owner

i mean i would but that isnt saying much. still annoying as the clap.

nekkidhillbilly,Mar 5, 2023


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nekkidhillbillyjeffreyrigged youtube channel owner

dylan mccool is pretty good and puddins fab shop is basically like a day with me.

nekkidhillbilly,Mar 5, 2023


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AZ-69 SkylarkWell-Known Member

I think she's actually kind of hot, but I dated a goth woman once.
There were definitely some positives to dating such a lady. Negatives too.
Faye seems to avoid having the downsides with the plus of being into cars.

AZ-69 Skylark,Mar 6, 2023


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PGSSGold Level Contributor

Oh yes, she is kinda hot.
Negatives- she's a Harvard grad and Certified Master Car Tech so she's smarter than me and knows cars better probably, but that should be a positiveAll Girl Garage actors are not too smart (21)

PGSS,Mar 7, 2023


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All Girl Garage actors are not too smart (2024)
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